Transferring contacts from iphone to samsung s4 on mac

Solution 2 : How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6 with iTunes

News reports and testing reviews start to pump in on all major online publications. A portion of ordinary users like me is convinced to buy the new device because of its revolution technology and Touchwiz interface. However, switching from iPhone to Samsung powered device is not easy as imagined.

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They are totally different kind of devices and have different ways to do things. This could be done with iCloud in minutes if both were iOS devices. So things are a bit complicated in this case.

3 Way to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

This applies to the same from iPhone to Android. After digging out for a few hours online, I finally found out an easy and workable way to figure it out. Androidsoft Phone to Phone Transfer is an ultimate desktop tool to copy content from one mobile device to another among different platforms, including iOS and Android. Contacts and text messages can be easily transferred between various smartphones.

  • 3 Methods to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy?
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  • What's more surprising is that the entire transfer task is done automatically at the background, just within a few mouse clicks. No more additional work is involved, anyone who even has no prior computer knowledge can get the items transferred without much effort. First, download and i nstall the software on a computer. When the installation is finished, it will be opened automatically.

    Below is the main screenshot of the program. At this time, Click Switch tab to start the data transfer process. Plug the two smartphones to the same computer via USB cable. Once connected, both devices should be recognized by the computer if USB drivers are installed previously.

    Samsung Smart Switch: Transfer Contacts, Music and More I Samsung US

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    Valid ways to transfer iPhone contacts to Samsung Note

    Apr 15, AM. Apr 18, AM in response to yomatuk In response to yomatuk. To transfer contacts is quite easy, just add a google account in your Samsung s4 and the Android phone will auto sync the contacts. Then go to the webpage of google contact and export the contacts as a vCard file, which you can import to your iCloud account by log into iCloud in the webpage.

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    Thanks P. I didn't sync in with Gmail and Outlook. Apple Watch Speciality level out of ten: 8. Answer: A: Answer: A: To get the contacts, you will need to export them to a vcard file. View answer in context. Log on to your iCloud on computer. Tag on contacts. Click Export vCard in the lower left corner to download your iPhone contacts on computer. Now go to gmail. Tag on Import and select vcf file that was saved from icloud.

    How to Sync iPhone with Galaxy S4/S5/S6 on Mac, Transfer iPhone Data to Samsung Galaxy S4 on Mac?

    Gmail automatically saves and syncs the contacts to the device using the same Gmail account. The iPhone should be recognized as source device on left panel, and Samsung is on the right.