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Change your mouse cursor in Windows with these quick tips

Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Weird cursor behavior. Thread starter Whitehill Start date Mar 4, We don't like Ads much either, but they do help cover the costs of running the site. Please consider turning off your ad blocker. Thank you. Whitehill Registered. The cursor on my It changes from normal NW pointing arrow, to I-beam, to pointing finger, depending on where I move the cursor.

Imagine the screen divided into 4 vertical stripes, numbered 1 to 4, left to right. With focus in the Finder, as I move the cursor into stripe 2, it changes from arrow to finger; when I move out to any other stripe, it goes back to an arrow. In applications Mail and Safari, the changes seem to happen at random, with no special relation to position. It's about evenly split between arrow and finger, with I-beam now and then.

I have not recently installed new hardware or software. The behavior started Saturday morning after my weekly restart. Today I performed a "safe" boot followed by another restart - no change. Then I booted to "recovery" and repaired permissions, twice. No change.

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Any advice? DeltaMac Tech. Same response for me - the mouse cursor changes as I mouse over different areas. Mouse over a text area, and the cursor changes to an i-beam. Mouse over a weblink, and the cursor changes to pointing finger. What you describe sounds normal?

You said the change appears random, with no relation to position. Does the cursor change only when you move it? If so - it's related to position and whatever "active" window it passes over Or, do you see the various cursor changes, even though your cursor is precisely in the same position? Does the active app agree with the window that you mouse across when the cursor changes properly?

Double-click the ZIP file to see the contents. Open the. This folder contains all of the cursor files currently installed on your computer. Drag the new cursor files into the. Cursors directory. Click the Continue button and enter your administrator password if prompted. You need administrator access in order to install new cursors.

You'll be using the Control Panel to select the new cursor. Windows 8. Select the "Mouse" icon, or "Hardware and Sound" and then "Mouse". The option available depends on your Control Panel's view settings. Pointers tab. This will display your current scheme and pointer settings. You can use the "Scheme" drop-down menu to select from several pre-installed cursor themes.

Select the cursor that you want to change. You can change the cursor for any of the different cursor states. The standard cursor is labeled "Regular select", and the typing cursor is labeled "Text Select". Click the. This will open a file explorer window displaying the Cursor folder. Select the new cursor that you want to use and click Open. Repeat the cursor replacement for any other cursor states you want to change. Apply button. All of your changes will be applied, and your new cursors should appear. Method 2.

Using a Third-Party Mouse on Mac

Change the cursor size. OS X does not allow custom cursors, as the cursor is determined by individual apps instead of by the system. You can adjust the size of the pointer in the System Preferences menu. In order to change your cursor, you'll need to use a special program See the next step. Click the Apple menu and select "System Preferences".

Select the "Accessibility" option and then click the "Display" tab. Use the "Cursor Size" slider to adjust the size of the cursor. Download and install Mousecape for custom cursors. Mousecape is a free, open-source cursor utility that allows you to apply custom cursor sets, or "capes", to OS X. Mousecape is by far the easiest way to currently change your OS X cursor. You can download Mousecape from github.

Download the latest "Mousecape. Find cursors you want to use. Mousecape lets you load. You can find these at a variety of different sites, including DeviantArt.

Download and install Mac cursor in Windows 10

You can also drag and drop image files into Mousecape to create custom cursors, so you could load up the preview of any Windows cursor file and then use that to create your new cursor. Open the Mousecape app. You will see a list of available capes, which will likely be empty.

Add your cape files if you have them. If you downloaded cape files, you can drag and drop them into the Mousecape window to add them. Give the new cursor a name.

How To Change Your Mouse Cursor on Mac and Windows

If you are using a Retina display, check the Retina box. This will create a new object in your new cape file. Click and drag the image that you want to use into the first box. You can add additional copies of the image to the other boxes if you intend to zoom the cursor.

Select the cursor type that you want to assign it to from the "Type" drop-down menu. The standard system pointer is labeled "Arrow". Adjust the "Hot Spot" values. This is the location of the actual pointer on the image.