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View full description. A player and DivX converter in one The player in DivX is sleek and easy to use, with all the standard functions you'd expect from a media player. MPlayerX Free media player for almost any format. KMPlayer Excellent free multi-format media player. Spotify Find, share and enjoy your favorite music online. Elmedia Player for Mac Simple media player for Macs. Download DivX Software for Mac Download for Mac.

Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.

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We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! Your information is mostly useless as that was the state of affairs at least a year ago. Use HandBrake to encode. You can also encode up to 2 audio tracks.

More features are forthcoming, it is in active development- but right now, this is fantastic to allow me to view movies on the road on my Powerbook. And use VLC to play, forget mplayer.

I can't believe it took me this long to find HandBrake Question for the people who have been using HandBrake for a while: what settings do you use and what are your results? I was expecting the one to look pretty bad. What are your experiences with 2-pass encoding? Does it make a difference? I found the speed on my 1.

Download Free DivX Player for Mac

What are your experiens with the encoding speed? Thanks beforehand, Daniel Baars.

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  7. Handbrake looks pretty nice. I decided to try out DVDibbler and everytime it gives me this error message: "DVDibbler Application Supprt does not exist or has been incorrectly installed. See DVDibbler Help for instructions. And I searched their site for info and couldn't find anything but someone who had the same problem with no answer.

    I tried this program on 3 different Macs so far with all having the same problem. Dang it, I really wanted to try this as "HandBrake" takes forever, 8 hours on a 1. I have a powerbook 1. I don't see how this can be much faster than your G4 1. Try that option from the popup. I'm running handbrake right now on an Mhz imac ripping a normal length movie no css. It is getting essetially all of the cpu time and is not memory starved.

    How to Convert DivX to DVD on Mac OS X (EL Capitan included)

    I'm ripping of the hard drive video Tos folder not off a DVD. I have it set for a target size of MB and two passes 1 pass did not seme to go faster. I noticed an odd effect, the program runs faster if it is not the foreground app and it runs even faster if you use fast user switching to change to another user. It appears that when the app is on screen it burns up a lot of windowserver process time on the CPU and slows down. Can anyone explain to me the following 1 what is the tradeoff of one versus 2 passes 2 what I really want is an application that can compress a 7-gig video-tos folder a typical 2-layer dvd size just enough to fit on a 4.

    I want the highest quality. I suspect there might be a better application for achieving this.

    In fact I suspect there might even be a way to trim the original DVD by just throwing out special feature files. Finally it woul dbe nice to write the results out in a Video-tos format that a regular dvd player couldplay. I have been fooling around with this program for a couple days now, with varying degrees of success. It lets you specify the medium that you want to burn onto and conforms the file to that size. If I can get it to work, this will be the best program I have found.

    What you need is DVD2onex, an amazing program. Really the only software to use for working with dvd folders. Now, to be cheap, I wonder if there is less expensive program than this one. Quality is amazing unless you push it too hard like trying to fit two 8gig DVDs on one 4gig DVD-R - still watcheable by the way but obviously not as good as the original.

    Dvd20nex is shareware so you can download it from their page and try it out. It will process the first 30 minutes of your movie exactly like it does the full thing so you can see the quality for yourself. Then if you decide to buy it you are just paying for the serial number that you enter from the program. I'd give it a try and see what you think. The development of this was pretty amazing, this program existed for windows first. Then under pressure from the mac community, especially those at the dvdrhelp. He was able to put out a fully working program for os x in just a matter of weeks.

    If you were trying to do what this program does before it came out, you needed several different programs and many many hours of waiting for all the different steps to complete. Encoding takes a long time, but you can just let it run overnight. I got ripped off. Encoding takes a long time? I don't think so. OpenShiiva defaults to the XviD codec which produces great quality at the cost of slow encoding.

    Free DVD to DivX Ripper for Windows (10) - Fast Rip DVD to DivX with Superb Quality

    The 3ivX codec is almost as good and twice as fast at similar settings. Now tell me: How can OpenShiiva be slow when it encodes in real time? Well, Mr, most people don't have a dual G5 processor to achieve that real-time speed. Think about it. If anyone is interested in my kickass parameter list to encode a. XviD has superceded libavcodec mpeg4 for a while now since api I also use mencoder 3 pass, but encode lame mp3 audio manually because I can use a52dec to normalize the ac3 file. XviD 1.

    I've been using OSex for ripping and Diva for encoding with the 3ivx encoder. I've had great results; no sync problems with video and audio. I found the info useful to a certain extent, but I need to encode video for the web from an unencrypted DVD. I've used just about everything that versiontracker could cough up.

    The only bummer is that you would have to download the 3ivx plugin to view a web movie and I'm trying to avoid making web visitors do that. D-Vision has a great interface and the cropping tools work great--ffmpegX's cropping tools didn't work for me at all. Anyone know of an app out there that can do all that? The latest version of the 3ivx codec is somehow different from the previous version in that QuickTime 6 correctly identifies 'new' 3ivx movies as MPEG-4, and can play them without whining about the codec.

    It always could, but for some reason never "knew" that it could before. I wonder if anyone knows how to transcode DVDs into. Have you tried using OpenShiiva yet?