Force eject dvd mac air

If this fails to eject, you will have to open the case of the G4 iMac to gain access to the manual eject pinhole on the face of the optical drive. You may want to seek the help of a professional for that process. There are still ways you can get out that stuck disc.

Keep the mouse button held down until you reach the login window. You should hear the optical drive perform one full eject cycle. At that point, you can release the mouse button, log in, and insert a disk in the drive. Believe it or not, sometimes it just gets dusty in there.


The important steps are below: Restart the computer. OS X provides a few methods for doing so—here are three of them.

How to eject a CD/DVD from an Apple USB Superdrive

Wait a few seconds for the disk to disappear from the desktop and remove your disk. Click the Eject button in the Finder sidebar to eject a disk.

Removing a Stuck Disc (CD/DVD) from a Mac - EVERY Way Possible

From a Finder window : Pop open a Finder window, and look for the disk you want to eject under the Devices subheading. Click the Eject symbol next to the disk you want to eject, wait for the disk to disappear from the sidebar, then go ahead and disconnect it.

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