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Click the icon. Although Visio and Microsoft Visio Viewer are only available for Windows, Microsoft does provide a solution for users of other platforms such as macOS. It allows you view and comment Visio files online. This online Visio viewer and creator from Microsoft is available for almost all Office commercial users. In addition to viewing, you can also add comment and do some basic editing.

If you want to get your files further edited, it will lead you to the desktop software Visio which is not available on Mac. If you want to email your drawing to others, just click the Share button. You can also find some basic editing functions such as Text and Font, Undo and Redo, etc. Switch to viewing by clicking the View button.

This Mac Visio viewer allows users to open. Just as Cisdem Document Reader, it ensures that texts will be displayed in the same way as original format when they were created. It offers a set of viewing options like Zoom, Navigation and Hand Scroll.

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You can easily find all the features and options in the toolbar. If you need to print the current Visio drawing, just click the Print icon there. In rare cases, the text could fail to display.

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That being said, it generally works great and open Visio files without distortion. To use this Visio file viewer, just launch it. Drag and drop a drawing into it. You can use it to convert Visio files to PDF or image files. If you have problem viewing your file using this application, you can contact their support team who will help you out right away.

To use it, just import a file by dragging and dropping. Use the features and options provided to view, share and convert it as you wish. This online viewer is designed only for the VSD format, so you can only use it to open Visio drawings. Compared with the online viewers mentioned above, this one is very limited in terms of functionality.

You can only zoom in and zoom out. But in general it can quickly upload and open files without distortion. If your work involves Visio files, a desktop Visio file viewer can be your first choice. For those who only view one or two files occasionally, a free online tool is enough for the job. Reduce PDF file size without losing any quality.

How to open XPS file on Mac? There are two methods to do that. This article will share those two methods for Mac users. Very powerful Mac Visio viewer. It provides many functions. I can use it to read multiple files on Mac and convert them to different formats. Documentreader is better. Not just quicker, intuitive, flexible, well thought out and extremely helpful.

Real best visio viewer for Mac. Great application and detailed steps. Visio files in my Mac open flawlessly. I now have absolutely zero worry about viewing Visio files on Mac. I have downloaded Cisdem DocumentReader to have a try. The app is nicely designed to open and view Visio files without any hassles.

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That's really the best visio viewer for Mac. All rights reserved. Privacy Sitemap. Quick Review Basically, there are 2 types of mac visio viewer, online or offline. Disadvantages: Cannot edit Visio files. From the toolbar, select the viewing and other options you need. Step 3 Print or convert Visio files if needed To print, click the Print icon in the toolbar. If you receive Visio files by email regularly, the Firefox and Chrome plugins are convenient as they automatically detect any attached Visio files in emails and open them directly on your Mac.

It also allows you to add comments, add embedded documents and see the revision history. If you receive a file in your Gmail account for example, the Lucidchart Visio Viewer plugin will conveniently prompt you to open it in Lucidchart. The slight downside of the Lucidchart browser plugin is that it only works for Visio files that are stored online i.

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However, if this is not an option because the file is too big and you need to open a Visio file saved on your Mac hard drive, you can simply register for a free Lucidchart account and then upload the file and open it using Lucidchart online instead. The other slight drawback of the browser plugin is that it can sometimes be broken by updates to Chrome and Firefox in which case, you may have to wait until Lucidchart issue a fix before it works again. At the time of writing, Lucidchart has updated it to fix problems users were having and it definitely works with the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

If you want to learn more, you can check out our full in-depth review of Lucidchart here. You can download the Standard version of OmniGraffle free from the Mac App Store and when the free trial expires, you can continue to use it for free.

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This makes it ideal to open Visio files that are saved on your Mac desktop and also allows you to get a feel for OmniGraffle if you ever decide you want to upgrade to the Pro version at some stage. You can check out our full review of OmniGraffle for more. Microsoft Visio Online is a more basic version of Visio Professional but can be used in any browser by any user with a commercial Office subscription. Visio Online was initially released exclusively to Office First Release customers but it is now available to all paying customers on Business, Enterprise or Government Office subscriptions check here which Office subscription you have.

If you just want to view a Visio file on Mac and have a commercial Office subscription, Microsoft Visio Online allows you to do so.

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If you want to find a specific object or item in a diagram, you click on Find to search shape text, shape data and user defined cells:. If you want to share the Visio drawing with other users, just click on the Share symbol in the menu bar and you can send a link via email. Initially you could only view Visio documents using Visio online but you can now perform basic edits or leave comments on the diagrams.

Windows users with Visio installed can of course also choose to open it in the desktop version of Visio too. You can see the Visio Online compatibility table below:. It also allows some basic annotation of Visio documents on. There are also 12 annotation tools which allow you to add notes, callouts, comments, blocks and graphics files. There are several useful viewing options such as tools to view documents with embedded OLE-objects, EMF- and WMF-metafiles and objects that are outside page boundaries or gradient-filled objects. You can also see the original dimension units if you need to.

Overall, if you regularly just need to open Visio files on your Mac and send a few comments or observations to colleagues or clients, VSDX Annotator is ideal. Basically, anything created in MS Visio onwards.

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VSD file to open it. For those that need to share Visio data in meetings without always having to ask CAD designers for different layers or files, VSD Viewer is extremely useful. Finally, Microsoft Visio Online is now a viable option for Mac users but is only free to those that already have certain Office subscriptions. Visio viewer for Chrome is not working at all, for anyone.

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You can confirm this on the reviews of the add on. Are you trying to open a Visio file from the web e. Note that the Visio viewer extensions only work for opening files from the web. Thanks for the update.