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Once installed, it can delete every such extra file that is unnecessarily taking a lot of space keeping only the useful one.

How to Erase and Factory Reset your Mac!

The usage of this app is very easy, simple drag the apps that you wish to uninstall into the window of AppCleaner and all the associated files will be automatically uninstalled. All the uninstalled files will be sent to the trash, and you can check them to be sure before deleting them permanently.

Find and remove hidden clutter

AVG Cleaner for Mac has 2 main functions with a cool user interface. Firstly, it can be used as a Disk Cleaner which means it can scan the entire system and remove all the garbage files from the PC. You can simply preview all these data and clean them with one click. Secondly, it has the Duplicate file finder facility which means you can scan the entire system and find out all the duplicate files and documents. Deleting duplicates could save hundreds of GBs especially if you have 2 identical large files.

AVG cleaner is a very simple tool that does exactly what it supposed to. OnyX is one of the best Mac cleaner available online. There are many features available with this program starting from disabling startup programs to finding duplicates and killing them.

It even helps to optimize the hard disks and is able to clear browser cache, cookies, browsing histories and other unnecessary log files. Uninstalling apps and software is also possible along with indexing all the files in a single database index. You must be thinking that you can do all these with Terminal. Well, you can but you would have to remember complex commands.

With OnyX you get to do all the above activities without having to remember a single command. However be careful not to delete files or features that are important unknowingly. Moreover, uninstalling program and apps with this tool is phenomenal as it also erases every single data file generated by the app. It also helps to boost the browser speed by erasing cache, cookies, malicious extensions and plugins. Also, just like any other duplicate file finders, this program helps to locate and remove the duplicate items from the computer.

You can choose any of the aforementioned software as per your suitability and choice.

5 free Mac cleaners: Get a clean and fast Mac in minutes

But you need to flush your system with these software at least once in every week to keep the machine fit for better performance. She has a big love for all things tech and covered tech for over 8 years. Now she is exploring wearable tech, phones, and future tech trends. You can catch her on FB, Twitter. How to Remove Junk Files on Mac. My mac's running silk smooth right now. Suzhou, China. Just cleaned Manchester, UK. New York, USA. The perfect blend of fun and utility.

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Quirky sound effects and glossy icons included. Bath, UK. Brabrand, Denmark. Using cleanmymac from MacPaw feels like touching your face after shaving very carefully.

Delete unnecessary disk images

Utrecht, Netherlands. It's just what it says: best, simplest Mac clean ever. Well worth the money. Costa Rica.

Mac Cleanup Solutions

Because they will generate the cache, system logs files, update files, etc. Your Mac will start running slowly. So how do you clean up and uninstall these apps from Your MacBook? Just remove them from your Mac completely! However, some users choose to just drag them to the trash bin considering it has been uninstalled.

They are not at all. By doing this, you can't remove the files they generated as mentioned above. If you are a not a geek, we don't suggest you try to remove the files by yourself as you may get your Mac messed up. Remove the unused language data from the apps. We know that many Mac apps come with a language database which offering different languages.

And this database takes up a lot of space of your Mac disk. However, for most of the users, they usually use just one of the languages which is their mother tongue. By removing other language data, it will save lots of space. Here is how to do it manually:.

5 Best Mac cleaners to clean, optimize & maintain Macs

You may choose to delete the unwanted. Empty your Mac trash bin. After you delete the files, they still reside in your Trash bin taking up a lot of storage on your Mac. Since they are useless, why don't you remove them from Mac completely instead of keeping them in your trash bin technically speaking, they are in your hard disk?

Here's how you can empty your trash to save more space:. Click and hold on the Trash bin icon in the Dock. Select Empty Trash from a popup that appears. Find and delete large and old files. If you want to know where your disk space went, then you probably need to clean up the large and old files on your Mac. You have to go each folder to find which the large and old files are and then decide to delete them or not.

But after you delete them, it will definitely give your more hard disk space. Using a professional cleaning app. By doing those steps above manually, it takes lots of time and effort to do before you can have a total cleaned up Mac. And more importantly, it might not be easy for you to get the Mac cleaned up fully if you are not a computer geek. Why not use a Mac cleaning app to get all of those done? Published by IObit , world's top system utility and security software provider since , MacBooster , as a one-stop Mac maintenance tool, is definitely your best choice.

It is pretty easy to use and cleans up over 20 types of junk files on Mac with just one click. Here is how you can do it with MacBooster:. This module helps you take care of the unneeded items generated by your system and applications.