Install itunes on mac os x

However, it remains to be seen if splitting iTunes into separate apps is a wise move — or will simply complicate things needlessly.

Music to our ears

Via MacRumors. Future University. Image credit: Apple. How to download and install the macOS Podcasts and audiobooks Any podcasts that you have subscribed to via iTunes will now appear in the new Podcasts app, and audiobooks will be imported into the Apple Books app.

How to Uninstall iTunes in Windows and MacOS | Digital Trends

See more Software news. This begins the installation process. Click through a number of introductory and terms and conditions screens. Agree to the terms and conditions when they're presented. When you get to the window with the Install button, click it.

Update to the latest version of iTunes

A window pops up asking you to enter a username and password. This is the username and password you created when you set up your computer, not your iTunes account if you have one.

How to get the App Store back into iTunes

Enter them and click OK. Your computer now begins to install iTunes.

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A progress bar appears on screen showing you how much the installation has left to go. In a minute or so, a chime will sound and the window will report that the installation was successful. Click Close to close the installer.

The macOS asks if you want to move the iTunes installer to the trash. Click Move to Trash.

Get iTunes 12.6.3 with App Store for Mac and Windows

With the installation complete, you're ready to launch iTunes by double clicking the icon in your dock or in the Applications folder. Once you've installed iTunes on your Mac, there are a few things you may want to do:.

Sign into your Apple ID. If you don't have an Apple ID, you should create one ; it's crucial to using most Apple services. Sync your iOS device. You may want to download music, video, or other data from the computer you installed iTunes on to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.