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It comes and goes. Usually Youtube is just fine p, but if I try more obscure flash stuff like justin. I think its just buggy integration between flash and macos. Interestingly, both Chrome and Safari are equally bad. I'm a generation or two out of date though, so maybe the newer Minis work better. Wow, nice. Lenovo M92p Tiny would also work but I think you'd have to negotiate a significant discount off list price-- which isn't hard to do for businesses, but is a little more tricky for consumers if there isn't a sale Last resort, you could always install Windows on it.

I know some people are ripping Blu-Rays through an external drive and have some kind of media server that streams them to Apple TVs, which may be jailbroken.

Using Netflix on your Mac computer

Rumor is that one of the new Xbox SKUs could be a lower-priced extender, not as powerful for gaming but better than anything out there. I have a late model Mini, and can attest to the fact that Flash content can bring it to its knees, fan wise. It gets really loud, but I haven't noticed dropped frames or low system performance. Otherwise, it's the most silent computer I've used, other than fanless designs. Not that it matters, as models have ridiculous price inflation because s can't be jailbroken.

Don't buy the Apple external drive. It's about 2x more expensive than third party externals, and x more likely to fail. Apple has a really bad track record with selling optical drives that last more than a year. Any external optical drive from any manufacturer will work.

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There's very little hardware wise that's "Apple specific" unless you are looking at niche products used in industrial applications. Macs support pretty much every mainstream peripheral that PCs do.

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Seems reliable. It's nice to have a backup plan I'm thinking of going with this bluray writer. I assume that will all work swell over wired ethernet?

Where to Download Netflix Mac APP?

Wudan Master wrote: Bootcamp you don't want Parallels right? From what I understand parallels is better if you just have a few hold-out window apps you can't live without.

Overall I like the mini but I have had some disappointments: - Amazon instant videos won't play in safari. Googling this is a very common problem. The solution, to use chrome, works but I was beginning to like safari and some folks report even chrome will eventually fail on Amazon. Isn't that around when the Roku 3 was released? In chrome w. I was really puzzled on how to get the dock bar back up but after googling figured it out: move your mouse to the bottom of the screen until it stops.

Then try to move the mouse off the bottom of the screen. It's a two part movement unlike on the PC where you just move your mouse to the bottom of the screen and the task bar pops up. No big deal for me but it really reduces the WAF of the mini. I really really miss mouse without borders MS app that lets your mouse and keyboard input roam amongst multiple PCs. However, overall I'm happy with the mini.

I knew about airplay but thought of it just as a streaming solution. Pretty slick. We use it on the ipads all the time talking to the relatives. For our seniors, facetime on an ipad is the only way we get to see them as getting the PC with webcam fired up never seems to happen. Intellectually I knew that facetime was on OSX but I was not considering it in the context of our HTPC replacement so I was surprised to see the familiar ipad facetime icon when poking around the mini. I immediately yanked the logitech web cam off the PC and voila I now have facetime on the big screen.

A bonus is now I don't have to worry about the kids trashing the ipad when they run around while talking to grandma and grandpa. Thanks for your quick response. I recieved my mac mini 2. I heard or read somewhere to the write speed to the Harddrive would be slower because an enchance feature to make it run faster is not set when running with bootcamp. I am trying to find out where I saw this message and a manual correction to this mentioned issue. Oh thing that I did noticed is that you do not need the Mac external drive exactly to have an external drive. One last question what is the model of your mac mini can it run say windows 7, XP or Vista?

I was wondering cause I might want to buy a used one in Ebay for another down the road. Thanks for your help! Jun 8, PM. Jun 13, AM in response to angelo74 In response to angelo I have a model 3,1 late Mini with 2. There is also an early Mini 3,1 with a 2. Wouldn't go older than that due to better graphics chips and faster bus speeds in the newer boxes.

Sorry but I don't have any experience running Windoze on my Macs.


Haven't touched any Microsoft OSs since I retired in ' Jun 13, AM. Jun 14, PM in response to woodmeister50 In response to woodmeister Here is the website that shows what to do to correct hard drive turbo mode it does have its downside though. Jun 14, PM. I Power DVD and the problem with them and Corel is that you have to buy an updated version of there software after two or three years because it would not play the newer titles.

how to watch Netflix on an old mac Tutorial 2018

I heard on the macblurayplayer that will always support the new titles the only issue that I have with them is that I never heard of them before and hope they are not a close shop type of business that gets enough money and then leaves people hunging out to dry. Jun 15, AM in response to angelo74 In response to angelo Jun 15, AM.

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Question: Q: can i watch netflix hd on mac mini More Less. Communities Contact Support. But what you will find are more than 16, different videos, including some real gems. But now I can watch them on the Netflix Player on the spur of the moment. According to the excellent supplementary site Instant Watcher , as of this writing Watch Instantly features dramas, action movies, family films, classics, indie films, documentaries, and comedies.

With the release of the new Mac mini as well as several intriguing new programs, it's time once So you've upgraded your Mac mini to make it an effective media center. You've connected it to your All week long, Christopher Breen has show you how to assemble a media center using a Mac mini as Walmart offers rare discount on first-party Apple Watch sport bands.

Amazon is selling some iPad Pro models for the lowest prices ever.