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We have hostchecking enabled in our appliance and the error we receive relates to the Host checker java app not being able to be executed.

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We have both a test SA Virtual at version 7. Both have not been working with The problem is actually getting the client installed from the SA appliance. You go to the address of the SA and the Java HostChecker tries to run and fails which prevents the Junos Pulse client from being installed.

General FAQs about the NCP Secure Clients

Currently as it stands the only way to get it running on a new Mountain Lion install is to manually install the JunosPulse. We are also noticing an issue with Mountain Lion in which the Junos Pulse client will be automatically uninstalled when the computer is restarted. Java is installed and the Java plugin is enabled. By going to the Utilities folder under Applications and opening the Java Preferences app. The HostChecker fails to even start up. Try Now.

Stand alone client installation fails on Mac OS X Mountain Lion and later

Finally, click the Create to add the new interface. This will return you to the Network window with the newly added interface ready to configure. To configure the interface make the following changes:. Next click the Authentication Settings Click the OK button to return to the Network window. If you are likely to use the VPN client regularly you may want to include the status of the VPN connection in your menu bar.

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If you do want to do this you must tick the check box labelled Show VPN status in menu bar. Finally, click the Apply button to complete the configuration for this new VPN interface. The new interface should now appear in the left hand pane indicated by a locked padlock icon.

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  4. Note that the status of the interface will show as Not connected. This can be found underneath the Authentication Settings Once the connection has been established the Network window will show that the status of the VPN interface has changed to Connected and it will display the connect time and the IP address. To connect via the inbuilt client:. If your error message is not mentioned, contact me.

    If the reason does not apply in your case, contact me. I will have a look and append the cause to this list.

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    In the download, there is a script to enable logging. If you know a solution, please, tell me and I update this page for everyone!

    How to connect VPN client on Mac OS

    Heidelberg MedMA. If you have copied and pasted the server address from somewhere else, those invisibles might create trouble. Delete the whole key and rather type than copy it.


    Der VPN-Server antwortet nicht. Your server address might have changed. Delete the whole address and rather type than copy it. If you have copied and pasted the name from somewhere else, those invisibles might create trouble.

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