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13 Essential Mac Miller Songs

And what I found was that where I once saw hopeful optimism for the future, I now see a drug-addicts reassurance that everything would be alright. That he could keep his head above the water. Where I once saw Mac Miller standing tall as a lone wolf, I now see the reality that he was shrinking away from society when he needed help the most. People let him down too many times. Drugs would keep him swimming. Miller sits against what looks like an elevator door with a small view of a blue, cloudy sky, surrounded on both sides by a void of white.

10. "Diablo"

This feeling of being stuck in a void is resonant throughout the album. During my initial listen to the album, the impact and severity of these lyrics missed me.

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  • 10 Essential Mac Miller Songs.

He was fine in his Oblivion. But the most vulnerable people of all are drug addicts, and understanding that is a critical aspect of drug rehabilitation. Simple on paper, but literally vomit-inducing in reality.

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  • 5 Mac Miller Songs That Revealed His Tortured Psyche!
  • Mac Miller:Of The Soul Lyrics!

This is why so many people check themselves into rehab and seek medical aid when trying to get out of their Oblivion. Sometimes, we need help. Another motif had a radically different presence in the album after the death of Miller.

Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family Bonus 101

The rapper talks about the future constantly, and almost always in hopeful and introspective respects, even when he gets real with us. Miller was ready to make friends with his neighbors, get out of the house more, and make music on a whole new level. But no matter how clear and precise the production, the man seemed far from over his depression.

Mac Miller & The Most Dope Family Theme Song by Mac Miller on Spotify

But just a few tracks earlier, Mac discusses how internalizing his pain and building up his demons brought him to substance abuse. Sadly, it is a person we never got to meet. No other album in his discography sounds like this one. Cole, Pharrell, Snoop Dogg…need I go on?


The live instrumentation on this album is lush and grand, mixing beautifully with the studio audio elements of s and other synthetics. Truly, we were experiencing the beginning of what would have been the next step for Mac Miller, as he tackled his demons over wax and preserved the progression.

Top 10 Best Mac Miller Songs

This leaves the album all the more tragic. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote.

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Looks like I wrote this song on paper First time I did that in like 3 years My handwriting is horrible and I can barely read this Hey, hey, don't even know what's in my head anymore tho Uh, figured out I ain't gonna go to college, Lee Corso Fuckin' girls but I never kept the door closed Want you all to hear the way I put it in her torso I ain't normal, I'm clinically insane I guess it's the result of drugs that enterin' my brain All of a sudden, every legend keep on mentionin' my name All that does is show me that my life will never be the same Police tryna to figure out how to get me locked up I tell those cops suck dog nuts Arriving to the party in a chariot Lookin' for a scary bitch that I can pop her cherry pit I'm very sick, yes very ill Eternal sunshine, jim carey feel At the amusement park scared of heights: ferris wheel Double dare me to kill?

Got some soul like de la do, they say I'm new It's nothing but some deja-vu Everywhere you go these people hate on you Deja-vu, deja-vu Wind chimes, sick rhymes, been high on this incline Tryna get my money stackin' tall, 6'9 Have some caviar, sip wine Sacrifice insanity, sacrifice normal Purpose is for people in the plural Form never formal, an art form, not a mural Work 4 bars that are tighter than your corn rows See a girl that's lookin' horny in the 4th row Ha, I just put it in her mouth, ortho- Dontist, manipulating phonics, put 'em into sonnets Let me put you on this nastier than nas is Bubonic plague, bacteria that's tryna to find a way Spread, like yolk from a broken egg Talkin' shit?

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It was nothing but some deja vu. Nominate as Song of the Day. Spotify: Of the Soul.