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Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 supported?

Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 4 of 4. S but just wondering anyone try before? I have goggled this Thanks for all the great help and time Million Thanks.

Free PC/Mac Software for Sound Blaster Roar Series

Note: Duplicate threads merged. I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth. In the Windows world, most everything folks don't understand is called a virus. Whatever software comes with it will be unusable, however, there is a fair chance the hardware will work just fine without it. I just wanted some quality external speakers without having to plug a separate cord into the headphone jack every day.

I can't verify whether or not the surround sound will work with the default preinstalled OS X drivers. Alternatively, you can perform an internet search for SB Live!

Has anyone tried Soundblaster Live for Mac?

Opcode Open Music System v2. Available from Internet Archive opcodeopenmusic. Alternatively, you can perform an internet search for opcodeopenmusic. Apple ResEdit. Available from Mac. Apple's own Resource Fork editor. A Hex Editor. Take your pick, almost any will do. HexEdit version 2.

Creative: Sound Blaster Live! for Mac now shipping | Macworld

Ensure that the Creative Sound Blaster Live sound card is installed in your computer. Download the necessary files above and extract them somewhere on your computer's hard drive. Launch the Open Music System v2.

Restart the computer when prompted. After the computer restarts, close the Open Music System software if it launches automatically. Launch the Creative Sound Blaster Live v1.

Do not restart the computer when installation is complete. Instead, click Quit. If you aren't sure which slot it's installed in, expand all of them and look for the entry with a Card name starting with pci, followed by a 4 digit number.

Write down the entire line somewhere so you can refer back to it later. In the case of my card, it was pci, , but your card's number may vary.

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Open ResEdit. Open double click on the resource cfrg. In the window that opens, open the resource with ID 0 it should be the only one. In the window that opens, scroll down until you see a field called Member Name with a value of ppci,c. Change this value to the card identifier you wrote down from Apple System Profiler earlier. Please be aware that the card identifier from System Profiler was pci , and here it's ppci You'll need to keep the extra p at the beginning. Now that we've edited the Resource Fork, we need to do the same in the Data Fork.

Open your Hex Editor. You'll be presented with a lot of hex - a series of numbers and letters. Scroll through the file until you see the same pci,c that we saw earlier. Just like before, we want to change this to the card identifier we wrote down from Apple System Profiler earlier.

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If your hex editor is anything like mine, simply select it and type in the new value in its place. As I said before, in my case it was pci, , but your card ID may be different. Once the computer restarts, you will likely be presented with the Creative Sound Blaster Live configuration software. If you are able to proceed through each step without any issue, then it's extremely likely that your card has been correctly detected and is working. If you encounter an error like Creative Sound Configuration was unable to detect the sound card device drivers necessary to complete this setup , then your particular Sound Blaster Live card is likely not supported by these drivers or you made a mistake in editing the files somewhere.

You may be prompted to restart the computer at the end of the configuration.