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These are usually files that are hidden from users for one reason or another — configuration data or system level files, for example. These files are hidden by one of several methods. First, a period. Next, it can marked as hidden in Terminal using the chflags command.

Changing the Default Settings of macOS to Show All Files This method of making all files visible to users requires familiarity with the Terminal app, which is found in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. After: The same view before changing Finder defaults to show hidden files. The hidden files and folders can now be opened, modified, and deleted.

Rather than firing up the Terminal app and entering a command, this method uses a simple keyboard shortcut to make the hidden files appear. Good candidates for finding hidden files include the HD root directory, the Computer view as seen in the screenshots in the previous section of this article , or in a user Home folder. Many of the hidden files are configuration files for apps or are critical components of macOS, so changing or removing the files can affect the way your Mac functions.

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Name required. Email required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is absolutely free to download and use. Free Download. Terminal is a default Apple application which you will find in the Launchpad. Terminal allows you to make different operations on Mac using special commands. To show hidden files on Mac using command line, follow these 2 steps:.

Show Hidden Files in Mac OS X

This command will restart the Finder and then you will see hidden files and folders on your Mac. Applescript is another Apple technology, which can help you to create different scripts and commands. Just follow the provided steps and create a script, which will allow you to view hidden files on a Mac more quickly.

Open AppleScript from LaunchPad.

Top 3 Ways to Show Hidden Files on Mac

Each time you need to hide or unhide folders, just open this script file and click the Play button. This file is like a small application. Feel free to use them. If you need to find a specific hidden file or folder, Funter also can help you. In several seconds, Funter will show you a list of all files that match the search field both hidden and regular files. Right in this window, you can review all hidden files and manage them move or remove using the appropriate buttons.

How to Show Hidden Files on MacOS with a Keyboard Shortcut

Please note, system Spotlight search technology does not find hidden files, which is why using Funter allows you to find more files and folders when searching for them. If you need to show hidden files on your Mac, whether, for troubleshooting or clearing junk files, the methods provided above will help you to complete your task.

You can choose which one to use, nevertheless, we recommend that you use the first way as the easiest and quickest method. With a help of Funter, you can:.

The Easiest Way to Show Hidden Files on Mac

Also, please remember to be careful with hidden files. If you are not sure what you are doing, you can cause some serious damage pretty quickly.

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Show Hidden Folders and Files on Mac. Contents: What are hidden files on Mac?

How to show hidden files and folders in Finder on Mac

To show hidden files on Mac using command line, follow these 2 steps: Open the Terminal application from Launchpad.