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Exclusive Features ZenTao premium versions offer you advanced features which smooth your project management and improve your work efficiency. Powerful Client Integration for ZenTao Manage your project anytime any where and keep your team members on the same page. Create, edit, and track via ZenTao client and get notified if any changes in ZenTao. Frequently Asked Questions. Is Zentao for free? What are the plans of ZenTao?

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Who are ZenTao users? Is Ioncube installation required for ZenTao? QR Code. Smartsheet is a web-based project management and collaboration tool in a simple and familiar spreadsheet interface. It is easy to use and very flexible, but is also a business-grade application that has increased team productivity in tens of thousands of companies and organizations around the globe. Wrike is an online project management software that helps users manage their projects from initial request to reporting end results.

It is an end-to-end solution, providing managers the ability to create and assign tasks, create workflows, visibly track progress, coordinate resources, and generate reports. Team members also get a clear view of priorities, access all tasks, documents and work information, edit, upload and share documents, and track time. Mavenlink is a project management software built by a privately held California, USA company. It is also web-based, and works with popular browsers such as Safari. MS Project was developed by Microsoft in and the tool has evolved over the last 3 decades.

The latest version is Project Read our MS Project Online review. The software has been developed by Project Wizards and is renowned for its collaboration options.

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Project management: Projects can be planned and managed to the very last detail. All projects are outlined in the form of a hierarchy, and each aspect of the project has its own place on the hierarchy. It is now also ready for agile project management with Kanban boards.

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Merlin Project version 5 has been released. In fact, v5. New features include grouping, new styles, and more. Resource Management: All the workload assigned to each member of the team, along with all the allocated resources, are calculated and represented in the form of bar graphs. The new Resource Pool feature allows users to monitor the utilization level of projects. OmniPlan 3 is ready for iOS Omniplan has pretty much all the standard features of project management applications. It supports all sorts of charts and graphs, and can generate reports in various formats.

Projects can be planned from scratch and managed until completion simply by using this software solution. Some of the newly introduced features include support for drag and drop, Touch Bar, dark mode, catch up, and keyboard support.

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It also has Applock for iOS, filtering, violation resolution, leveling, split tasks, critical path, multiple baselines, network diagrams, and export feature. The software is especially effective when it comes to large projects with a great number of resources and a large team. Version It has Base calendars, work calendars, effort-driven scheduling, image columns, assignment contouring, and work usage inspector.

It also has new bar styles and gradients, a Getting Started screen, address book integration, enhanced resource form, and an iMedia browser.

Other features include local storage of preferences, communication tools, and sharing tools. Projector is a professional services automation software PSA. It was built to solve a real business problem of its company. In , the company Projector PSA was born to offer its own solution to other companies facing the same challenge.

It is a highly modular system with its own project management module. Projector integrates its project management module seamlessly with its project accounting, resource scheduling, and advanced analytics modules. Users are provided the framework and tools to plan, track and deliver projects successfully. It has advanced task planning and tracking, flexible, detailed budgeting, and project workspaces. RationalPlan is available either as a cloud service or an on-premise solution. It also offers Project Viewer which is free to download and completes the project management package.

Curio by Zengobi is suitable for thinkers trying to come up with new ideas. An ideal product for brainstorming, exploration of ideas and gathering information,.

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Project management tools are essential in business, to make sure work is properly organized, tracked, and completed. Whether web-based or desktop installed, more users are collaborating on their projects. And as shown in this list, Mac users have several options to choose from for their personal and team project management and collaboration software. Tags: project-management-tools. Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for Project-Management. He has written hundreds of articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry.

Thank you for the list! I used to be a MS project user for years but moved to Mac. I run same license on my macbook and PC desktop. Tool has live dashboards with task tracking, project diagrams via Gantt charts and Pert charts and a variety of reports for project planning, monitoring resources and usage as well as detailing budget and costs. Many thanks Ken. Hi there, Is there any online collaboration available? I would definitely use a desktop tool only if I worked on my own but I do not, so what about sharing your projects with your team? Some great tools out there!

Though I used MS Project which i think is the best. I switched to Mac and it was a task to find a good substitute. It is the most intuitive and flexible open source bug tracking tool. Your team will be even more productive with the powerful premium features of OpenProject.

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  • Additional security features and support guarantee highest standards to manage business critical projects. The OpenProject Community edition is the leading open source project management software that comes with regular updates and new releases for free. The Enterprise Edition includes additional premium features and professional services that helps you to leverage the power of open source for your organization.

    OpenProject fulfils highest standards in data security and privacy according to German law. We invest continuously in security of our services and the protection of our customer's data. OpenProject offers highest security and data protection with a multitude of security features, such as end-to-end encrypted data, password security, two-factor authentication, definition of session runtime, and much more. Erfahren Sie mehr. We promise to handle your data trustfully and offer high security according to German General Data Protection Regulation. Regular Security and Data Privacy reviews and certifications of external Auditors provide security and trust.

    For the OpenProject Cloud Edition a redundant infrastructure and continuous encrypted data backups in separate locations will guarantee highest security and availability and best performance. Data center and network architecture are built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. Together we are building the leading open source project collaboration software.

    Be part of a global community - with open source and open mind. OpenProject Foundation. Product roadmap. Develop and contribute. Community forum. Report a bug. OpenProject is available in more than 30 languages and connects your teams around the world.

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    The software enables location independent multi project management, team collaboration and communication. Get your projects done - regardless of your industry or location - with the best project management software OpenProject. Installation services. Have the experts do the OpenProject installation on your server. We will take care of all the steps to get you running on OpenProject as fast and hasslefree as possible.

    So you can concentrate on your key business.