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I clicked on Photos and selected the iPhoto Album containing my selected photos. I then dragged the images on top of the placeholder images that appear in the template. I clicked on the text box on the first page, selected all of the text and deleted it.

7 Free Christmas Letter Templates and Ideas

Then I typed in our content. I linked the text boxes on page 1 and page 2 so the text would automatically flow between them.

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I replaced the placeholder photos, of course, as well. I removed one of the photos on page 1 and added a new text box then linked it to the other box on page 1. After that, I changed the font and font size a bit to get everything to fit. Finally, I was satisfied with the layout. Templates for Pages - DesiGN set gives a large selection of templates from books and invitations to posters and brochures.

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Some templates consist of up to 10 different pages, so the package provides a variety of around 10, layouts to meet your most diverse needs. Each and every layout — from the quintessential elegance of text-only pages to the bright mix of pictures and slogans in the poster and brochure templates — features prime design quality, set apart by attention to fine points, high usability, and abundant creativity.

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Type or paste your own text, add or remove text boxes and change the font if you wish. Replace stock images with your own photos or pictures. Unleash your imagination! New in 6.

Templates for Pages offers, as its name implies, a large variety of templates of a number of different types for use with Pages. What I particularly like about it is that the templates are composites of all of their separate pieces, so that you can resize or delete a frame, or a star, or a symbol, or change one, or pull a frame or other element in from a different Template, without changing the background. This makes these Templates much more versatile than those I have found in other template packages.

Additionally, Templates for Pages is updated pretty frequently, and new templates are added with the updates, giving the designer ever-increasing options within this template set.

Create Beautiful PDF Worksheets in Pages for Mac [tutorial]

Many like books, magazines etc are serveral pages long so compete designs. Almost all are availble in portrait and landscape.

Newsletter Template for Pages

For the money it is a lot of design stuff, for sure will be more than you will ever use. Easy to work with and modify or combine. You can load what you want into your templates in pages so you dont have to go through all of it.

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