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Best way to back up multiple macs to one external?

See the pink box in question 33 for details. There are three reasons for this, for a drive connected directly to your Mac:.

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When multiple Macs are "competing" for the same backup space, there might be room for several months of backups for one, but only a few weeks for another. This is especially likely to happen if you start backing-up a new Mac to a drive that already has a lot of backups from another Mac.

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Time Machine on the new Mac will not delete backups from the other Mac s , so when it needs space for new backups, it will delete the oldest backups from the new Mac instead. If you replace one of the Macs, Time Machine on the new one won't delete the backups from the old one.

And sometimes it's advisable after certain problems. It is possible to delete individual backups via Time Machine's "Star Wars" display, but it's one-at-a-time, so rather tedious.

Can I back up two separate Macs using Time Machine?

See question When users use a disk for backing up one computer, the files are only restorable to that one computer. This is great for separating backups of multiple computers that may reside on one disk, but it prevents users from accessing the backups from one computer if they are on another computer.

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This affects users who either have had their computers' motherboards replaced, or for users who are temporarily using another computer if their main one is being repaired. Can I restore folder or a few files from the crashed computer time machine external hard drive to another computer for temporary use until I get my other computer fixed. The ability to browse "other" backups is a feature that is available in Time Machine, but is not apparent to users. In order to access this feature, users should attach the Time Machine drive to the second computer, and then hold the options key and select the Time Machine menu from the system menu.

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There should be the option to "Browse Other Time Machine Disks", which should bring up a list of available Time Machine backup volumes. Users can then access their backed up files from the new computer. This feature is also available by right-clicking the Time Machine dock icon.

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