Is a mac or pc better for recording music

Some kids grew up on a Mac, others grew up on a PC. Tribalism is an ugly business, but since it makes both sides money it will most likely never end, neither will the debate of PC vs. When talking about which one is the right one for you, we must first decide how you are going to use it. Is it going to be for a home recording studio? Or is this going to be your mobile laboratory?

This is a tougher question than you might think. Perhaps the best method would be to go dual platform, have both a desktop and a laptop, using the desktop for the bulk of the work and storage and the laptop for mobile work.

Best Computer for Music Production - MAC vs PC

If you have the means, then go ahead and spend away! First off, the PC is and expandable device.

Myths Of Modern Recording - Macs Are Best

This means that as long as you have a huge power supply and a large enough box to put it in, you can literally upgrade from time to time forever. This approach favors the lower end budget because you may only need a few hundred dollars at a time, allowing you to stretch the cost over a very long period of time after the initial purchase. The way Apple has progressed in recent years has been nothing short of impressive, with technologies and software compatibility the PC is going to be hard pressed to match in the future.

The Mac Pro Tower back in was the closest Apple ever got to the PC in terms of hardware upgrade compatibility, and with the rumors of a new Mac Pro on the horizon later in it may very well be game on in the battle between Mac vs.

PC for music production. The software for Apple products is easily transferred from one device to another, making it simple to run audio software on say an iPad and send it straight to the iMac in just a few moments. Although the PC and Mac look very similar these days, the cost of components inside them is a very real difference. If you have the ability to build your own PC, this may be the cheaper way to go. Make sure you buy with quality in mind though. Very often a newly built PC can suffer from compatibility issues right out of the gate. Combine this with a hard drive array and watch your workflow will blossom.

RAM is also a very big consideration when looking at the PC vs. Mac for music production. The iMac offers a 32GB version, which will completely serve this purpose. The PC for music production suffers from a few things like sound bleed from the fans and compatibility issues, but those are all relatively simple to fix. The biggest problem for the PC is upgrade. Also not to be out done is the video card.

However, the wrong card can bottleneck your system and destroy your workflow. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars on a decent card. If you have external drives that support Thunderbolt, make sure to get a Mac with a Thunderbolt port, you will really notice the difference in speed when transfer large amounts of data. USB ports come in different speeds. Peripherals you buy in the future will definitely support USB3. Screen size is something to factor into your decision. For this, you need higher resolution, which is measured in pixels. A refurbished inch iMac from GainSaver can give you up to x pixels, while a refurbished inch Macbook Pro with a retina display goes up to x pixels.

How To Choose A Good Laptop for Music Production

The Macbook Pro inch retina screen is smaller, but can display a bit more information. A refurbished Mac Pro is the dream system for the core of your recording studio. The Mac Pros are not that expense when compared to Mac laptops, and they give you awesome performance.

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You will never be waiting for your Mac Pro to finish rendering your last session. If your only consideration is power, then get a Mac Pro. With a Mac Pro you can also have GainSaver install additional hard drives when you purchase. If you need to travel with your equipment, this is something to think about. But if you already have a good monitor, go with the Mac Pro.

Like the Mac Pro, a refurbished iMac is not easy to lug around with you when you meet up with your fellow musicians. The iMac, especially the inch iMac, should be left in your recording studio.

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What the iMac lacks in portability, it makes up for with an incredible screen. You get your computer and monitor all in one package with an iMac. The inch iMac gives you an unbelievable view of all your software tools at once.

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Refurbished iMacs are also very powerful. GainSaver has a great selection to choose from, so you can pick the right combination of price and performance. You should go with at least a Dual Core i5 processor in your iMac. Most recording software can take advantage of all the cores in the processor, so a Quad Core i5 or Quad Core i7 will be faster than a Dual Core. The Macbook Pro is the best choice if you have to take your studio with you.

Refurbished Macbook Pros come in three different screen sizes at GainSaver, with wide variations in processor type, hard drive and memory configurations. Make sure to check all the specs to get one that meets your requirements. One drawback of the Macbook Pro is the screen size.