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I have Slack and Gmail open in tabs. For years, the answer to buying a costly Mac has been the vast menu of cheap Windows laptops available. On software, the Mac has always boasted its simplicity. I own a Windows desktop PC, but Windows 10 is still clumsy and overly complicated, with settings buried deep in Control Panel menus and a labyrinthine file system.

The design of the operating system and confusing cloud storage options make it difficult to keep track of where your things actually are. Chromebooks are a middle ground between these two traditional options. Chrome OS is perfect for looking at the internet, text editing, and writing. These tech giants have realized that robust software and services ecosystems can generate even more revenue by locking users into their platforms.

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My Mac also factors into that equation, with features like shared cloud storage and synced passwords. With any Chromebook , the setup is immensely simple. There are more than a dozen laptops available with Chrome OS right now. No future in an uncertain future. BTW lb.

... but Microsoft is catching up.

PC's have always out-valued Macs. This is the main reason Windows machines sell WAY more than macs to consumers. I will always choose Windows over Mac for everyday use and I wish I only had to utilize only one platform but reality is reality. The thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter worked for me. I will continue testing before i use this live at an event. I am currently using a maxed out MacBooj Pro and no problems there either.

Dual core i7. Mac always had a te for music and video; well now I do legit music. There's a case for drivers, for OS, and for voodoo. If you serato; then you mac. Before that it was the 32 bit kernel. Just suck it up and buy a mac. I use the laptop more : I actually prefer mac for life!?! Who knew?. Thanks serato. You have to mentally believe that you are getting something better. Are you really? Compare a high-end pc laptop which half the cost of a high end mac, and you are not. This mac vs pc thing is beyond dumb.

PC's are the best bang for your buck. Look at the forums and all the issues Apple users have, especially every time the OS changes! NEVER ever had a crash and its almost been 10 years, same system. Imagine that windows xp, 30k in music, but yeah keep thinking macs are better then pc's lol. I was waiting for the new macbook pro but I just feel apple priced it out of my budget.

2012 MacBook Pro in 2018

I needed something small enough for me not to feel in my bag and if push comes to shove I can easily use as backup for my main MBP. Feeling a bit excited and anxious about this, it's like smashing an old girlfriend. I just hope it won't bring back memories of why I left her in the first place. DjLouie Jr PM - 11 January, I agree that Mac's are way overpriced, but the thing is that most people don't understand its not that the hardware of PC's that needs to catch up to Mac its that windows software does not run Serato dj as smooth as a Mac, until software writers start to make programs on PC platform Mac will almost always run smoother , I also believe that the more they keep adding features updates to Serato Dj they will always be more bugs in the system.

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S I'm on Serato DJ 1. People take much offense to hear their precious machines are not ideal but what needs to be absorbed is it is not a question of specs or performance.

Mac Vs. PC: Ultimate Laptop Lab Test

It is straight up comparability. I started using SSL with a nice high performance at the time toshiba satellite and serato "worked" fine. I put this in quotes as by definition it ran the software at a state that was useful and possible. I bought one for the cool glowing Apple and backlit keyboard as well as the sleek aluminum look and never even knew what I was missing.

I know some hate the idea of Apple and the lack of options combined with the fact there has not been much change over the years. Truth be told this "uniform" and standard ecosystem is the primary reason they are so easy to support. Add the fact that the OS and much software is developed within the same realm. We can go back and forth all day but if we are being honest this is not a level playing field and there is really no way it was not going to be this way.

For anyone who can not tell Serato is designed on the Mac structure and later "ported" to windows. There are literally elements of serato video that do not work for anything but Mac.

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Serato remote is apple only. Mix emergency partner of serato is mac only. Ableton link is apple only mobile. Still no guarantees but I see no reason to remove as much chance as possible. I happen to prefer the look and feel of windows over Mac OS any day. The price? Well I firmly believe you get what you pay for and again if we are being honest if you take the worlds most expensive laptops they would all be windows machines. This does not mean I am going to buy one so this argument is moot.

One works for my needs the other does not. Which is the better value?

This summer my rMBP crashed mid gig due to defective video card. Apple replaced it under warranty and promised it back by a certain date. That date comes, and no laptop : They suggest I purchase a new El Cap laptop at this point Serato still had big issues with El Cap , I decided that wasn't a appropriate solution. This is woefully under-powered laptop compared to my rMBP. I performed gigs last year. But still, it remains risky even if until now i never had any issues with Serato or Djay.

Only Cross causes some stutters. To me the only real benefit is not having to use drivers for various controllers etc. When i was between gaming laptops my surface pro 3 ran serato very well. I even run ableton on it. It hands evey thing i throw at it with no issues. I have been using my late model MacBook Pro and also have not had any problems. All my music is stored on externals and connected via Firewire or USB 3. Im assuming the is the 13" non retina? Is this audio only?

No way will I ever recommend this unless you are ready to become a IT technician or use Windows 7. However, wait until Mac updates the Macbook later this year. The most difficult thing about pc's is if you do not know how to optimize or tweak your pc or at least have computers knowledge you're just gonna end up having problems. Macs just work more smoothly.