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Apple hid this utility for a reason: Be careful, a wrong Directory entry can wreck your Mac.

The easiest way is probably to use a little script like this one to make the necessary changes:! Medical School or Games Industry? Featured on Meta. Custom Filters release announcement. Related 1.

Set up file sharing on Mac

Hot Network Questions. Anyone any clues what am I missing? Akshay Lokur Akshay Lokur 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. Are the files you're trying to share on an AFPS-formatted volume?

Share a Folder on Windows

Yes, it is APFS. SMB can be accessed from admin user or registered users and I neither can give admin privileges to all users in my org nor I can register all users in my org on server! What kind of users are you trying to allow access to if they don't have accounts? Are they just connecting as guest? Users need to connect and drop files to shared files so that some App can process these files.

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Sharing Files On Your Mac With Your Windows Computer

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macOS Sierra: Use File Sharing to share files

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Best Android file transfer apps for Mac OS X

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macOS Sierra: Use File Sharing to share files

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