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After being recovered from the tornado incident, Cate and her ally, Magnus Armstrong, head to India where they meet Armstrong's old friend, Kamal, a former member of H. With Kamal's help, Cate is hired by H.

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Soon after, Cate and Armstrong are captured by one of H. Cate and Armstrong escape by welding one of the cage's bolts, and fight their way out of India. During their escape, Armstrong tries to grab Pierre but only succeeds in removing his heavy black cloak and mask, revealing his true form as a mime midget riding a unicycle.

Cate and Armstrong try to chase him riding a tricycle, but fail to apprehend Pierre. Later, Cate and Armstrong head to Antarctica to explore a base there and uncover H. There, Cate learns that Project: Omega consists of turning soldiers into Super-Soldiers, which were indestructible cyborg-like fighting machines. Cate encounters the first test subject, a Super-Soldier named Lt.

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Anders, an ex-military officer who believes Cate is his daughter, Abigail. Anders chases Cate and destroys large parts of the base, but Cate manages to escape after Armstrong heroically grabbed the Lt. The punishment also provides H. M an ideal field test for the Super-Soldiers before they are sent to Khios on their primary mission.

Cate immediately returns to Calcutta , India, but finds that the Super-Soldiers already arrived. The only thing Cate can do is try to get everyone to safety.

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Cate then returns to U. Cate takes down the mimes and then proceeds to rescue Armstrong, who is reportedly captured and located at a H. M undersea base, unaware that Pierre placed a telephone bug in Doctor Schenker's office. Cate arrives at H. Cate takes down Pierre and his mimes, but after she frees Armstrong, Lt. Anders, who is also freed from the pod, destroys parts of the undersea base, causing it to implode. Cate and Armstrong escape the drowning base, but as they reach the Director's private deck they discover that the escape pod is jammed. Armstrong himself releases the pod as he travels to surface in the drowning undersea base.

The escape pod is then captured by a H. Cate is now held in H. Cate re-encounters and defeats Volkov, who falls into a lava pit. Cate reaches the surface, and discovers that H.

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There, Cate battles Isako and her ninjas, and defeats her. The Director arrives and attempts to kill Isako but Cate saves Isako by throwing a ninja star at the Director, disarming him. Cate is then sent to Khios, where she embarks on her final mission to stop Project: Omega. Unfortunately for her, the island is being overrun by H.

The U. Project: Omega is put to a stop once and for all when Lt. Anders, who escaped the submarine, destroyed the missile before it crashed in the island as he plummets to the ocean below. In a short cutscene after the game credits, the Director's mother rebukes his actions and Volkov tells the Director he quits. The game ends with the Director swearing revenge for Cate and U. The source code for the game engine was released by Monolith Productions and Sierra Entertainment as part of the No One Lives Forever 2 Toolkit for allowing the player to create own levels, models, music, sounds, and more.

They wrote that it is "the Godfather II of game sequels, and it further cements Monolith's spot at the top of the 3D gaming world. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Let's make a pact to play No One Lives Forever. Earth Defense Force 5 deploys with a heart full of song.

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