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2. Audirvana+

It's probably a little too much for someone isn't an audiophile, though. All those features all cost you. There is a free trial, though, so you can try it first. Swinsian is a fairly decent music app. It's lighter on resources than most of its competitors. Additionally, it comes with a customizable UI, decent organizational features, a couple of different display modes, a choice between a ten and 31 band equalizer, and support for most types of files.

Alternatives to iTunes: 5 Best Free Music Players for Mac OS X

This is a truly excellent music player without a lot of downside. It's even cheaper than most of its competitors. Those looking for something flashy may end up elsewhere, though, and that's perfectly okay. VLC is a powerful and popular music player. It's open source and completely free with no in-app purchases or ads. It also plays almost any file you can think of.

Most use it for video and for various types of streaming. However, it should play whatever music files you have. The UI is basic and it supports the basics like playlists. However, you may want to look elsewhere for serious music organization. Still, it's an excellent free option and it works for video as well.

Best MUSIC Player for MAC! (2018)

VOX is a very flashy and serious music player for Mac. The UI is sleek and works well for organizing your library. Many of the features are free.

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There is a subscription service available with extra features. They include unlimited cloud storage space for your music collection and some extra features. This is another excellent music player. However, we only recommend this one for those who also want cloud features.

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The subscription works cross-platform between the Mac and iOS versions. Thank you for reading! Check these out too! So I went in search of. I can get lost for days-on-end doing research online.

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One search leads to one thing, then another and so-on. As I was cruising around the Web looking for some Mac and PC apps that have been put through the paces for this article, I "stumbled upon" a blog written by two of my old consumer electronics friends, Brent Butterworth and Geoff Morrison. They have been bench testing high-end audio equipment for many years and more importantly listening and judging with discerning ears. I am including a couple of the apps they have reviewed in the slideshow, plus more.

Plexamp: Simple Yet Robust (Once It’s Set Up)

In this roundup you'll see a couple of products aren't exactly an "apps," but do fit the audiophile category of making music sound better on your PC. And chances are, that if you are an audiophile you're not adverse to tweaking code for the greater cause of better sound. In doing these articles for well over a year now, I have one complaint. The search for specific category apps for iOS within iTunes is horrendous and the search for Android apps within Google Play is only slightly better.

The best way to find these specific apps is the good ol' fashioned Google Search. It's a powerful tag editing tool for manual and automatic tag editing and downloading album art. TagScanner is a tag editor on steroids. It has manual and automatic editing for basic and extended tags, a tool that can rename files based on tags, or take tags from file names.

Support for numerous modern file types allows you to work with just about any piece of digital music out there at the moment. TagScanner also includes integration with various online databases allowing you to automatically generate tag data for your tracks. Oh, and it also happens to play music. Need more than just management of your music? We've selected the best free conversion tools for all your audio. Or perhaps you're looking for the right Spotify playlist for working out; we've got you covered.

Best Music Organizer for iTunes/Windows and Mac OS X 12222

Speaking of mobile, we've also got our list of the Best Android Music Players , if you're so inclined. Finally, keep the beat alive by investing in a solid set of cans. We've rounded up the best headphones on the market now. Tom's Guide.

Use these apps to manage your music Need to make sense of a cluttered music library? Helium Helium is a freemium desktop music manager that covers all the basics, from music playback, library organization and metadata editing all the way up to batch actions and database support. AIMP AIMP is another popular option for free music management software on desktop, covering a wide variety of music formats, with the organization tools needed to fix up your music library. Foobar Foobar is an old favorite: an extremely modular freeware music player and library management app that comes with surprising software muscle behind its bland interface.

Clementine Clementine is a versatile open-source music player and library management tool that's equally at home playing music in your hard drive or songs in the cloud.