How to delete a single page in word mac

Deleting a Range of Pages

If you are collaborating on a document, you should turn on Track Changes before making major changes. Track Changes allows collaborators to easily see contributions you've made to the document. Share Pin Email. Microsoft MVP, Lynda.

Use the Backspace Key. To delete excess pages with the Backspace key:.

Pages for Mac: Add, delete, or rearrange pages in a Pages document

Hold down the Ctrl key and press the End key if your keyboard has one to go to the end of your document. Press and hold the Backspace key. Use the Delete Key. Removing a header or footer for any page other than your first page requires a bit more work.

Pages for Mac: Add, delete, or rearrange pages in a Pages document

In your document, place your cursor at the very end of the page right before the page where you want to remove the header or footer. Note that the button becomes de-selected. As you might guess, you now need to create another section break, and then recreate the header or footer for the next section. This works pretty much the same as what you just did. Place your cursor at the end of the page on which you wanted the header or footer removed—in other words, right before the first page where you want the header or footer to start again.

Now, activate the header or footer area on the first page of that new section.

Shortcut Key to Delete Pages In MS Word (Delete Entire Page)

To delete page breaks, select the page break and delete it. You can also delete a page in Word by going to View Navigation Pane and selecting the blank page thumbnail in the left-hand panel. Everytime a table is inserted into a Word document, a small space is added beneath it. To get round this, somewhat specific, instance, enable paragraph marks as above , select the paragraph symbol next to the space you want to remove and change the font size to the lowest possible number typically 1 pt.

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