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In general, Gartner says, people are upgrading their laptops more slowly than ever before, since they're mostly using their phones anyway. An HP Chromebook. In the short term, then, Apple really needs to release its new Macbooks and reclaim some market share. But in the long term, people aren't upgrading their PCs nearly as often, as the focus shifts to the touch screen. That's going to be a tough challenge for the Mac in the years ahead. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

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  5. Apple Mac sales vs. rest of the PC market: CHART - Business Insider.
  6. The new MacBook Pro could help Apple preserve an impressive streak.

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Operating systems market share of desktop PCs 2013-12222, by month

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In its quarterly and annual earnings reports, it routinely discloses both unit sales and revenue for each of its operating segments. Compared to those stratospheric sales volumes, the Mac division appears downright anemic, selling a total of only Macs similarly represent only a tiny percentage of the global PC market, with less than 6 percent of the million PCs sold last year having an Apple logo on them.

But those numbers are deceiving. Macs are still enormously profitable, and their high average selling price makes this division a formidable cash cow. A closer look at the numbers explains why. They compete with high-end Windows PCs in both business and consumer segments of the market.

More than a laptop

Over the past decade, Mac unit sales have followed the same basic track as the rest of the PC market. After rapid growth in the first decade of the new century more than doubling between and , sales appear to have stalled somewhat in recent years. That chart only tells half the story, however.

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  • Apple shrinking PC market share - Business Insider.
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  • Mac Market Share Continues To Rise While PC Shipments Decline [Report].
  • During the past decade, the mix of Macs sold has shifted. In , Mac desktops primarily the iMac outsold all Mac portables combined. But that year marked the beginning of a long, steady decline for Apple-branded desktops, as the following chart makes clear. By contrast, Gartner says 57 percent of all Windows PCs shipped in were portables, including traditional notebooks and ultra-lightweight MacBook Air competitors.

    The MacBook Air is the quintessential example of this product category, weighing under 1. I estimate that Apple sold roughly 6. I based that calculation on two variables: First, I estimated that portables made up 76 percent of all Mac sales in That gives Apple nearly 30 percent of this fast-growing market, which Gartner forecasts to grow by roughly 50 percent this year and more than 70 percent in All of the Windows-based products include touchscreens, and most can be converted to a tablet by either detaching and stowing the keyboard or flipping the screen over.

    The MacBook Air is desperately overdue for a major makeover. I would not be at all surprised to see new MacBook Airs with Retina displays this fall. I would expect those models to sell spectacularly well in the holiday season.

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