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I have been contacted since writing my original article by people who have hundreds, even 1,plus film titles on their iTunes accounts.

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And for them, the prospect of having to download and store so many titles to be guaranteed permanent ownership of them is mind-boggling. Apple's first response to Dr Da Silva's question about his three missing films. These words relate to the original tweet thread by Dr. The very complicated issues are covered in good depth in this article on CNET. This initially seems pretty weird given that other films he bought in Australia copied over to his Canadian account perfectly well - and that the films he could no longer access were actually available to buy in iTunes Canada.

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It is, though, pretty common for films to have different rights issues or even different versions in different territories, due to, say, region-specific cuts made to achieve local age ratings. Which he could only do if he had a local Australian address. Er, oh. Apple then suggested that it could offer da Silva a workaround, but according to the CNET article, it turned out that this workaround would require da Silva to lose his Canadian store subscriptions and store credits.

Apps can be removed from the iTunes Store by Apple or the content provider for many reasons. You can download films you buy on iTunes to an approved device connected with your account - such as an iMac. But the series was then removed from iTunes and replaced with a season's package, which leads to him no longer being able to access the package. It is no longer in his iTunes account, but is still in Movies Anywhere! He said that Apple told him that if he supplied all the purchase receipts order numbers they would help him get his movies back.

Apple Responds To Disappearing iTunes Movie Purchases Issue

He did that, and even found the links for the same titles on the US store. Here's something interesting: nobody is going to come to your house and take your 4K Blu-rays away. And 'radically' they'll even still work if you move from one country to another! And the only way to get it back was to rebuy the same film again at full price.

As with other cases, he was offered two or three - the Apple communication, which I've seen, was confused on this!

Timeless Season 1 disappeared, but was reinstated after sufficient 'nagging'. All were eventually restored, but only after 'a week of calls and live chats' with Apple. Or two weeks in Hercules case. It then reappeared on the iTunes store with a different wrong spelling, and he had to pay 9. It even exports perfect PDFs.

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It could well be the only screenwriting app you need, but of course it syncs with the Mac version, via iCloud and Dropbox. Slugline for iOS has a dark mode, so I can so I can watch you weave then breathe these story lines. The Mac Tab key is your shortcut to frequently-typed elements, including an automatically-updated list of every speaking part in your movie. Slugline for iOS syncs with iCloud and Dropbox. It automatically keeps a local copy of your work too, so if your connection drops out, your writing is safe.

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Thinking of cutting a word, a line, or an entire scene? When you Preview or Print, it disappears. Slugline supports drag and drop on iPad, and is optimized for maximum legibility on every size of iPhone.

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Style your screenplay to taste, while adhering to Hollywood standards. You can even use the lovely Courier Prime typeface, designed specifically for screenwriting. Slugline is the highest-rated screenwriting app in the Mac app store, with a lifelong five-star average rating. People love it, and you will too.

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Pair a hardware keyboard with Slugline for iOS and use your familiar keyboard shortcuts from the Mac version. Home How To Blog. Back Using Slugline Screenwriting Basics. The Simplest Way to Write a Movie Slugline is a simple, elegant app for the most important part of screenwriting: the writing part.

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Or download the free day trial. On iPhone and iPad Write and edit your screenplay on your iPhone. Structure as you go. Your Outline is just for you, and disappears when you print — unless you don't want it to. Rebuilt for iOS.