Transfer hi8 video to mac

An iMac computer has free software that can capture and edit video from a camcorder. You can transfer the video from a HI8mm camcorder by attaching its video output to the iMac. The iMac can then use its software to activate the camcorder, play the 8mm video and transfer it to the hard drive as a digital file.

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The procedure is straightforward and can be accomplished without any video editing skills. Place the Hi8 camcorder next to the iMac. Insert the Hi8mm video tape that is going to be transferred into the Hi8 camcorder. Attach one end of a Firewire cable to the Firewire port on the Hi8 camcorder.

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Attach the other end of the Firewire cable to a Firewire input on the iMac. Release the drop down menu.

Convert Analog Video to Mac:

The digital file that has been made from the HI8mm video tape is now saved to the desktop. Disconnect the Firewire cable from the Hi8 camcorder and the Firewire port of the iMac. Alternatively, if you have already have the camcorder video available on your Mac, you can easily add it by dragging and dropping. You will need to convert the camcorder video to Mac friendly format for further use.

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So after loading your camcorder video files, please check the format list on the right side and then go the "Video" or "Editing" option, and then "MOV" or "iMovie" as output format as needed. Tips: You can import several videos at one time. This smart video converter supports batch conversion. Click "Convert All" button at bottom right and sit back. The conversion will complete in seconds.

Now you can freely play your camcorder videos on Mac or edit them using iMovie. By the way, iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate can play camcorder videos whenever you want.

Just have a try. You can also try online video converter to convert your camcorder videos to Mac supported format, if you don't want to install a computer program. Try it below:. Step 3: iMovie will automatically open the Import window. If DVD Player opens, quit it. Step 4: Choose the video or select "Import All" make sure your camcorder's switch is set to "Automatic". When you have your camcorder connected with a cable, but is prompted "No Camera Attached", ensure your camera is powered on and re-connect your camcorder to your computer properly via a FireWire or USB cable.

Transfer Hi8 video tapes from Sony ccd-trv98 to Mac?

Also click the Connection Help button for more suggestions. Rather than importing your video as separate clips, you can set iMovie to import your MTS video as a single clip. This may be very useful if you're importing a movie that you've already edited and you just want to make a minor change. Do this: from the iMovie menu, choose Preferences, click Import, and then deselect the "Start a new clip at each scene break" option.

HD camcorders store more pixels than a standard camcorder, letting you record high quality video footage. But you decide whether to import HD camcorder video, or just large video. Many digital still cameras, PDAs, and mobile phones let you record videos in the MPEG-4 format, a standard compression that is used to significantly reduce the file size of video.

While iMovie doesn't know how to import video from these devices directly. Therefore, you can copy them to your Mac first and then drag them into the iMovie Clips pane from Finder or import them using Import from the "File" menu. It's a good idea to use your iSight camera to record video directly into your iMovie project. To doso, connect your iSight camera to the FireWire port of your Mac and click the Record button to start recording.

If you have more than one camcorder connected, such as an iSight and a camcorder, or an built-in iSight with iMac, you need choose iSight from the pop-up menu that appears when you switch to camera mode.