Format sd card for raspberry pi on mac

There will be no output for a long time. The exact time is unpredictable. It could be anything from 10 minutes to over an hour, depending on the speed and size of your SD card plus your system. Be aware before you start, this process will probably take several hours to complete. It can be bigger, but please note that you will not always be able to use the additional space, especially if you installed using NOOBS, so the additional space may be wasted.

Normally the new SD card will appear with exactly the same physical device name as the one you copied from. You might want to re-run Disk Utility from Spotlight again and just ensure you have the correct device name for the SD card. Unmounting is a bit like ejecting a storage device from the operating system while keeping it physically connected.

If the dd command for copying from your SD card to local disk took minutes, expect the write to take an hour or two. Go and do something else, or leave it overnight. Ejecting is like unmounting but it completely disconnects the physical media from the system and you have to re-insert the device in order to be able to use it again.

You can also join my mailing list — see the sidebar. A veteran programmer, evolved from the primordial soup of s 8-bit game development. I started coding in hex because I couldn't afford an assembler. Later, my software helped drill the Channel Tunnel, and I worked on some of the earliest digital mobile phones.

I was making mobile apps before they were a thing, and I still am. Just want to say, great tutorial. Ran into problems where the image I made off a 32gb sd card is ever so slightly larger than that of the sd card that I bought to copy it on to. Hi Jim, that is bad luck! Cheaper cards generally have more bad blocks so their capacity is smaller than it claims to be sometimes a lot smaller. Did I lose my image?

That could easily cause a panic. I avoided it deliberately in the tutorial because it generally causes problems, but maybe your SD cards are fussy. So my sdcard is disk2…. I will update the article to make it more clear. I tried this morning to install ApplePi-Backer. However my Norton virus checker warned me about the Genieo Virus.

So you better have a look at it and double check this source. ApplePi-Baker itself is virus free, and can be found in the very large green download boxes above … I only provide downloads directly from my own servers v1. In case you ran into the misleading Google ad, then I apologize for the confusion …. Just download and use ApplePi Baker. Love it so much. Could it support Retina-display in next version? Nice to hear that you like it, thank you for letting me know …. Your app, again, is very stable, reliable and hit the nail on the head.

One more suggestion, I realized that the height of the app is much longer than the width, and we cannot adjust it. Thanks again! Thank you so much! Really awesome. Everything seems to be perfect with proportion and works well with Retinizer. Very appriciated your effort thus far. Thank you.

When I make a SD backup and try to restore it on the same SD an alert appear and it say that the img size is a bit bigger than SD size! Hi Pierluigi! The fine details why an image might be a few bytes bigger than the size of the original SD card is a mystery to me as well. I just released v1. Thanks for the positive feedback Fred — much appreciated! Thanks Stephen! Glad to see that other enjoy my little app as well. Thank you very much for the positive feedback Craig! Thanks for leaving a nice comment, much appreciated! Thanks Jacob! Appreciate the great feedback! Thank you very much for the positive feedback!

I and a lot of others am running this app under Mavericks I too am having the same problem as Justus. I was able to back the current. I also tried the prepare to format it and it does the same thing. Asks for password and is done really quick and it never formatted the SD. Thanks for making some great software though! Keep up the great work. Vamos a […]. I discovered Apple Pi which makes it super easy. Version 1. A minor speed improvement has been added as well.

Noticed that version 1. Cloning without the empty space is a little tricky. In the second case, it will be a challenge to image the SD-Card and keep it bootable for the Raspberry Pi. Ideally, one would like to image only the actual data and offer the option to use the entire SD-Card when restoring. Right now I do not have the mean to do so. When you boot an image for the first time it will load the raspi-config screen, and give you the option to expand file system.

Thats what I do. If not, then apt-get install raspi-config, and then run raspi-config, the second option down is expand filesystem….. Instead of imaging the entire SD: first make the partition as small as possible and only image that or image first and resize the IMG … the suggested raspi-config can expand that IMG to use the entire SD. Not just so it fits on a different size SD-card but also to save disk space when storing it somewhere for later use. So for now I do not see a universal solution for this.

MacFuse or Paragon ExtFS could be a temporary option for those who want to save the minimal needed amount of data. Thank you for your works to community, Hans! I got a chance to put your ApplePi-Baker to work the past few days and it worked great. For me, it is a lot faster than using PiWriter and PiCloner. One is to reduce the disk image size. The other is to compress the image. I know the script calls some linux tools to do this gparted? GPartEd is indeed only for Linux.

Thanks for the suggestions! Hi Hans, many thanks also from me for this nifty little tool! As William stated before, image-compression would be highly appreciated. Another suggestion is to support usb-stick installations eg. Maybe you can manage to recognize these drives as well… the dd command does work, but it is awfully slow and has no progression bar ;. Give version 1. This release will now also recognize USB sticks or SD-Cards that are not formatted in a format recognized by your Mac — for example ext3 or ext4, and will be able to make a backup of that as well.

Hi Hans, thank you very much for this quick release of version 1. The ext3 formated USB stick is recognized and backed up flawlessly. Also the zipping works, but it is a little bit awkward to see the app with the rainbow-ball as frozen. Maybe in a further release a progress-bar will be added? Glad to hear it all works as expected! The backup file compressing feature is really useful.

It helps me save a ton of my SSD space. How about the feature of writing image to SD card without decompressing the backup file? It means we can choose the. IMG file when writing image to SD card. So far, I have to unzip manually before choose IMG file. For making a backup I had the idea to pipe dd output straight to zip, or for doing a restore pipe the zip output straight to dd.

When using an internal ZIP option, the zip and unzip time increases dramatically app. Thanks Arya. Select your SD card on the left side. Would love to see an option to Backup using rsync so I can backup incrementally when changes are made. This would also allow me to have a local copy that I could put into a repo to monitor and fork changes for development and testing.

Thank you for the compliments and the suggestion. No problem! This raunchy solution looks ideal, though again, above my terminal comfort level lol. I am however considering making a Linux version of ApplePi-Baker, just not quite sure yet how far I want both version to be different. I really prefer single package solutions … but I will look into the options …. PayPal donations: Yes I do. Not sure if this PayPal link works but otherwise there is a button in the upper left corner of this page.

Thank you for asking! Probably the last version of Parallels that I will purchase …. My buddy knows more about Linux than me, so was going to have him check it out. I did some of my own tests for VM vs P and I found that Parallels just ran faster all the way around for me. Mostly web testing stuff though, so again, no heavy use. I hope to release that version either today or tomorrow. Thank you very much Sean!

Without any notice they pulled the plug. You can still donate to this email address though: hans at luijten dot net. Thank you again! Windows users can use Win32 Disk […]. This screenshot is showing how the app layout on the whole screen of my Macbook after submit press OK password. Look at the right side. It should be centered or somewhere that the app windows can show entirely. Screen position: Thanks for the screenshot, I agree, the app should have been centered in the screen. Please let us know how Zip etc works for you.

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I think Thorin talked about the visibility checkbox in point 1, not about saving the password. It would be nice if the visibility of the password is off by default, instead of on. Is it possible to change that? Thanks for the compliment. I also requested that feature. Been wondering when. Hope you and your family? Thanks Ekdor! I hope within a few weeks everything will settle, but I know shipping my stuff alone will take at least 4 weeks. Another feature request: detect if the SD is read-only. Thanks for offering to help move! I work as a normal user without admin-rights. For me it is not possible to to bake my pi with 1.

The security dialog box worked for me because I was able to execute tasks like formatting with the rights of an admin. I was already afraid that would happen. Good thing that it at least links to RaspberryPi. Yep Hans, slick and fun app! Funny to see how smart people know how to use their tools.

ApplePi-Baker was never intended for this purpose, but it works just fine for it! I cannot for the LIFE of me find a download link that actually gets me v1.

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Any help would be appreciated. I just clicked the first link, to verify, but this correctly downloads v1. Maybe your browser or proxy work, school? Can you try another browser or another Internet connection? I can also confirm this. While the app launches and says 1. Screenshot of freshly downloaded 1. Thanks Andrew! Very much appreciate you taking the effort letting me know! Spread the word …. Thanks for the reminder! Thanks Menno for the positive feedback — always very much appreciated!

Step 1 – Run

I am not able to restore a previously made backup. I am moving from a smaller SD 1gb to a bigger one 32gb. Did you create the. Also note that with the latest Apple-Pi Baker, unzipping is no longer needed. Unzipping that afterwards will result in some weird filenames. And is it happening with other images as well? Thank you for making it simple and clear what the user is doing at the time … with feedback from the interface too! Thanks Dan! I very much appreciate that you took the time to post a positive feedback!

People like you make the world a better place ;. Thank you David! Thanks you again! If I manage to implement some of my new ideas, then the new version will take a bit of time to build. Thanks Thorin! I will try to test it on my Mac Am I on a snipe hunt? Any ideas? The password is used directly in SUDO shell statements. What might also cause issues is passwords with unusual characters like quotes, space, ampersand etc.

As you might have read: the current password request method is far from what I like hence the reference to the previous version. Had all sorts of trouble.

How To Format Pi SD Cards Using SD Formatter

My advice, add a price tag. Adding a price tag makes me feel obligated to update and modify based on user requests which kind-a takes the fun out of it. Glad you like the app though! Good to hear …. Love this application for my custom software. Problem is if I have a computer without a password, how do I get pass the authentication requirement? Every Mac has a password. I have a password that I use every time I start my computer but it will not accept it.

I am second owner of this computer so I did not do the original set up. I hope to develop a new version in the next weeks that supports the method of v1. I am having an issue with the sudo version. However they are using basically no memory or CPU. I will look into creating a new version — for now please revert to the previous non-sudo version. I apologize for the inconvenience. I have this very often when working with micro SD cards. The flimsy adapter I have slides to locked 9 out of 10 times when inserting it in the SD card reader.

That being said, everything else worked as expected and this was a huge time saver for me. Thanks Hans! For some reason the backup does not seem to work when the SD card is read-only, so until I have figured out what is causing this, I kept the backup button disabled for read-only drives. I agree with the user experience … backup after all should be only reading … so Read-Only should not be an issue …. Glad to hear that! Thanks James! This is great! Thanks Doug! Thanks Wolf! Same here.

Even ran the public beta … just updated Always great to get positive feedback! Thanks for mentioning ApplePi-Baker — nice little project by the way! I might follow your example! After that it hangs. Did you upgrade to For quite a lot of people 1. Thanks for reporting the details! This helps finding the culprit! I am an Admin.

I even logged in as root and tried from there but still wont work. What version did you tey? Let me know if that works. I have become complacent on the terminal where the Pi-baker is so easy to use! Yes you can use dd images! I also had issues with the password entry in version 1. Interestingly, when I clicked cancel the program started. I could not restore an image without the password, but the program was running. Admin password remain required, no matter what method or version will be used, since the entire SD card will be accessed. Unfortunately this cannot be avoided with the security measurements in MacOS X.

Glad to hear that 1. I login to my computer every time I turn it on but it will not accept my login. Says some thing about Sudo. I checked under accounts in system preferences and I am the only person listed. I feel stupid but just thought I should post this in case there are some other stupid people out there. I am using Yosemite from a fresh install. I tried to restore from a gzip image and it hung like others had reported. I tried all sorts of things and finally gave up so I decided to take out the SD card adapter and put it in my Linux box to burn the image.

Amazing what happens when you can actually write to the card!!!!! So not saying all of you who were having problems are stupid like me but you may just want to check the write protect switch on your micro SD card adapter if you are using one. Well, we all, myself included, make little goof ups like that … thanks for reporting though! Ich empfehle euch Raspbian Download-Seite. Some user reported similar issues. Download v1. Unfortunately that version does not support compression.

I can now get rid of my windows laptop which I only retain in order to use win32diskimager and cloning sd cards. Great to hear that the app works well for you as well! Feedback like this is always appreciated and a good motivator to keep developing little apps like this. I would like to make a paypal donation for your efforts, but cannot find a working link, If you have one could you post it?

That is very much appreciated, but not required. You can donate through hans at luijten dot net. Unfortunately, PayPal forced me to remove the PayPal donation link …. Thank you very much Rhen for the great feedback! Thank you for this great tool! DD works, but it so nice to have the progress bars and to have all the tedious syntax eliminated. Thanks Kent! A positive feedback and thank you is always very much appreciated! Wonderful software, thanks! No Paypal account for donations?

Donation is much appreciated, but not required. Hello Thank you the newer version gave me password restriction although I m Admin. It will ask your password and show a directory listing. You can turn this feature off on an app by app basis in the Preferences. I left it for awhile but nothing changed so I tried it again and this is what it puts in the console in case thats of any help! Latest received id is Now I need to remove some files from my Mac so I can create an image of the 16Gb card :.

I hope to find time to create a smarter way of making IMG files … so it will only store the relevant data. But it will require time to do some testing and research … not to mention that I have to find a good way to handle elevate rights since some folks report issues with v1. As for the log file, after looking at it for a while, I can only see that there appears to be a alignment error disk1 — now from what I understand this does not need to be related to disk as such, but could also be a partition or file issue.

Not sure which. Or is it the SD-card? Cuando termine este proceso, ya podemos meter la micro SD en nuestra Raspberry […]. Also having the same issue with v1. What is the error message you get and what steps did you follow to get to this error so I can try to reproduce the problem? I do not get an error message, there is a pop up that shows momentarily on the screen then the whole application closes down.

I basically click on my SD card on the left and select the Create Backup button and then click the ok button on the screen that mentions zip files and image sizes, after that the app closes down with a momentary pop window just before. Obviously hard to trace as well. And you might not have access to another Mac to give it a try.

Glad to help — I hate it when a useful program fails …. Enjoy your travels and thank you again for taking the time to respond. My version of OS X is Since you see the same problem with 1. Just a heads up to say that the link you gave me was very useful and I made an image using the command on there. Some users seem to have problems with 1. At least you were able to flash an SD card …. Make your SD-card bootable and copy the image file. Thanks for this App. Great idea. I have trying to create the image to my micro sd card but it does not seem like it is progressing at all. I am going to let it roll for a few hours to see if perhaps it was doing something and I was just being impatient.

Forgive my ignorance, I have a g micro sd card. From what I understand, Fat32 only supports up to 32G card. You have to expand the card after you get it installed. This however is not a FAT32 limitation. According to a post at superuser. Most filesystems are limited in their size. You need to pick a filesystem that is capable of using the entire size of the SD card. Which one you chose is also dependent on the environment you will be using it in.

Some common choices for high capacity filesystems include:. Downloaded Raspbian, used your program to create the image on the micro sd card. I got it home and it does want to boot at all. I have a 16G micro SD card that works. I had bought a larger G to put ROMs on. Tempted to just buy a thumb drive and put the rooms on there and call it a day. You must have a lot of ROMS!

Can I ask again for the exact make and model of gig micro SD card you bought? Thanks Neil for leaving a positive feedback! I like your suggestion and will add it in the next version! Thanks William! Looks like a great program but it will not work for me. I get stuck at the password. You could try v1. Any idea how this may have happend? Thank you very much! Also thank you for taking the effort to leave a nice feedback! Trust me I wasted a lot of time. Maybe John could add a warning to tell you the SD card is locked.

Good idea — let me see if I can implement that Read Only state , I actually ran into that problem the other day as well — which initially confused me as well. Thanks Adam! Hans, I could create an introduction type video for Apple Pi baker. Something that would display the features and capabilities of apple pi baker. Its ok if you say no, my feelings wont be hurt. Just an idea. Nice to see such enthusiasm, I love it …. I very much appreciate your efforts though — the icon looks really good!

As for the instruction video: Please be my guest to make one! I hope to find time in the near future to revamp ApplePi-Baker and add more functionality. Im not dissappointed about the icon. Im to exited to make the video! Thanks for giving me a chance! This is the best rasoberry pi program ever! Second, when are you planning on getting that update out.

Im in no rush, and i dont want to rush you,but I want to make the video up-to-date with the new icon made by the other user. And the new features that might be in the update. So I dont have to make it two times in a short time. If its possible could you give me the new icon. Just somthing to consider. I want to make the best video possible. So, have you emailed that file already, or are still planing to get that out.

Sending you an email now! Also maybe as part of the new update you could add this icns file I made. This file will look better with the new Yosemite look. Again, just an idea. If you have errors downloading just reply to this. I select the SD card, pick the image… and nothing.

How to Format SD Card on Mac

What might I be doing wrong mate? No problem, happens to the best of us!

Re-format SD card back to normal - Raspberry Pi Forums

Check the side of the SD card. See below:. And see also the images on Wikipedia here. This will result in an IMG file which at a later time can be used to restore the image to an SD card of the same size or bigger. Is that what you were looking for? This is something which catches a lot of people out.

Andrew is right … data is scattered all over the card, no guarantee that things are nicely lined up …. No, unfortunately, ApplePi-Baker is not catching that. This becomes specially tricky when using compressed IMG files.

With version 1. Again, lack of Ext support makes this very tricky and it will probably go a little beyond my expertise. I'm not sure about that. There are no more partitions. Furthermore the partitiontable is missing or defect. I had a similar issue. Was trying to format an SD card with Raspbian in it, only showed partial amount. Finally I found a solution for deleting the partition using the command line tool diskpart on windows.

It is very easy and straight forward to use. I followed the instructions on this short tutorial. Unfortunateley, I couldn't find an equivalent solution for unix systems yet. Select Part fails. Summarize the tutorial instructions in your post. Link-only answers, or answers reasonably close to that, are generally frowned upon and usually result in answers becoming useless in the long-term after linked pages disappear, leaving broken links behind. I was having an issue like this. George Siggouroglou George Siggouroglou 8, 6 6 gold badges 63 63 silver badges 64 64 bronze badges. Thank you for you answer.

Yes, using an SD card for swap will quickly destroy it. There is only so many times you can write to an SD card until it is worn out. Start a CMD prompt as administrator and follow these steps. Every line is a new command. Ogglas Ogglas Ishan Marikar Ishan Marikar 56 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. Thanks for your answer on this old thread! Unfortunately I've accepted my fate and I replaced the card, so I can't test it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.