Mac nightmoth and ruby woo

I think both lip sticks are a score. Hope you guys enjoyed my top 5! What are some of your fave lip colors to wear this time of year? Not only is Glamour one of my fave magazines but my babe is on the cover! My only qualm is that I wish it came in darker kohl color.

National Lipstick Day!

Otherwise love! I have a few of each shade and I wear them according to my mood and or place I would be going to. Thanks for sharing. Love those shoes too! I love, love, love these colors! I also love the fact that they range from poppy to subdued. Very nice. I had no clue there was a National Lipstick Day! I can never find a lipstick I like. Its either too drying or too sticky. Love the way these lipsticks look on you. Definitely going to try one out to see if it works for me. Even though I am a makeup artist, I was not always a fan of lipstick. However that is something I quickly grew out of.

Thank you for sharing. I have a few Mac lipsticks but I really love Wet n Wild. I have not wore lipstick in years. The colors you chose show up very well. They look good on you. I like how you used your lipstick and it looks good on you. I need to learn how to play around every day. I am so pale — nothing looks good on me. So many wonderful shades if lipsticks to choose from. They all look pretty on you too. I usually wear a mauve color or just mauve lip liner with a shinny lip gloss over it. These look like awesome lip sticks and amazing colors too. I love the ruby and I think it looks the best on you.

You are one that can pull off all these shades. Love all your different looks! What a great collection!

Dramatic Lashes & Ombre Red Lip Tutorial

What gorgeous outfit you are wearing. With your bod, I think any out outfit looksgreat. LOve the shade of those lipstick as well. I was just out looking at lipstick yesterday. I wish I knew better about lipsticks.

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About the right shade for your skin tone and etc. You got a very nice collection, you totally know how to rock it! But you rock them all. I wish I knew about Make up more so I could wear it better. I love those neutral colors and think those would look the best on me. Lipstick is a great way to add a punch of color to your look. I have a pink lip gloss i wear every day. Night Cream. Face Oil. Face Mist.

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