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Literally packed to the rafters with heavyweight business! With 12"s out on labels like Tempa, Black Box, Mindset and Macabre Music, you'd be forgiven by kinder hearted people for thinking that Biome exclusively makes dubstep focused music. Stepping up for the 20th episode of the series that showcases low frequency with decency, sees man like Over the course of two hours, he runs through a slew of unreleased tracks from Flava D and Preditah, alongside older acts like original dons Zed Bias, Wookie and Todd Edwards. We've recorded from pirate radio frequencies, from tape cassette, converted to MP3 and uploaded this archive of the first guy.

The xx Announces New Album I See You | The FADER

DJ Hatcha. J:Kenzo is back on his regular Rinse slot, brining the weight with some foundation sounds, some fresh dubs and a Youngsta is back with his regular Monday night dubstep and techno business featuring a huge guest mix from Batu. Dubplates and freshness as standard.

Skream's final show of 'having a lovely time' for the past two years; every Friday night on BBC Radio 1 has now drawn to a close.

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Stink Like Sock, our East Anglian soundsystem connection, return to Rood FM for their regular Sunday service with another round of sub heavy sermons from the pulpit! Play Track — Mindstep Music Show Crises is back on his regular Sunday night hymnal with a little more music for your Mindstep!

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Play Track — Phaeleh packs in a tonne of unreleased exclusive material to deliver this beautiful, ethereal soundtrack to help you journey through your dreams. Plastician delivers a guest mix and plays co-host with Skream, plus the Residency's T. Williams chats in detail about his music and picks a legendary track for the History of Bass. Skream takes the controls of the first official show since Benga announces his retirement from DJ'ing. Skream and Benga have an hilarious interview with Dillon Francis, who seems to have a thing for Benga! An interview with Wiley detailing the entire story of before and during his 'king of grime' career.

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You know the drill. Distance releases the 5th installment of the Chestplate 'Chestcast'. Including the latest beats from the label plus many unreleased dubs from new and known artists. True Tiger return to Kiss this week with another heavy session.

The 1975 Party Playlist with Annie Mac // BBC Radio 1 // (part 2)

Up first - DMZ. Eclair Fifi educates you on the history of bass music and Skream replays his impromptu set from Glastonbury Annie Mac. T's new Perthshire home will welcome a group of amazing acts.

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Movie Trailers. Movie Reviews. D-Leria - Swarm 2. Monolake - Unit [unreleased] Monolake - Glypnir [imbalance computer music ML] Drumcell - Terminus Effect [Dystopian ] Monolake - Arithmetic [unreleased] Monolake - Cray [imbalance computer music ML] Silent Servant - Dissociation [L.

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Monolake - Mcp 79 [imbalance computer music ML] Scalameriya - Dazzling Grim [unreleased] Kamikaze Space Programme - Clickers [Osiris ] Myk Derill - Route [Counter Pulse ] Kanthor - Zermelo [Webuildmachines ] Monolake - Logic [unreleased] Unknown - Grey Area 04 2 [Grey Area 04] Oscar Mulero - Dematerialization [Faut Section ] Mick Finesse - Suppression [22 ] B12 - In Pieces [FireScope ] Etapp Kyle - Ahora [Ostgut Unterton 08] Kamikaze Space Program - Clickers [Osiris ] OWL - Cloned [Anekoic ] Rrose - Cephalon [Infrastructure ] Scalameriya - A Hostile Womb [unreleased] Insolate - Renew [Out of Place ] Nonuser - Ctrls [Token 60] Buenoventura - About [Hezekina Pollutina ] Architectural - Amour [Wolfskuil LP] Szare - Crop Failure [Field 18] Etapp Kyle - Lyrae [Klockworks 16] Peverelist - Undulate [Livity Sound ] Machine Woman - Functional Anatomy - Desolation [unreleased] Phobia - Leech [Genesa ] Michel Lauriola - Heliocentric [Animal Farm ] James Welburn - Hold [Miasmah ] The Noisemaker - Continuum [Funk You ] Aleja Sanchez - Artemisa [Triamb ] Tunnel - Following Her Lead [Webuildmachines ] Aleja Sanchez - Transmittance [Etichetta Nera ] The Plant Worker - Spaceship [Affin ] Dorian Gray - Iceberg [Black String ] Vertical Spectrum - Passion [Newrhythmic ] Leiras - Genetics [Ownlife ] Tension - In [Tension ] Ness - Uchronia [Rising Label 04] Akashic - Hecate [Decoy ] Mirror 1 - Gravity [Transition Lab ] Bosh - Entropy [Panel Trax ] Altstadt Echo - Modern Cathedrals pt.

Vertical Spectrum - Pandorium [Newrhythmic ] Basicnoise - Spheroid [Hexachord ] Kwartz - Locked Target [47 ] Synkopheit - Vector Zero [Arkita ] Vertical Spectrum - Linear Target [Newrhythmic ] Ness - Chronoscope [Rising Label 04]. Stefano Rocchi - Grigio [Blackwater ] Headless Horseman - Sanctuary [Headless Horseman ] Alderaan - Surface [Weekend Circuit ] SNTS - Alderaan - Metone [Weekend Circuit ] Headliner Abraxas [Aerotropic ] Syncom Data - Estasis [Syncom Data 36] Birth Of Frequency - Child [Taapion ] Hannu Ikola - Chrysalis [Etherwerks ] Mohlao - Grain [Deep Sound Channel ] Qindek - Rea [Wavereform ] Asusu - Serra [Impasse ] Micronism - Constructing Space [Delsin X8] Angelina Yershova - Broken [Twin Paradox 02] Donor - Calling [Prosthetic Pressings ] Monolake - Ethernet [imbalance ml] Rebekah - Apex [Elements 01] Paula Temple - Gegen [Noise Manifesto] Rebekah - Blood in the Water [Elements 01] Acronym - Yggdrasil [Semantica 61] Monolake - Inwards [imbalance ml].

Kuroi - Climate [Aconito Digital Series