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Colour fonts NEW! Full-font colour preview of supported colour fonts. Kerning Add kerning pairs. Add all standard kerning pairs. Save and load kerning pairs. Adjust kerning pairs visually with 'grab-and-drag'. Create your own OpenType features. Composite glyph creation Auto-create all Latin accented characters. User definable composite glyph creation Greek extended as an example.

Action scripts Perform operations eg bolden on multiple glyphs, or all glyphs, with simple scripts. Glyph groups Specify glyph groups: save glyphs, run actions, link group metrics, OpenType classes, class kerning. License and support Licensed for commercial use. Free updates. Free support via web-form, email or public forum.


View file security analysis Windows View file security analysis Mac. Please send email when purchasing if you also require a download link for the full version 32 bit. You can expect to receive your download link and registration code within one hour. View license agreement Windows View license agreement Mac. Type 3. You're looking for an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive font editor: Take the state-of-your-art to the next level with Type 3.

Feature list Formats supported Open and save: TrueType. Hinting Gasp hinting. Petersburg, and artwork from Vadim Lazurski, Galina Bannikova, Nikolay Kudryashov and other masters of type and graphic design of Soviet time. ParaType became the first privately-owned type foundry in many years.

A license agreement with Polygraphmash allows ParaType to manufacture and distribute their typefaces. Most of Polygraphmash staff designers soon moved to ParaType. In the beginning of , ParaType was separated from the parent company and inherited typefaces and font software from ParaGraph. The company was directed by Emil Yakupov until February After Yakupov's death, Irina Petrova took over the reins. Random, customized fonts. Alternate URL. PT stands for Public Type. Another download site. Other free ParaType fonts include Courier Cyrillic, Pushkin , handwriting font , and a complete font set for Cyrillic.

The ParaType library also includes many excellent book and newspaper typefaces such as Octava, Lazurski , Bannikova, Neva or Petersburg. On the other hand, if you need a pretty typeface to knock your clients dead, meet the ParaType girls: Tatiana, Betina, Hortensia, Irina, Liana, Nataliscript, Nina, Olga and Vesna also check Zhikharev who is not a girl but still very pretty.

How to Create Your Own Fonts and Edit TrueType Fonts

ParaType also excels in adding Cyrillic characters to existing Latin typefaces -- if your company is ever going to do business with Eastern Europe, you should make them part of your corporate identity! Finally, ParaType offers a handwriting font service out of its office in Saratoga, CA : dollars a shot.

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View the ParaType typeface library. Another view of the ParaType typeface collection. The world's leading typography tool outfit. Alternate site.

Excellent customer support. Comments by Pritchard: From Pyrus at about dollars.

Commercial Font Editors

Will import data from a scanner and autotrace to convert to characters in a font: has basic editing tools for cleaning up images and adjusting the characters, etc. The results are surprisingly good, and this provides a short cut to getting useable characters which can then be fine-tuned. Could be a dangerous tool in the hands of the inexperienced, who may be tempted to let the first rough result loose on an unsuspecting world.

Exports fonts in Type 1 or Truetype format. Mac and PC. Full version. Trial not demo! It does most of job automatically: from selection of images to autotracing, autohinting, autokerning and finally font generation. ScanFont includes both bitmap and outline editors. A commercial piece of Mac software by FreeSoft Limal, Belgium for converting bitmaps and images into vecor format, and for editing figures and outlines.

It exports EPS files. This could be used to make the outlines for glyphs of a font, assuming one has a font editor that imports EPS files. A few free trials when you download. A truetype table editor for the Mac. A free truetype font editor for the Mac. TTFE version 1. It also comes with OS X TTX [Just van Rossum]. TTX 2.

Best Font Editor Software For Mac

It is free and allows editing and inspecting opentype and truetype fonts. It is a great tool for changing a few things in a font by hand. Warning: this software is buggy. Thomas Phinney writes: Currently, if I want a simple and accurate representation of the contents of a TrueType or OpenType font, and possibly to edit the info, I have been using the wondrous open source TTX tool, which is based on the FontTools library.

It can also recompile the text file back into a font. Even Adobe folks often use TTX. So you need to also have a copy of the OpenType or TrueType specification handy. Sourceforge link. CR8type for Windows is a commercial Windows truetype and opentype font editor written by Allan Murray. Free demo. Also, CR8tracer is a freeware utility based on Peter Selinger's 'Potrace' to convert bitmap images into monochrome vector formats.

Birdfont – A free font editor for TTF, OTF, EOT and SVG fonts

Combine with CR8type 2. Windows only. It can edit PostScript and OpenType fonts and has a knife and freehand drawing tool. It draws, kerns, deals with unicode, converts between formats, and basically is a full-fledged type design tool. Type Light is a free light version of Type 3.

The full Type 3. A creation of Allan Murray - a self-taught software developer who began programming computers in the early eighties and who has been involved in the ID card and digital printing industries for the past twelve years. CR8 Software Solutions has had a web presence since Bitstream's USD product free demo for making. Comes with truetype fonts. PC and Mac. Allan Murray [Type 3.

AsiaFont Studio. Ben Kiel [Python scripts for typeface design]. Font Remix tools [Tim Ahrens]. FontLab demo copies. Fontlab: free demo. Fontself [Pierre Terrier]. Fontula [Sajid Saiyed]. Frank E. Freehand drawing programs. Ikarus [Peter Karow]. LettError's Internet Font Editor. Macromedia Fontographer. Peter Karow [Ikarus]. Pierre Terrier [Fontself].

Python scripts for typeface design [Ben Kiel]. Sajid Saiyed [Fontula].