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You can either specify the VM that you want to launch when Fusion opens or select one from the library window. Again as with other emulator apps, you can run the emulated guest system in a window on the Mac desktop, in full-screen, or with VMware's Unity Mode, which displays a single Windows app from the guest system in a window on the host Mac system. For developers, VMware Fusion offers a cornucopia of riches.

Any VMware virtual machine can be used on Windows, Linux, or the Mac, and its configuration can be fine-tuned to emulate almost any combination of old and new hardware.

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Reliable, robust networking is available with almost all emulated systems. This app can't create VMware machines, but it can run existing ones. VMware Fusion won't win any medals for speed, but it ranks first in flexibility, power, and developer-friendly and enterprise-level features. Home and office users will prefer Parallels Desktop, despite its tendency to clutter up your Mac with menus and features you probably don't want.

Technically adept penny-pinchers will choose the free VirtualBox.

VMware Unity mode

VMware Fusion is an essential tool for developers, IT managers; computer hobbyists; and anyone who prefers solid reliability, buy-once licensing, and software designed to do exactly what you want it to do, no more, no less. Bottom Line: VMware Fusion is a reliable virtualization solution with deep customization options and integration features for running Windows or almost any other OS on a Mac. It's slower than competitor Parallels Desktop in testing, but it has a better-balanced feature set. Edward Mendelson has been a contributing editor at PC Magazine since , and writes extensively on Windows and Mac software, especially about office, internet, and utility applications.

See Full Bio. Editor Rating: Excellent 4. Runs Windows and other operating systems on the OS X desktop.

VMware Fusion 8: How to Put Windows 10 & OS X Together in Simple Harmony

Tight integration of Windows apps with OS X. Low-clutter, customizable integration between Windows and OS X. Works well with legacy applications under Windows XP. Simple setup.

Unity mode in WmWare Fusion

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About the Author Edward Mendelson edward. The Best Security Suites For From simple entry-level security suites to cross-platform services that protect every device These VPNs can protect your privacy ME: OK, do what you normally do; I'll observe. USER: [presses button]. Not accustomed to Macs, she panicked, of course. In later Mac OS X versions, that function was moved to the green button in the upper left, and to make it do what it used to do zoom, or enlarge the window to fit the content , one had to hold the Option key as well.

So updating the operating system again caused an unexpected full-screen incident. That leads to other problems, like Even experienced Mac users will make this mistake: click the red X to close a program. Fusion is great, but it is not gentle on computer resources.

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Plus, whatever virtual machine you run will cordon off memory and processor cores all for itself, making them unavailable for other tasks. Wait, they will?

VMware Workstation cannot enter Unity mode

Of course they will. It also has a nasty habit of leaving behind giant files if the Mac gets restarted while Fusion is still running. These two functionally identical commands totally quit the active Mac program, flushing it from memory. Learning that fact is useful not only in regard to Fusion, but any other application.

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  8. If they really want to shut down the virtual machine, they can do that from the Start menu. For the unfortunate souls suffering with Windows 8 or 8. In the default, Windows 8 keyboard and mouse profile for Fusion, other shortcuts involving the Windows key will need to have the Shift key added as well. You can sort of emulate those gestures with a mouse by positioning the cursor juuuuuust at the edge of the screen, holding down the left button, and moving toward the center of the screen.

    You can also set Fusion to open full screen if your user can handle that.