Mac address validation in java

Use extended grep.

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The goal of my regular expression is to allow me to break apart IP Table log files so that I can build a basic web front-end to allow me to view the traffic on the network. The MAC address is optional, because the way that this firewall works, is by providing the MAC address when the outbound address is not available.

Jul 20 Designed to verify a MAC address with no spaces allowed, hex values separated by linux style separator ":" or by windows style separator "-". Also empty string entry is allowed.

Address Validation

This regular expression will validate against a valid MAC address. The 6 bytes are hexadecimal and separated by semi colon or dash caracters. The format is always Test Details Pattern Title. Rating: Ted Rudyk.


Deisgned to verify a MAC address with hex values seperated by a colon. Rating: Not yet rated. Jason Jenisch. Fernando Nunes. I Can Eat Glass 7th octet will be ignored. Regex gain usefulness from advanced expressive powers that their metacharacters provide.

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We can think of literal text acting as the words and metacharacters as the grammar. The words are combined with grammar according to a set of rules to create an expression that communicates an idea. The caret and dollar are special in that they match a position in the line rather than any actual text characters themselves. Character classes are useful in creating spell-checkers. A dash " - " indicates a range of characters. Other useful character ranges are [] and [a-z] which match digits and English lowercase letters.

Regular Expression for MAC Address

We can specify multiple ranges in single construct e. Note that a dash is a metacharacter only within a character class, otherwise it matches the normal dash character. The metacharacter '. Note that dots are not metacharacters when they are used within character classes.

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Within character class, it is a simple character only. For example, But 06[.

Regular Expressions (Regex) Tutorial: How to Match Any Pattern of Text

Pipe symbol ' ' allows you to combine multiple expressions into a single expression that matches any of the individual ones. Similar to dot, pipe is not metacharacter when it is used within character class. Java has inbuilt APIs java. We do not need any 3rd party library to run regex against any string in Java.