Play wmv files on mac quicktime

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How to watch WMV files on Mac

Every time you're trying to play a. Due to Microsoft had discontinued developing for Windows Media Player for Mac OS X way back in , and had no plans to provide future official updates and product support to the application, you'll have to find other alternatives to play your WMV files in Mac without interruption.

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There are multiple tools capable of doing WMV conversion. Among them, Video Converter is relatively powerful and easy-to-use. It can accept virtually any video file you can dream of as an input and convert into a large host of output files as you like.

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Even better, it's available to convert audio files or just extract their sound track to save as a single audio file. Another benefit of this program is it includes the function of basic editing, allowing you to trim, crop, merge, add subtitle or watermark, etc. Method 2.

Part 1. How to Play WMV on Mac Easily

Check to see if you already have Flip4Mac installed. Go to System Preferences and look at the bottom. If you see a pane called "Flip4Mac," you have it installed.

How To Watch AVI Files on Mac

If it is not installed, click here to buy it. Note that Flip4Mac is no longer offered for free. If you are willing to pay, or downloaded Flip4Mac while it was free, continue with these steps. Note that the resulting video will have a watermark. To eliminate the watermark, download the pro version of Flip4Mac. Method 3. For Windows users, please download the Windows version and do steps in the same way. If you want to try other ways, please read on, but this solution is highly recommended.

Option 1 – Use a Mac Video Player that Supports WMV

By the way, if you want to get more free WMV players , please check this link. It also supports several audio codecs, with this plug-in, you can get support for MP3, WMV9 and many other Microsoft audio codecs.

WMV on Mac - Play WMV Files on Mac (Sierra Included)

While the free version is limited, the pro version has several extended functionalities that are very useful. Step 2: Run and install the plugin on your mac and your Flip4Mac is ready for use. The plug-in is automatically attached to QuickTime after installing so you will not notice it. It is now easier to play WMV file on Mac using Windows Media player itself, this has been made possible with the new Windows player 9 for mas. Installing Windows Media Player is also easy with these steps:.

These players are third party WMV players for Mac and are easy to use as well. These players are numerous and easily available, however, to save you from unnecessary complaints, there are excellent players that will play your WMV files without hitch. Here they are:.

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This player is an open and free source that can play any file format. It is one of the most popularly used WMV players on Mac, it also has the capacity to output audio files in waw format. This player started as a Google Codes projects in the bid to create a multipurpose player.