How to format a flash drive for xbox 360 on mac

Yes, you can do this. It is very simple to do and will take somewhere around 10 minutes to complete if you don't have to defragment the hard drive first. Using a tool like this or a similar one, shrink the existing partition down the amount that you want to have for Xbox storage space maximum of 32GB. Once you have done this, you will see unallocated space for the amount you shrunk the partition for. Right click this and create partition. Select type as Fat32 and Primary.

How to: format anny usb to be compatible with xbox 360 storage

After this, just apply the changes and plug it into your Xbox when it finishes and you will have your storage device ready to go. I'm not sure what file system the Xbox One uses, but you should be able to use a similar method for that if you even have to for the Xbox One.

Mac 101: Format choices for USB flash drives

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Skip to main content. In short, the primary hard drive of your operating system should be the one that best matches the operating system. But you might want to consider using exFAT instead.

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Devices Supported FAT32 is the most widely compatible file system. It will work on any operating system as well as video game consoles, Want to add more storage to your Android device using a USB flash drive?

We can show you how to do that, step by step. In contrast, exFAT will work on 99 percent of the devices you use, but may not work on some media players and Android devices. Star added.

Quote saved. View saved quotes Close. Login to quote this blog Login Close. This will ensure that your formatted drive has the most functionality possible. You'll be prompted to update when connecting to Xbox Live if there is an update available.

Renaming a Flash Drive/Memory Card on a Mac

Plug a USB flash drive into the Xbox You can use drives up to 2 TB in size. See How to Format a Flash Drive for detailed instructions. Press the Guide button on the controller to open dashboard. You can do this from within a game or while on any menu.

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Open the "settings" screen and select "System Settings. Select the "Storage" or "Memory" option. The label will vary depending on which model Xbox you are using. Choose either "Configure Now" or "Customize.

Xbox 360 - Setup and Troubleshooting

Selecting "Customize" will allow you to choose how big you want the Xbox partition to be, which will allow you to use the drive for other things. When you select "Customize," use the slider to set how much space you want to dedicate to Xbox storage. If you don't see these options, your USB drive either does not have at least 1 GB of storage available, or is not formatted with the FAT32 file system. Make sure that your USB drive has enough storage to work with the Xbox Your Xbox will reserve MB of space on your drive for system files, so the size will appear slightly smaller.

Wait while the USB drive is configured and tested. Your Xbox will format and test your USB drive. Older drives may be too slow to work with the Xbox If your USB drive does not pass the test, you'll need to try a newer drive. Find your newly formatted drive.

Use a USB flash drive for storing your Xbox content

You'll be able to select your USB drive as you would any other storage location on your Xbox Will configuring my flash drive tamper with my already stored information? The information stored on the flash drive needs to be backed up before configuring. Yes No.