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Orquestra - 'Govinda' Meet Hare Krishna Disco, whatever that means.

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Some Eastern vibes ooh, exotic! It plays like a smooth carpet ride over white sand no not that white sand , gliding up to the moon under the direction of Jorge Barreiro, who lent a hand to acts in the '70s and '80s like Black Ivory and J.

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And The Funk Machine. Clocking in under 40 minutes, the album is a tight exercise in grooving, but it all comes to a head on the serene finale, 'Govinda,' whose opening notes immediately conjure associations to Joe Henderson's modal classic, 'Black Narcissus. Hearing the first strings bend to the gravity of the earth makes you one with the soil. Grand Puba Maxwell will forever be one of hip-hop's greatest slept-on talents.

Brand Nubian holds their place in the rap canon collectively, but to think that Lord Jamar, over Sadat and Puba, is the most "relevant" one these days, is enough to make you yak on your Hilfiger. You probably know Stud Doogie more as a fixture in Puba's rhymes than as a mainstay behind the boards - that name was like a cough in the throat of the Brand Nubian member. The remix is as mellow as it gets.

Mac Miller - Faces-2014

Stud Doogie speeds up the J. The way it's played originally makes the sounds vibrate freely; Doogie makes the bass expand across the record like a Pete Rock beat while reeling in the electric guitar for the chorus. Ah, Mac Miller. The green-eyed colored man do the knowledge who claims you're a racist if he's not in your top 10 - tongue in cheek or otherwise. I must be a card-carrying bigot, then, big boy, because all that fake deep s--t you was spitting on 'Faces' couldn't lick the bottom of DOOM's cereal bowl , word to Jeff Jank.

Joecaine 25 June Christian Parker.

Mac Miller: A Celebration Of Life -

Christian Parker 25 June A B 23 June Alex McGrath. Alex McGrath 19 June Xander Martinez. Xander Martinez 21 May Tice films. Tice films 19 May Rito 13 May Anthony Catuogno. Anthony Catuogno 10 May Aj Murphy.

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Aj Murphy 8 May TheMythicalViking 28 April Ian Farris. Ian Farris 25 April One of the most underrated albums of all time I wanna stay low key and drop fire like Mac always did. No spotlight just Art. Plamen Zlatev. Plamen Zlatev 24 April Chrissy 23 April Anikunt 23 April Still cant believe how hard vince snapped on this track.

If i see one more "real mac fans" comment I'll explode, just enjoy this, and allow other people to enjoy it even if they just decided to start listening.

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  • Almighty Dolla 18 March Vince fucking killed it god damn mac i miss you burning one for you g. Dylan Barker. Dylan Barker 17 March Daisy 14 March JGA 9 March RyGuy 5 March Jake from state farm. Jake from state farm 22 February The words to this song is beautiful.

    Rest in paradise king. Take your time, when talkin' to a nigga I don't waste noneKnock you off your feet and then I flee before the jakes comeSick of hearin' cases from these niggas who ain't face noneBut I'ma be the nigga that they feelin' when the day comeThirsty for the pay, young niggas led astrayStray bullet hit my brother in his mothafuckin' faceWhat's fate when a person don't deserve what he get? Shootin' reckless at the father, almost murdered the kidOr is it karma for the shit that both the parents had did?

    Anyone else listen to this on repeat and think about your own past memories of struggling it's crazy how much I can relate to this song it's gotten to a point where I feel so numb to my emotions. Mali the Great. Mali the Great 1 January Eque Rafa.

    Vince Staples - Heaven ft. Hardo & Mac Miller [Prod. by Larry Fisherman] (Stolen Youth)

    Eque Rafa 30 December Tremelle Tharpe.