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I would rather avoid having to install HomeBrew or any other extra Unix-app layering which I've never really understood, and fear mucking up my macOS. These instructions are largely the same as the ones in the official PDF-file that goes through the migration progress , but with the hopefully helpful addition that the the incorrect command is corrected and the other commands are copy:able as-is.

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Make sure you are in the wheel group. I followed these steps link. Open Terminal where the rest of the instructions will be executed and go to the appropriate directory with:. Open the file with nano to avoid problems with saving that can occur if you use TextEdit or similar :.

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These steps worked for me. Hopefully they can help for someone else that, like me, struggled to get the VPN feature up and running again after macOS Mojave update. The official PDF guide mentioned above has some additional information about "Ongoing management":.

VPN Server Mac OS X install and configure without any special knowledge!

Refer to the vpnd 5 man page for details on the configuration format. After changes are made, you can have the service reread the configuration file by executing the command sudo killall -HUP vpnd. For MacOS clients that's Tunnelblick.

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A related issue with all of the above mentioned options is integration of user authentication. Unfortunately the setup isn't particularly trivial as it does require a bit of command line knowledge, but it wasn't too bad: I based the setup on the instructions for setting up strongSwan in Ubuntu provided by DigitalOcean , except that I:.

If I didn't have to use a self-signed certificate by using a real certificate authority I think it would have worked. Otherwise, there seems to be almost no resources available on the web which described how to do it without resorting to using deprecated tech in macOS Server.

I'm using iVPN version 7. You can also manually configure and control the underlying VPN server using Terminal and a text editor , but I find the convenience of iVPN's GUI, along with its monitor that shows the status of the server and clients, to be worth the nominal charge.

Replace the VPN Server from macOS Server

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Changes introduced in macOS Server 5. Services included in macOS Server 5. Service status This table shows the status of each macOS Server service, and available alternatives. Yes No.

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