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Should you succeed in your journey, your points will be based on your profession, the number of settlers still alive, your remaining cash and much more. Oregon Trail was played by a lot of American people born in the eighties and the game stay into memory as one hard, unforgiving and unbeatable game. Some family would eventually play the game together and children in school would even make competition over who got the farthest before dying in the game!

Gwane commented : Who remembers games they played as a kid? I for one remember the only one we played in elementary school, Oregon Trail. It was choppy and by today's standards is something an elementary school student could create, but when I was playing it, it was the most entertaining game available.

Now today 40 years after the game was created, kids are still playing it. It was actually created to be an educational experience of how people migrated to the west to settle. Me being on the west myself, found this very significant. I personally would recommend this game to any child as a fun way to get education. This game is still pretty popular so a remake would probably do pretty well!

I'm imagining the hunting only with mechanics more like a cabelas game only with muskets and with next gen graphics and complex colony building systems, allowing Sim City style colony building, all with next gen graphics on a pc, think about it And with a free modding tool it would become classic, like ratchet and clank, with mods allowing you to make so that you just farm for food and the hunting mechanics are used for combat with the british or it could be totally remoded to make it a halo colonizing game on different planets instead of to America with the combat i mentioned earlier.

Mr McQuown 0 point. Hank 11 points. D1C3 points. SafetyStephen points. Just use your finger for the mouse! GreyWind points. BlueContraGuy points. First computer game I ever played. Later on in I mastered it on the Macintosh. First computer I ever played with a mouse. Atown -9 points. Wes Wrangler -8 points.

None of the remakes are nearly as great as the good ol' DOS version. Boo -9 points. Bobt -6 points. Ava -9 points. Sometimes i would actually see how fast i could kill all of me characters Oldfart -9 points. Lol, used to play this in school. Thanks for this! Destructacon -8 points. If anyone has trouble opening the game, I think it's because you need to download DOSBox and run it through that program.

Hope this helps. Mig -7 points. Wivina B. Mary Higginbotham -6 points. Thatonedrunkguy -7 points. I didn't even know an online version of this game existed! Thank you so much! RosyArcticLilly -6 points. I downloaded this and it wont let me open it. I read the abandonware guide to no help at all. Eventually, after no avail i have given up. I was going to try out this game because of all the chatter in my history class but it seems that shall not be happening. MotownJunkUk -7 points. I get so anxious on river crossings but that is soon overtaken by a huge sense of nostalgia and some great memories from back in the day.

Reyce points. If any of you try it and make the trip without losing a single person, then bravo! Send me a screenshot in the comments so I can award you with a fictional trophy. KoldPhire 1 point. Domhnall -6 points. Every day during the summer, we'd bike over to the library and play this game for hours. This game is epic in so many ways. Matusal 0 point.

Anugerah 1 point DOS version. John W. Hill -1 point DOS version. These damn kids not knowin' the true way of the west. Not sittin' somewhere doin' this, no, you survive, fearin' for your life. I don't know how ANY of ya are alive Also you can use boxer its way easier to set up with and way more reliable then dosbox. II really like to play the organ trail it is so fun.!

I love the Oregon Trail because it is in color! I flush? If you want to get the game get it now! Bobbysmile 1 point DOS version. For people wondering how to set it up, use DosBox Mount the extracted download to a drive in dosbox mount [drive letter] [directory of extracted download] Then type [drive letter you mounted to]: Then type setup, once that runs and closes type oregon.

Student -3 points DOS version. Jojopeterjohn -1 point DOS version. This game is amazing for something in And you make every choice. Love it. MisterKaos -2 points DOS version. Grand Gamer -1 point DOS version. Kaitlyn 0 point DOS version. Jackie Daniel -1 point DOS version. Ralph -1 point DOS version. Tried to download this and it's not compatible wit 64bit : I've been dying to play this again. Tee 4 points DOS version. When i try to play with dosbox, it doesn't work because it doesnt have an exe file attached.

How did you guys do it? CareBare67 2 points DOS version. Oblivious Entertainment -1 point DOS version. While the game is quite short, it does give lots of educational and entertainment valve. James -1 point DOS version. Aside from the classic the one that most have played in school , this version is also great.

Braden -1 point DOS version. This game works just fine in Dosbox on Windows 7. I can even run it on my BlackBerry Playbook in Dosbox. SP -1 point DOS version. Not compatible with Windows 7. Too bad. I really loved this game as an elementary student. Would love to play it again. Unmei -1 point DOS version. Spider-Fury 1 point DOS version. Is there any way around this? Or am I sadly unable to run this file. Wow, I have been looking for this game for a long time, looking in my Play store for it, and it is no where to be found.

I'm really glad i found this. Hoping this is the real deal. I'll be back is its not. Wish Me Luck!! This statement is totally ignorant and arrogant: "It was choppy and by today's standards is something an elementary school student could create, but when I was playing it, it was the most entertaining game available. Crap is my favorite subject 0 point DOS version. Liz 0 point DOS version. A few hints 0 point DOS version. How high of a score do you want? The message 'Game will be scarce is a lie Limitless points. Hyrneson 0 point DOS version.

I don't think ridley-the-dragon understand the concept of Oregon Trail. You are ONE family trying to get to land you can homestead. Not a bunch of people trying to colonize a country. You don't stay in an area long enough to farm, or to colonize other areas. You want it to be more like an updated Civilization Nyet Diem 0 point DOS version. Please ignore the user "This is".

It is apparent that they do not understand that most if not all of these games require a dos shell such as the greatly esteemed DOSbox. This is 0 point DOS version. Storris 0 point DOS version.

Licurg 0 point DOS version. For those of you who don't know, there's a similar spin-off called "Organ Trail" that you can get from Desura pretty cheap. Not quite like this it's a zombie game David 1 point DOS version. Its one of my fav game admin! KomradeSims 0 point DOS version. GamePlayer 0 point DOS version. Nick 4 points DOS version. Man, I was the best at this when I was little! I remember in 3rd grade, we had this system in our classroom called "duck dollars" where you got these little fake dollar bills with a duck on them for good behavior and stuff so you could buy computer time or candy or whatever from the teacher.

I'd always horde mine and every Friday I'd buy like an hour of computer time and fucking root beer float, and then I'd play Oregon Trail and beat the shit out of it. I was so good at it, my name was at every spot on the high scores list. Its me 0 point DOS version. It was unforgiving but not impossible to beat, I did it several times as a kid. The key was to be a good hunter, then you'd always have food and you could sell their pelts i think for more money. But it always came down to the crapshoot of crossing the snake river!

Good luck, you're gonna need it! GnomenKlayture 1 point DOS version. I hope this works, my wife will just go nuts! She's pined for it ever since I put the Apple IIe in the attic! Daniel -1 point DOS version. Beedoo 4 points DOS version. A well-meaning person gave me the Wii remake of Oregon Trail created as some anniversary project, apparently and all I can say is that it doesn't hold a candle to the good old Deluxe release I played as a kid.

So happy I can play this again. Instead of trying to mute the game, just turn off your volume all together. A save button is not exactly needed because there's no save button on life, right? Why would a game like this have in-app-purchases anyway? Pressing numbers will make the game think you're entering the numbers with the shift buttons. If you do not press the shift button and enter your names in lowercase, the game runs fine.

Also shift works for me all the time and I'm on a school-issued chromebook so it works fine for me on chromebooks. I hope this helped you! But I came here just because "Teen Titans Go! Would prefer a download version.

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It was fun, but it has a few issues. The first I noticed was that it wouldn't accept numerical input from the keyboard numpad, which was weird. The second was that, when hunting, it would occasionally "stick" on shooting. That is to say, it thinks the spacebar remains pressed down when it isn't, and fires continuously. That was really annoying, considering how important resources are to this game. The most annoying part though was that when I went to leave this review, I didn't realize that unlike most sites it opens a new page - it doesn't have a box in the bottom hat expands, nor does a click open a new tab.

No, it opened a new page. Why was this a problem? Well, I wasn't done playing! I just hit that stuck spacebar bug and wanted to mention it, but when I clicked back the entire game started over. If this game was downloaded I could have saved the state of the dosbox or something to effectively save my game, but now I have to start over. On the plus side, even though full screen mode disables the mouse, pressing alt-tab brings it back so I can use my other monitors while I play, although if I mute the audio to listen to music the music of a new place still plays.

I realize that these negatives are about user interface, rather than the functional elements of the game, but user interface is a big part of the player experience. Reviewer: br - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 19, Subject: Very nice game I actually got Top 10 once. Overall, this game is very fun and addicting. First time i played, i won and got place on top scoreboard!!!! My friend got 3k points but is not up there.

Is the leaderboard forever stuck like that? NOTE: Love this game!!! Played it when I was still in elementry school! Reviewer: xXMKXx - favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 4, Subject: Audio This game works except for when I want to turn off the volume, then it just won't load or do anything. It will follow the entire 1, mile Oregon National Historic Trail.

Apple II: The REAL original Oregon Trail

Can I use a screen print from the game for free, educational purposes? Reviewer: bluemonkey - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 22, Subject: Love this game! It is not my favorite thought Oregon Trail II is my favorite. There is a handheld version of this you know. I am not too good. It is so fun to play, but it takes awhile to load. You can refresh the page or just wait. Reviewer: Henric Hathaway - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 16, Subject: How to play When you open the tab wait untill it stops loading, the blue circle on the tab stops spinning then you click on the play button, it should work then.

When hunting, use enter to move around to. I might change my review once I can actually play the game. Reviewer: daddystrick - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 6, Subject: yes dad coach i left it at the crib. Reviewer: ConnorEmTrigger - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 5, Subject: Awsome Even though this game is 13 years older than me I give it a 5 star it is amazing.

Reviewer: Harry Clothier - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 5, Subject: Love this game I love this game. I play it all the time in school. My record is as the farmer. Reviewer: PuppyBoy - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 22, Subject: life this is life. Reviewer: wtfwtfffffff - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 20, Subject: Goku Anyone else like the new female character in dragon ball fighterZ? Reviewer: fhpurinanda - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 14, Subject: Very awesome for a game 7 years older than me Anyway, I'm able to breakthrough to top ten at 7 in my first attempt.

I'll play it again anytime soon! Reviewer: vincent burton - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 9, Subject: oregon trail this is the best game ever. Reviewer: Gabriel Messina - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 8, Subject: Good Very good game for educational reason. Reviewer: Abrclam - favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 30, Subject: Great, but with a few bugs Occasionally won't open and will display a blank screen. This can be fixed by resetting the tab though. Once opened it is a great simulation.


Reviewer: pran - favorite - January 26, Subject: ummmmmmmmm no so i plzyed last year in school and i thought it was fun now it will not work. Reviewer: Meeegan - favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 22, Subject: Gravestone If you ever see the gravestone that says: Here Lies Meeegan Nobody cares abut the others That was me. Agapi has arrived and domination has begun.

Reviewer: zorththezum - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 11, Subject: awesome awesome. Reviewer: ayooooothegoat - favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 8, Subject: yall peoples refresh multiple times i fit dont work, yerd? Reviewer: Swany - - December 20, Subject: its not loading extra super sad face I was so hyped to play this again after hearing about it NPR Its so addicting!! Reviewer: Forrester7 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 5, Subject: Fun Its just a lot of fun and so random.

The next you lose your entire family to one rock. Reviewer: gahahah - - November 29, Subject: This game ruined my life This game is like heroin to my family we never stop playing. I just cant get enough. Reviewer: 12joejoe - - November 17, Subject: uh it wont let me play it just says failed to load game data. Reviewer: BTB42XL - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 16, Subject: LOL i think i messed up at the first decision, i chose 6, and it brought me to a coding thing, i was fine and was spammin widdit lol.

Reviewer: The rEactor - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 15, Subject: Nostalgia I remember playing this years ago. Reviewer: IkeIsaac - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 10, Subject: j The game was challenging as a farmer I managed to get top ten.

Reviewer: ewthatscringey - favorite - November 2, Subject: ew this game is trash! Reviewer: kennethwillsey - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 1, Subject: I love this game great game i love to so much it allows you to see some what ti was like to be back then.

Reviewer: Momo - favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 28, Subject: Pretty Cool This game is really cool and raw. Reviewer: lorussian - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 23, Subject: gr8 love this game. Reviewer: 23MyaJ - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 19, Subject: Amazing This was a super fun game!

Great for passing time!!! Thanks For Sharing. Reviewer: MoreOsaiah - favorite - September 28, Subject: bad for some reason it keeps saying failed to download game. Reviewer: brodster33 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 28, Subject: Black screen fix if your screen goes black for full screen just hit the number 1 key and you should see your screen again. Reviewer: TurnerJohnson24 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 13, Subject: This game is lit Got 2 high scores on the board and am looking for more.

I can't believe how much I like this game, I hadn't played it The first time I'd played it was about three weeks ago, and it ended up as such a fun, addictive game. It was like a survival version of Flappy Bird for me. Reviewer: FanOfTheOrgeonTrail - favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 24, Subject: Played before, but can't again My teacher showed me this game and we played it in class.

Now I have it on my computer and it won't work. I downloaded everything I needed, but it doesn't work if it's not in full screen, and when I full screen it, it goes black. This is a great game, and I was finally able to beat the top score, with my own score of ! Reviewer: xFin - favorite favorite - May 18, Subject: Good-Doesn't work My teacher showed this to me a few days ago, and I played it in school.

I use a PC right now, and it's not working. It just stays on "Launching Emulator" Why is that happening? Any fixes? Reviewer: Nubilis - favorite favorite - May 12, Subject: Ok I pressed the mute button and it froze. Reviewer: TheGoldstar16 - favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 12, Subject: Accidentally broke it I went into DOS and deleted the game files, how do i reset it???? Yknow cause i wanna play. Reviewer: remez. My social studies teacher showed us and we got [said sheepishly] addicted! Reviewer: S11KB3ATZ - favorite favorite favorite - May 4, Subject: gotta go fast any sort of tutorial text such as the "learn about the trail" dialog goes really fast.

Reviewer: yololyo - favorite favorite favorite - April 26, Subject: help how to save. I like it. Our social studies teacher showed this game to us and everybody was just sitting there and playing it. Reviewer: stephbx - favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 9, Subject:!! Just discovered this game and got 6 on top ten on my second game. Reviewer: moistnigerionbaby - favorite - April 6, Subject: doesn't make sense i named my guys peter griffen and joe swanson and it said joe swanson broke his leg he's already paralyzed down from the waist so i give it 0 anchovies out of Reviewer: Crazyneck - - April 5, Subject: Glitch Wont let me play just keeps saying launching emulator please help.

Reviewer: banana guy - favorite favorite favorite - April 4, Subject: complaint you should be able to save, but it is pretty good anyway. Reviewer: Eqween - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 2, Subject: awesome i love this game my teacher said to do this and we all loved it. And that was last year. We still love it and when we are done with work we play this is is some much fun if you have not tried it i think you should it is awsome and fun. So, im trying to play this on my computer, but when it says launching emulator, nothing happens!

It just stays on the screen that says launch emulator. If you know how to help please respond or contact me at harbin gmail. Reviewer: pixelcalico - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 31, Subject: Great game got over on my second play as a farmer i can do this all day and make it seem like schoolwork, plus mom is too nostalgic to stop me.

Reviewer: flavioislima - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 28, Subject: Great Game I was only testing the MSdos emulator here but I made it all the way to Oregon. Its a really fun game. In total, we played about 2 hours that day! Reviewer: CharlesDow - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 23, Subject: Commands When you get to the main screen press 6 and then enter and commands can i use on this.

Reviewer: jessikastanger - favorite - March 6, Subject: hangs The game hangs on launching emulator, cant play anything. Reviewer: Shinypalooza - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 1, Subject: Awesome! This game is so fun I even made it to Oregon! Took over 15 minutes. But it was worth it!

Reviewer: SykeFizzy - favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 28, Subject: LOL Love it but it keeps crashing when i try to go full screen while playing and if i get full screen if i accedentaly press esc it crashes I have beat the game on Banker and Carpenter farmer is hard Advice play as carpenter your points are doubled and you have enough cash to get a decent setup in the begining Love it though.

The Oregon Trail Deluxe download | tefokupuwylu.ml

Reviewer: evducky - favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 24, Subject: How can i save this? It's a great game, but every time the tab refreshes or I restart my computer, the game restarts. How can I save it? Not even Voldemort would like this So full of suspense! Reviewer: gmagnanti - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 8, Subject: Great game, my scores were wiped I was well on my way to cleaning everyone else off the top 10 list and all my scores have been removed!

Reviewer: whaleflower - favorite - December 5, Subject: oregon trail not working. Reviewer: bcuthbert - - December 5, Subject: Failed to configure emulator! Keep receiving this message on both Chrome and Internet Explorer. Reviewer: totaly not kobin - - December 1, Subject: no lauch mine will not lauch. Reviewer: Ivanov - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 29, Subject: Great Simple Game My dad used to play this game when he was young, I fount it here online and I thought it was so cool. I love how simple it is. It is very fun. Reviewer: SlinkyBloom13 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 28, Subject: I love this game Hi I am 11 years old.

My aunt loves to play all the free games that she can, that she doesn't have to download on her own computer. One day I went over to her and said " What are you playing? It's about 5 people who went across the Oregon trail and you have choices in the game whether to hunt, to trade, you can talk to people. Ever sense she let me try that game 4 years ago I have fell in love with it. I play it every chance I have. I come home from school make sure no one is on the computer look up archive.

I really love this game. Keep making sure you make more games like this and you guys who haven't tried this game yet, should really try it. I just wanted also to thank my aunt for letting me play this game on her computer. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be her right now, writing this response to this awesome and excellent game. Reviewer: gemtastic - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 21, Subject: love it I love this game I have yet to make it as a farmer but I am going to try now.

This game is amazing! This is exactly how I remember it from my childhood! Except this time I actually made it all the way to Oregon and even made the Top Ten list! Didn't have any issues with the gameplay either.

Download The Oregon Trail

Absolutely wonderful game :D. Reviewer: ema - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 5, Subject: This is awesome!! Great game! Too bad for me that I discovered it so late. But still Oregon Trail gave me so much fun. Reviewer: mdbeauregard - favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 21, Subject: Very fun, but keep dying. Also audio button is buggy The game is very fun, but the farthest I've ever made it was the Columbia River. When you click the audio button while playing, the game freezes.

Reviewer: Ninja Gaijin - favorite favorite favorite - September 16, Subject: Hangs in Chrome 53 Hangs in Chrome 53 at random times repeatable many times. Reviewer: AngelofFire - favorite favorite favorite - September 7, Subject: Good game but Thieves stole all but 1 of my oxen so we were fucking stranded in the winter and we all died. Other than that, pretty fun game. I see a lot of people say they can't walk while hunting but all you need to do is use the Enter key Use the one on your number pad on your keyboard if the other doesn't work Hit once to start walking and once to stop, using the directional keys to navigate.

It actually does say that in the pre-hunting screen where it tells you which arrows to use, at the top of the list, but it can be easy to skim over without actually reading. I hope this helps! Reviewer: peblebeach7thgrn - favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 29, Subject: Issue at the very end Program froze upon my typing "n" for no in response to question of whether I wanted to make any changes to how my name appeared on leader board. Reviewer: bigjeffb - favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 4, Subject: Only thing I have a problem with on the Emulator I can't walk around when I am hunting.

So When I get put with a Rock or Tree in the way i just waste my hunting trip and I know you can move your guy around. Other then that it's like I remember. This is Jason Scott, software curator at the Internet Archive. We'll make sure to work to get it working again. Thank you! Reviewer: dannyrod - - June 7, Subject: help how do I get this game to work. Reviewer: ksawka - - June 5, Subject: Games not working Yes as far as I can tell DOSBOX doesn't seem to be working on this site anymore, I can't get anything to load without some sort of runtime error or out of memory error.

I tried Oregon trail, Carmen Sandiego, Liesure suit larry, and a bunch of others, something is not working right. Not sure who to contact. Now it says runtime error Can anyone help me out? Reviewer: Acadia Liu - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 21, Subject: Loved the game :D Honestly, it was extremely fun. I started as a farmer first time playing the game. Despite farmer having the least amount of money to spend, I was able to get second place in the highest ranking :.

I was able to: -Have 8 oxes -Have bullets left over -Have food left over -All 5 members surviving -6 sets of clothing -2 wagon supplies wheels, etc. Honestly never thought I would get a score of around I was playing and everything was good and im running out of food i find a place to trade and stuff, but it crashes and does not save and it wont start now. Reviewer: Emmy07 - favorite favorite favorite - May 18, Subject: how things didn't go well I hate it. I love it. I remember hearing about this game from when my parents were growing up. My friend stumbled upon it in late March this year, in seventh grade, And I just made the high scores as Corncob!

Unfortunately, they take you off unless you use a real name. Even though my other friend said he had a better strategy than mine. Reviewer: johnson - - May 14, Subject: help i cant get this to play at all please help me. Can someone tell me how I am supposed initiate play? All I get is a play button and when I press it, it asks me to make a play selection but I am not able to make a selection. It appears as if it's a video of the game, not the game itself.

The Oregon Trail Deluxe

I'd really like to share this with my 10 year old. I even went so far as to buy a copy at Goodwill but software is not compatible with the OS. Reviewer: nhamkoy - favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 3, Subject: Leenguyen Information Yoob. Muy juegos divertidos en Yoo B. Reviewer: RobbyRansom - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 3, Subject: Required Field love the game but how can i download or save progress? Reviewer: JLK - favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 28, Subject: print Love the game but how do I get my report to print?

Reviewer: Ar'Moneka - favorite - April 27, Subject: question Do you have to be on a computer or can u do it on a phone. Cause I'm on my phone and it's not letting me type anything. So can I use my phone to play this game. I played this game a couple times, and finally got the highscore! I feel really dumb though, I only just realized that you could hunt for food or buy it at the forts - I thought you had to buy it all at the beginning!

Other that that, great game!

The Oregon Trail

Edit: I noticed that while I did achieve the Top Ten, it only shows me on the list when I am on google chrome, and only on my computer. Reviewer: aoolguy22 - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - April 8, Subject: love it i love this game it is so awsome. No grass and bad water miles both ways. People at the fort said the hunting was good but the bears were as fast as jackrabbits and nothing but squirrels crossed my path. The indians were all complaining about us white folk and my wagon mysteriously caught on fire as soon as I left. All my food and my bullets disappeared so it got rough for a while but somehow we made it.

The teachers never realize, it is the best game to play when u r supposed to be working here is my rating 69 Reviewer: kinky favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 31, Subject: hi this game is fun. Reviewer: hola - - March 30, Subject: hi Does anyone know what I put at the beginning when it says "What is your choice?

Reviewer: Racer - favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 23, Subject: Great game! Very fun! I like playing it a lot! Though it's not five stars, it's still great! Reviewer: krabbypatty - - March 17, Subject: does not work it won't work on are chrome books. Reviewer: kathowl - - March 16, Subject: It isnt working???????????????????????????????????????? Reviewer: MarioFan - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 15, Subject: I won I won without trying.

Reviewer: the best around - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 13, Subject: i failed so good Barely made it to fort boise. Mitchell had just died. Things went uphill from there. Made it to the Dalles safely. Decided to take a raft down the columbia.

Got several warnings not to.

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  8. Feeling lucky, disheeded them. Immediatly after starting, the raft hits a rock, the raft flips over, and everyone dies a slow and horrible death by drowning. Reviewer: Chrispycookies - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - March 10, Subject: Really Good I first heard about this game from my mom saying she played it in school so I checked it out. I have always loved retro games and this is definitely in my top ten now.

    Five stars. Reviewer: skye favorite - March 9, Subject: fuck this game this motherfucking game is unfucking fair. Reviewer: omaralami - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 19, Subject: Awesome Made it to Top Ten. Best game ever. I love reading about this period of American history!

    The only problem is I can't save my game, so I have to play the whole thing through. Reviewer: skytower - - February 9, Subject: does not work it says the emulator failed can anyone help me. Reviewer: werose - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 8, Subject: Free Download I think it is the best game i have seen ever, keep going. Reviewer: Gamer - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - February 8, Subject: Gamer Review Very good game simple fun addicting.

    This is going on my top 10 video games of all time's list. I loved playing this game years ago and would be happy to play it again. Reviewer: DonutLord - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 29, Subject: Extremely Good Game Oregon trail is an emmensely good game it runs you through a actual situations that would have accured if you went in history. Reviewer: StillNil - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 28, Subject: Game "Failing" to start up. When i first started i was on interner explorer yeah i know and i could get the game to start.

    Reviewer: drew - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 8, Subject: Great Game! Love the game really addicting and simple top two on my fourth try! Reviewer: Fonchix - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - January 5, Subject: Excellent randomized game I heard about this game about three years ago. Among the reviews I read the words challenging, hard, merciless, and a must-play classic among others were the most popular words to describe this masterpiece so I finally decided to give it a try. I played for an hour without too many issues, so I could not understand the challenging, merciless and hard part that many people talk about, you just have to heed the advices of the npc that talk to you and be a good hunter by the way, I did not pay much attention to the first review in the list, kzm I think, who accurately said that you could move while hunting, as a result I ended up finding about it halfway through the game.

    Finally in my last 50 miles to reach my final destination an ox got injured, three were stolen, one of my companions got his arm broken, one was bitten by a snake and another suffered from dysentery. Reviewer: kzm - favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 18, Subject: An excellent return to the past I'm really enjoying this game - I was about six when I first played it, and I never quite grasped the concept until I was older. Then, when you resume the game, even opening and closing the webpage, it will offer to let you played your saved game. No more lost progress due to freezing!

    This is irrelevant if you make sure to save progress before exiting. You'll have to refresh the page. It's 25 years old a year younger than me , people - stop complaining about in-game purchases. The only purchases you get are with in-game money or trading goods. Apps didn't come about until mobile devices were created. Be grateful it's not a freemium game; that business model only serves the profits of the companies - enjoy this free of charge.

    Reviewer: KylieBrady - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - December 4, Subject: fantastic Wow Thanks for the info, super helpful. Alto Merge. Reviewer: marmarturkey - favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 28, Subject: It was good! Reviewer: tinyfoot79 - - November 23, Subject: game not working the game is not working. Reviewer: Blisters the Elf - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 19, Subject: Awesome Great game, challenging, but fun.

    Downloads for The Oregon Trail

    The first time I played, I didn't read anything the shop keeper at the beginning said. So I only bought pounds of food. It isn't surprising to me now that I died before I got to the third landmark I had and am having a lot of fun with this game! Reviewer: 82Tristan82 - favorite favorite favorite favorite - November 11, Subject: How to solve the name problem For those of you confused with the name problem, when you finish typing all of your names and the game asks if the names are correct, you must type "yes" as hitting enter for some reason freezes the game.

    Hope this helps. Reviewer: Tim Lord - favorite favorite favorite - November 11, Subject: Passed first try Made top 10 first try Very confused as to difficulty of game but good fun great time. Reviewer: kristen-k - favorite favorite favorite - November 5, Subject: well this sucks been looking for this game for years, finally found it. BUT I can't get past entering the names. I even tried using no caps or shift like one of the reviews said and still no luck. I really really wish I could play it!

    Reviewer: worldland - favorite - October 26, Subject: this game sucks! Reviewer: inkymeow - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 14, Subject: what a cool game I was never a fan of games but this is very neat, even if it gives me MS-DOS flashbacks. Too bad the archive can't do more recent games like the original SimCity or Myst. The OSX versions are terrible. Reviewer: Homeless Cookie - favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 13, Subject: Not sure how to save I'm not sure how to save.

    Reviewer: VerifyinTr1gIDs - favorite favorite favorite - September 9, Subject: The Shift Button Works as a Caps Lock For those of you who can't get past the part after entering names, if you pressed the shift button, you are stuck in caps lock. Reviewer: SlamifiedBuddafied - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 6, Subject: Back when it was a brick in the wall I remember this game from elementary school, back when we had those over sized floppy disks.

    I played this game so much back then when I had the chance. Runs smooth as ever, even for a DOS game. Great emulator, runs excellent and I'll be sure to share this little gem. Reviewer: bogh - favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 5, Subject: Sound and Full Screen How to you get these to work? For the life of me I can't figure it out, any help would be great, because I love the game.

    Reviewer: sylvesterbeing - favorite favorite favorite favorite - September 3, Subject: Try this Age of warring empire hack I used the tool here to login and then it worked, also you can hack age of empire using this tool. Reviewer: turtleturt - favorite favorite favorite - September 1, Subject: Can't get passed Leaving Time I've played this before and it worked wonderfully. I have updated to Windows 10 and I can no longer get passed the screen of picking what month you leave in. I have tried to press every option and nothing works. Please fix. I seriously wanna play this amazing part of my childhood.

    Reviewer: paradox - favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 14, Subject: Finally beat this game Omg my childhood came back to me full blast with this. Reviewer: Kayomi Kitten - - July 27, Subject: Can't get past the beginning texts Everytime I try to play, I get to the screen after you pick the names and stuff, and then it won't do anything. I try pressing all the numbers but none of them show up. I really don't know what to do.

    Reviewer: Hazel07 - - July 8, Subject: Downloading Hello, I can not figure out how to download this game, can someone help me please? Reviewer: tjcarter - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 6, Subject: Great fun! Not sure why it wasn't working for others, but it seems to be working here. I'm running a Mac with OS X Being an Oregonian, I just have this desire to find an information kiosk in the orleg building and somehow arrange for this game to wind up running on that machine.

    Might distract someone who'd otherwise introduce a stupid bill like yet another attempt to have an Oregon sales tax. Reviewer: Destiny Diamond - favorite favorite favorite favorite - June 27, Subject: Its very good you just need to fix one glitch Every time i hunt for food and get food it takes me to the menu where you can check you supplies and continue on the trail and stuff. It Freezes this doesn't happen when i hunt and get no food only when i get food Please fix thanks :D. It is a stream only game, so I cannot download.

    What a bummer. Reviewer: pittymom - - June 3, Subject: I need help. I signed in, but and downloaded tye game, but it wont start up. I have no Idea what Im doing. I really want to play. I yad an Apple Computer as a young kid, and i absolutely loved playing Origon Trail. Please help. Reviewer: adelazero - favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 25, Subject: Some issues Crashed during Big Blue River on my first run, the second river in the game. Second run I made a dumb mistake and drowned everyone.

    Third run, though, I made it all the way through. During the hunting game, the little guy stops moving all of a sudden while he's walking, even though there's nothing in his path. Other than that, woo, I played Oregon Trail! Reviewer: Stupid - favorite - May 23, Subject: Crash this program crashes often. Reviewer: medihealer - favorite - May 23, Subject: So Sad!