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You cannot tie the machines together using screen sharing. They won't present themselves as one logical, virtual device to any virtualization software with shared memory or CPUs or any such thing. They will act as completely separate machines, but they can be accessed, graphically, from one another. If you're trying to tie the machines together to act as a single, unified "super computer" you need to look at much more complicated technologies than anything OS X ships with.

Beowulf for clustering and something better than ethernet for inter-machine communication will be necessary like a fiber channel connection and that will require more hardware. What about the performance compared to direct and remote connections as it is vital for Virtual Machine communication.

It is difficult to give an answer to this question as it all depends on what you're trying to do when it comes to communication between the machines. On the remote access side of things: over my local wireless network the performance is decent if you use adaptive mode on the screen sharing application but it can get glitchy if you disable adaptive quality scaling. If my macs are all on wires on Gbit ethernet then non-adaptive scaling is quite good.

Processes running within VMs on my Macs have good sustained throughput to the Mac's built-in ethernet and wireless network interfaces. Inter-process communication between VMs running on separate Macs is going to be completely dependent on your network and your processes -- impossible to give an answer that'll cover all cases I'm afraid. If you get more specific with what you're trying to do I could possibly answer this more succinctly.

Apple Continues Its Wooing of Professionals with New Mac Mini, MacBook, and iPad Pro

Both will work fine over Wi-Fi and you can create an ad-hoc network if you don't have an access point. Somewhere along the line its reverting to the before flaky wi-fi. Usually its when streaming channel 4 or Netflix it drops, though watched without any issues last night.

Downloading large files is fine as I did today.

All absolutely ok on my macbook air. Its a puzzle for sure. Yes bandwidth drops eventually, I have a dropbox logo in the menu bar so that is a good indicator if it has died, goes grey. I could try replacing configuration files with those from macbook??

How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for a Mac Mini |

Or just use an ethernet cable:. Thank you!!!! Thank you so much, the second option worked for me, I had no idea how to fix my iMac after the Mojave update and no wifi working!! I took a while to shift to Mojave At first, no internet, tho had connections; managed to get ppoe working after messing about with settings, including my ISP password and name.

For Wifi, nothing; till just today. Broadband down for other reason.

Spent quite some time on this, getting Wifi connected but no internet; changed settings, DNS, tried finding and deleting VPN files etc etc etc The Wireless Diagnostics report [via option-Wifi symbol] had a bit of info including about a proxy, for websites. All proxy boxes unchecked; I tried checking them all, and Applying.

Then, unchecked them. Maybe this did a reset or something, but afterwards got Wifi internet. Not certain this was the change, but I think so; maybe this can help someone…. Tried everything, new router, technical support with Spectrum ISP. After a lot of troubleshooting found out everything but apple devices was really slow.

So only apple devices for some reason. Then got on to this website and lo and behold it was due to a USB wireless headset I had connected to the Mac. I unplugged the USB and the speed went from literally 1mbps to 70mbps. Thanks for the info. Excellent article. Thanks a lot. This works. Annoying thing is that Apple brings out updates Mojave that cause problems and does not solve them afterwards.

There have been 2 updates after that. Anyway problems solved. I suspected the Wifi router but it is the MBP. That should not be. I just read this after encountering the Mojave install error indicating that it needs an internet connection…after downloading the files for the installation. Doing this on a late MacBook Pro i9. What happened to being able to seamlessly install their OS on their hardware, especially the most recent hardware released?

Or more to the point, when did installing an Apple OS become worse than installing Windows? I suffered annoying WiFi drops every minutes. Without watching unsafe sites, but I had the feeling Safari blocked the connection somehow. Works great now. Download speed back to normal. Using Mojave Using a Unitek USB3. MacBook would not connect to any WiFi networks with the dock disconnected and machine resting on the dock. Finally achieved flawless WiFi performance MacBook was completed lifted off the dock. Shocked that the dock causes that much interference! At first, restarting solve this issue.

It works too. Then, suspicious that the culprit was Safari, I switch to Chrome.

How to add or remove a network location

I never have WiFi issues then. I believe security feature in the Safari that shutting down the WiFi. Especially when you visit sites that deals with pop-up or malware like porn or software piracy. Hopefully Apple recitifies this on future updates since High Sierra never had this problem. Great wi-fi troubleshooting step guide, this is about as thorough as you can get without being hand-held by a support rep I think…. Kind of weird, right? Great article. Many thanks! This is all great but how do I get the Personal Hotspot option on the wi-fi menu to appear immediately or better still connect as the default.

I get shown all the wi-fi networks available and have to wait a while before the Personal Hotspot section appears — then I can select it.

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Could also rearrange the list so your preferred Networks are at the top. That should speed up the display of your iOS hotspot device. Great reply vdiv. This is the type of issue that we should ever have to endure. You almost have to be a programmer just to use WiFi……. Appreciate the effort and hope that people can solve their issues with WiFi using the provided by Paul instructions. Part of the problem is the near complete lack of transparency in the operation of the software.

It is not clear at what stage things fail and why.

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This is only getting worse with an increase in the layers of complexity and abstraction. Immediately after the Mojave installer was done I attempted a restart. Up to 3. Apple T2 Security Chip. Next-generation security. Consolidated controllers Secure boot capability. Secure Enclave coprocessor Encrypted storage capability. Strength in numbers. HDMI 2. USB 3. To the desktop. And beyond.