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Press "Command-Space Bar" to bring up the Spotlight tool. Apple Menu 1. About the Author Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since Accessed 11 July Tennyson, Andrew. Switch choice is a major part of that decision, so getting your head around switch types, is an important step to take.

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Shortcut of the Day - Shift-Click to Force Quit Mac Apps

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Force Quit: Is There a Ctrl+Alt+Delete Function for Mac?

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  6. Auto completion word Start typing the word. While dragging: Hold Spacebar to move selected area. Hold Shift to change size in one direction only horizontal or vertical Hold Option for center-based resizing. TIP: Hold Option while you click to remove the drop shadow. Take a screenshot of the touch bar Cmd-Shift-6 Hold Control with any of the above keystrokes to copy the screenshot to the clipboard instead of making a file. Clear Spotlight Search Esc clears to do another search. Esc a second time closes Spotlight.

    Force Quit Mac: 5 Best Ways to Force Quit a Stuck Application in Mac OS X

    If you change the preference, this will go to one of the first 9 bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar. Arrow key down to the item you want and press Return to choose it. If an app re-opens with the windows that were open when you last quit it, you can tell it not to re-open the windows. Works in the Finder, Apple Mail, Preview, etc.

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    Cmd drag icons to rearrange. Cmd drag icon off toolbar to remove. Ctrl-click toolbar and choose Customize for more options.