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The app is called Front Row, and is used by many Mac users as a home theater base.

Windows, Mac, or Linux? We compare the pros and cons of these computing platforms

Windows Media Center is a much better comparison. Notably, iLife also includes a program called Garage Band. Mac, as well as entertainment and media options. Continue on to the next page to learn even more differences in everyday Mac vs. PC use. Windows 7 PCs, by default, do not come equipped with a solid mail and messaging system. However, Microsoft does provide Windows 7 users with a fully Windows compatible solution in Windows Live. These two programs are very popular, and there is a good chance that you have used Windows Live Messenger before, as it is previously known as MSN Messenger.

Interface aesthetic

Windows Live Mail, not to be mistaken for Microsoft Outlook, is a very simple, easy to use desktop mail client that offers a very usable UI. Macs , by default, do come with mail and messaging applications. The default messaging system of Mac users is a program called iChat. Like many Apple programs, iChat is a bit unorthadox, and is different than traditional messaging platforms.

Notably, iChat is heavily based on video chat, where Windows Live Messenger is not. However, iChat. Mail is a lot like Windows Live Mail in the fact that it is easy to use and has a simple interface. Both mail apps are pretty straightforward, and uncomplicated to learn. More and more, everyday computer users are turning into amateur photographers and video editors. Thus, it may be important to consider what video and photo software each operating system utilizes.

As far as features, Windows Live Movie Maker is effective, yet user friendly, just like all other elements included in Windows live. As far as effectiveness, Windows Live Photo Gallery offers only the most basic of photo editing features. It is definitely no Adobe Photoshop, but it does offer some unique features that make it more of a photo organizer than editor. Macs utilize iMovie as a default movie editor.

Macs utilize iPhoto as a default photo editor and organizer. This is a cool feature for anyone that travels a lot. Be sure to check out page 5 where we will cover some more technical operating system differences between Windows 7 vs. Mac OS X. If you have not yet read the other pages in the series, it is strongly recommended that you do so. Mainly, everything previous to this page covers the basic differences in Windows 7 vs.

Mac OS X operating system use, and also reviews Windows 7 vs.

Related Features

Mac OS X media capabilities. Each respective operating system offers an alterantive to the competitor, even for photo editing and video editing. Is one operating system better for everyday use? Not necessarily. Picking a winner between the two operating systems is quickly becoming a controversial topic. To better understand the major differences in the Mac vs. PC battle, be sue to check out the other series articles. There will be links for them at the bottom of this page.

Other than what is already covered, there are some more technical aspects of each operating system, which we will cover next. Windows 7 utilizes a major program format of. For example, if you download and install a new program on your PC, it will almost always be of. EXE format. Aside from the name. EXE, there is not much that else to it. Mac OS X utilizes a major program format of. So, if you download and install a new program on your Mac, it will almost certainly be a. App file. Aside from the file extension name.

Consequently, Apple only had to create one set of drivers. PC, on the other hand, not only has many different pre-built manufacturers, but many interchangeable components as well, which required numerous drivers. However, in recent years all devices are plug and play in Windows and no longer require the user to install drivers. Bottom line: Over the years, computer game companies have shown increased support for Macs.

Additionally, because built PCs are much more customizable, their ability to run computer games is higher. Except the Mac Pro, there aren't any Macs that can keep up with a PC running a mid-range graphics card. Bottom line: Apple strives to make their Mac product line as sleek and compact as possible. To do so, they continue to further integrate their parts.

Thus, when their desktop computers need to be repaired, they usually require more than one part to be replaced. Most PCs, on the other hand have easy access to any part of the computer by removing a side panel.

Difference between Mac OS X and Windows | Mac OS X vs Windows

Laptop repair costs between the two platforms would be more similar, but Mac is still more expensive. Bottom line: When it comes to desktop and laptop computers not mobile devices , Mac offers no touch screen capability, only the Touch Bar on some MacBooks. Not all PC's are the same - As we stated before, there are dozens of PC manufacturers, and thousands of models of computers, which means not all the information above may apply to your PC, or a PC you want to buy.

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In the case of gaming, you may be able to run the latest games on your Mac using Boot Camp. However, Boot Camp is not perfect, and it does not mean every game will be able to run on your computer since PC games are not developed with Apple hardware in mind. It is also not unlikely to encounter problems and have performance issues. If you are trying to decide between purchasing a PC or a Mac, make sure you are comparing the latest models and that they have similar hardware components. Home Help Comparison. Mac vs. Note Windows is put onto PCs by multiple manufacturers, most of which add some form of bloatware.

Tip Mac users can use Boot Camp to run Windows on their computer. Additional information Computer buying tips and information. Are Apple Macs good with gaming?

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  • That flexibility, though, comes at a price. People used to argue that Macs had no viruses. Some still do, although that statement is no longer true. Nevertheless, far fewer viruses exist for Mac and most Mac users get by just fine without any antivirus protection. While this may not last forever, and Apple doesn't have the best reputation when handling security issues , fewer viruses is a current and legitimate perk of OS X. Windows, on the other hand, suffers from more than just a few security exploits as reader Stego explains :.

    With Windows, you have to stay on top of driver updates, security patches, Anti-Virus software still recommended for the Mac, mind, but it's a particular problem with Windows , etc. Windows is easily bogged down with clutter, bloatware, and memory munchers. Even though Windows can require a bit of maintenance , not every PC features bloatware such as the ones you build yourself and requires more updates than a Mac.

    Microsoft also handles security issues better and created Microsoft Security Essentials Windows Defender in Windows 8 to combat viruses easily. While we feel Microsoft's offering fell behind its competition, plenty of free antivirus software exists and works great. Additionally, viruses don't account for some of our primary security concerns nowadays. As reader Strife Caecus points out , social engineering attacks and browser-based traps largely contribute to the overall problem:. What about social engineering attacks—where people are tricked into clicking on a link to install something malicious?

    Or installing extra browser toolbars? Or how about phishing sites? Is it assumed that the average Mac user is less likely to be duped by a social engineering attack? From our standpoint, Mac users aren't more or less likely to fall for social engineering attacks and don't know of an accurate way of measuring that likelihood. While viruses still offer a considerable threat to Windows, security issues may become platform-agnostic in the future and render this argument irrelevant. Back in the 80s and 90s, Macs had a legitimate reputation as the first choice for designers because the selection of design applications was superior to what you could get on Windows PCs.

    Nowadays you often see Macs in design firms likely due to their aesthetic or just out of habit. Both Windows and OS X feature plenty of great design apps, and high file compatibility between both platforms. As a result, you'll find more people who prefer designing on Windows despite the stereotype. Reader Scruffy Kitty prefers Windows for design due to its speed, device compatibility, and better multi-monitor support:. I often find with my Mac that I use at work slow and not fantastic at multitasking. It is an iMac, fairly new, and it chugs through things my similarly priced laptop currently running Windows 8 does with ease.

    I've lost a lot of time at work waiting for my computer to start working and have learned that if I'm going to work on any hi-res art I should just bring my laptop in and transfer the files over when I'm done. Many designers still prefer Apple hardware and OS X for their workflow. Because Macs are stereotypically seen more as the choice for artists regardless of whether or not that's actually accurate , software companies often target Macs for design-related tools.

    Additionally, OS X offers excellent font management out of the box and other built-in tools like Preview for quick conversion and other tasks. Both platforms have their pros and cons, but when it comes to the design argument you won't find a clear winner on either side. Like with most things, personal preference will dictate your choice here.

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    • As mentioned earlier, official Apple hardware offers a paltry selection of graphics cards. While you'll find more and more popular games—including several unique titles—available for OS X, if you want a bleeding edge gaming experience you won't get it from a Mac. Few people elaborated on this argument, likely because it speaks for itself: You'll find fewer gaming options, hardware, and tools to fine-tune performance when using a Mac. Even if you build a hackintosh and get a powerful GPU, you're still fairly limited in regards to what you can do with it when running OS X.

      Oftentimes, the same game will just run better in Windows than it will in OS X.

      Macs have a reputation of being the more intuitive choice.