Free antivirus for mac 10.4

It's free, it works, it's lightweight, but the only catch is that it only scans for Mac-specific malware, which won't matter to you if you're in an all-Mac ecosystem, but if you, like most of us, share the world with Windows users, thinking of them doesn't hurt.

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Avira is another free utility worth a look. Avira's UI and options are perfect for non-technical users, and it offers strong protection against known Mac threats. Again, there's no Windows protection in the app, and both the scheduling and custom scan options are a bit anemic, so power users may want to shy away from it. If you're installing it on your non-technical friend or family-member's Mac however, it's a great option.

For more suggestions, make sure to check out AV Comparitives' full report on Mac antivirus tools —there are more in there we didn't list here. We're not trying and settle the antivirus-versus-no-antivirus debate; it's been raging for years and isn't going to stop now.

Whatever you do though, it's probably not necessary to plop down money for a Mac antivirus suite. The threats don't warrant you dropping money on software to keep you safe, and too many of them do more harm than good especially the ones looking to get your money. They're just not worth it, especially when there are more effective, robust, free options like the ones above available to you. The A. Filed to: mac app directory Filed to: mac app directory mac app directory app directory apps mac downloads os x os x downloads mac downloads antivirus sophos malware viruses trojans clamxav avira avast utilities security privacy windows viruses scanners.

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Club Film. Cloud based real-time access to virus definitions are always up to date. This allows Comodo Antivirus for Mac to identify the most recent threats immediately for an ultimate protection. No complex decision making!

Download & install free virus protection for Mac from Sophos - On Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

No in-depth custom settings page! Simply use the unique slider module to change between different security levels. Hacker threats against the Mac OS has been increasing due to its popularity and changes made. It is more user friendly and hence more vulnerable.

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Mac is now prone to the same type of virus, bugs, malware and spyware that makes Windows PC vulnerable. A virus can slow down your operations, corrupt or delete important data. Hence using an antivirus software for Mac computers is a must. Comodo Antivirus for Mac is specifically designed to protect the architecture of the operating system which is significantly different from a Windows PC.

Comodo provides real-time scanning, quarantine tool, up-to-date virus definition, frequent online updates, easy user interface and completely virus detection plus deletion solutions. Yes, you can. Offering users the freedom to scan suspicious individual files, programs and applications, Comodo Antivirus simplifies the process. All you have to do is drag and drop the file to the CAV icon found in the dock and scanning will commence.

Detailed reports will be generated once the process is complete. Combining the best, state-of-the-art features available, Comodo Antivirus for Mac provides you complete protection by prevention, detection and the ability to delete even the most malicious malware of all. It's highly efficient, reliable and provides a hassle free computing experience while securing your data.

Whenever a malicious program or file is detected, the same will be sent to a quarantine mode for further analysis. All suspicious activities will be thoroughly analysed in the isolated environment before it gains access to your Mac. This feature allows you to customize your experience. If I do need a disc, can you just tell me the details either way. Everything is running fine, but this has me worried.

Mac OS X Viruses and Antiviruses

I thought you could net get a virus on a MAc. It sounds like you experienced a web browser Safari, Opera or FireFox pop-up window crafted to look like a virus alert. If you clicked on the crafted window and were taken to a scary website, then it is possible you were infected. Your first step is to determine whether or not you are infected. Hopefully someone can post a link or two to real anti-virus vendors.

However, it wouldn't hurt to run a virus checker through your system just to be sure use ClamXav like Stylish recommended. Today I went to the Apple Store and brought my Mac. They checked it and I showed them what I googled and how I was redirected. When we went straight to the site it was fine.