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Word for Mac document stops responding when you try to open a document

This simple procedure can resolve hangs, crashes, memory leaks, and other problems related to an app. To restart, click Apple Menu and choose Restart. When the confirmation alert appears, click the Restart button. This eliminates memory leaks, frees up RAM and CPU, and reduces the number of virtual memory swap files from the hard disk.

Alternatively, you can press and hold the power button for approximately 10 seconds to restart your Mac. If an app is not functioning properly, you might want to download and apply any available updates A Complete Guide to Updating Your Mac's Software A Complete Guide to Updating Your Mac's Software There's no one-size fits all maintenance solution, so it pays to understand how updates for your Mac and its software work.

Read More. Launch the App Store , and click the Updates button. To update the app, click the Update button next to it. Some apps check for updates every time you launch, while others check on a fixed schedule, or only on demand.

5 Simple Solutions For When Your MacBook Pro Keeps Freezing

Keeping up with updates is challenging. To solve this problem, turn on the automatic update feature whenever possible or add the app to a Twitter list. The developer will likely share on Twitter when it releases a minor or major update to the app. Most app developers list compatibility on their websites, so you can check if yours is supported.

While this should be no problem for the majority of apps, check with the developer for specific compatibility with your version of macOS if needed. The developer might also update users of any serious compatibility issues. You should also check for old bit apps on your system.

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Scroll down the left pane and select Applications from the Software section. Wait for few seconds to build the list of installed apps. In the right pane, look for the bit Intel column header.

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Adjust the column widths and click the header to sort the list. This means that if you rely on a bit app, you should find a replacement or contact the developer about updating it. Aside from this, most developers have their apps ready to go when a new macOS version releases, but you may run into bugs early on.

Check support forums and similar communities to see if others have had your issue.

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  • Fixing file permissions or deleting preferences may help..
  • According to the Apple developer documentation , the preference files follow a standard naming convention, known as reverse domain naming system. It includes the company name, then application identifier, followed by the property list file extension. For example, com. A developer might use a proprietary naming convention, but concentrating on the app name usually makes it clear. For example, org.

    2. Free Up Hard Drive Space

    Open the Library folder and set the window to List view, then click the Name column to sort the list alphabetically. Type the app name in the Search field. To narrow the search results, click the Plus button and set the second row to System files are included. Drag the preference file to your desktop. Since a background server process maintains the entire preference architecture, you need to clear its cache to remove the outdated preference information.

    Now, open the Terminal and type killall cfprefsd , and press Return.

    2. Restart Your Mac

    AppCleaner is a free utility to uninstall any Mac app without leaving data behind. But it can also remove the preference file without touching the rest of an app.

    Type an app name into AppCleaner, and click it to load the results. Uncheck the app, tick all the other options, and click Remove. Speaking of cleaning apps, here are a few factors you should consider while choosing a Mac cleaning app Are Mac Cleaning Apps Worthless? But are they really worth using? Applications not responding on iMac.

    Michael McQuillan New Member. Joined Jan 13, Messages 3 Reaction score 0. Hello, I have a mid IMac with a 3. This computer is used everyday and has always ran without issue. However, about a week ago I started having to force quit applications due to the beachball. They will work for a little while then freeze. Seems like everything I use I eventually have to force quite. Sometimes I can restart the program right away, other times I have to restart the computer to regain functionality.

    This has never happened before. Issue remains. I was thinking about restoring my computer from my time machine back up but am thinking that the issue would just be reinstalled with back up. Any help suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Mike. Joined Sep 17, Messages 4, Reaction score It sounds like your internal drive could be going bad. Have you ever done any disk maintenance on the drive?

    Remember, they are mechanical devices, just like automobiles, and require periodic maintenance. Neither of those excellent programs come in a free version. What you can do is the following: 1. Clean off any unnecessary stuff from your machine. Download, install, and run the excellent freeware program Onyx.

    You should execute as many of its useful tasks as possible, especially the one for Repairing Permissions. And, most likely, you will need to run Repair Permissions at least twice.

    Why does Mac keep freezing?

    One other thing, are you using the latest version of El Capitan, V If you are not, you can get the Combo Updater from here to get to V For Office , Version And, Version You can get V And, with that, you should invest in a program like Disk Warrior expensive, but excellent at what it does , or TechTool Pro another excellent choice, and cost less than Disk Warrior. By the way, do you use Outlook? If you do, there is a way to permanently get rid off all the EMails you delete via Outlook.

    I apply that process once a week also.