Mac mini 2011 fan always on

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How to deal with a loud MacBook fan

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Same here on MacBook Pro 13" mid It sounds like you may have a faulty sensor. Your unit should still be under warranty and I would take it to Apple and let them fix it for free. Just noticed you did a hard drive upgrade so Apple would probably not cover your problem.

Please go over the steps in your upgrade and see if you missed a sensor. I reassembled it after installation, and the fan went full blast, and wouldn't turn off. Sure enough, I forgot to reconnect the hard drive thermal sensor. Since there's no signal from the sensor, my guess is that it will default to full speed, for safety. Hope that helps. James Gordon. The "missing" componet is the thermal sensor, which is attached to the stock hard drive.

When you take the stock hard drive out you will see that there are two connectors - the main hard drive connector and another, thinner connector.

Fix Fan Noise & Heat in OS X by Resetting SMC

The wires for that thinner connector are stuck to the side of the hard drive with the plastic "cover". A cursory glance will make you think those wires are just part of the hard drive, some superfluous connector that it appears you don't need, since the SSD works fine with just the main connector attached. They are not superfluous.

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And those wires don't actually go into the hard drive either. All you need to do is pull the plastic "cover" off and then gently peel off the sensor from the hard drive. Then you can plug the sensor back in to the appropriate socket on the main board and run the sensor to somewhere where it might get hot. I just ran mine up near the RAM and now my fan works correctly. That's an amazing find! I was wondering what that extra lead on the old HD was all about. Prayed it off and will attach to the new SSD. Hoping that will do the trick. Thanks for this tip; we had a mini with 2 HDs but didn't need them both.

Pulled sensor off second drive and attached to the first only HD needed and worked like a charm. I assumed since I didn't have an optical or second HD that I wouldn't need the sensor in place One thing to check is the print manager. Sometimes the CPU gets stuck on trying to print to an unconnected printer. I found that every time I want to my Mac mini 2. I killed the app and the fan slowed down with about a minute and within 2 mins all was quiet. Thanks for the tip Frank.

I had this fan spin issue on my older core 2 duo mac mini, after installing an ssd.

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I solved this by replugging the fan in proper orientation. I must have turned it around during reinstallation. The issue for me was a tiny little wire that went into one of the sensors had come out just a bit, enough to break the connection.

Mid Unibody Mac Mini 4,1 fan at maximum speed [broken heat sensor plug]

After using needle nose to slip it back up into the clip the fan worked fine. It seems possible to swap the two accidentally. Good luck. I have resolved my fan issue. A surface mount component had somehow come off the logic board and as a result the pwm fan control signal was not controlling the fan. The fan defaults to full speed when it sees no pwm signal.

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I was able to see the monitor signal was working by using smcfancontrol and the slowed the fan with my finger - the rpm changed. As a result the mac was requesting, for example, rpm, but as the fan didn't see the request it was giving approx. The missing component was a bridging SMD device. By hooking up an oscilloscope I could see a pwm signal on one side of the missing bridge, but no signal at the fan.

If the fans in your Mac run at full speed when you turn it on

As soon as the 2 pads were bridged normal service resumed. Not sure how this component has become detached, presumably when I removed the fan connector. Anyway, it is worth checking for 2 solder pads just above the fan connector - if you see no component then you may have the same issue! I'm having the exact same problem but I don't have an oscilloscope. Thank you!

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Thank you AAC for the tip about the little smd component just next to the fan connector, somehow it got unsoldered and there was no contact, there are 3 components, and the one close to the fan connector was the issue. I checked with my multimeter and there was no connection, it seems to be a little diode or something because checking continuity after fix there was no resistance, one of the fan pins goes through it.

Thank you again, also I had this SSD fan control application that did not work until I got this fixed. My board had 3 connector for the sensor's, 1 was for the hd temperature, DVD temperature, and 1 for ambient temperature. Is there anything else I can check? Posted on Feb 23, PM. Page content loaded. Feb 24, AM. Feb 24, AM in response to den. You must move that little sensor and it's wire from the old HD and stick it onto to new HD.

If you do not or the sensor is damaged, then the System Management Controller can not properly control the fan speed. Likewise any other internal temp. Feb 24, PM in response to den. Feb 24, PM. I tried that, but I have a non-Apple keyboard, it just started normally. I will try again with an Apple keyboard. It may not be installed, older Macs won't have it unless they were upgraded from the original disks.