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Go to while in os x your mac partition, applications, utilities, terminal. Now when you start you will be present with a list of your operating systems. Just select what you want to boot. So, which. I like my new computer! Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. Reply 1 year ago. I hope you realize that he commented in - OS X And now I am commenting years after you. Maybe whatever comes into beta in a month or two.

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. By Xap Follow. More by the author:. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Minivac Version 1. Internet of Things Class. Arbitror 10 years ago on Introduction. Reply Upvote. KhoiS Arbitror Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. JohnJ KhoiS Reply 1 year ago. DennuszB 3 years ago. I think a Athlon is too old. Which Athlon is it? Is it bit? If Apple is a software company, why did it kill the Mac Clones Program? They weren't sold. They haven't shipped yet.

They're for any higher-level developers, not WWDC attendees. They don't come with an installer, it's pre-loaded. They will be individually watermarked. After all, once Apple makes the switch to Intel, people should be able to run Windows and Linux on them. So you'll get everything you'll get from buying any other x86 machine, but you'll also be able to run OSX trouble-free. If you want to market OS X to non-Mac users, you have to get it to them. Limiting yourself to a handful of technologically knowledgable geeks, and then only those who do not have a problem with blatant copyright infringment, is going to "get it to" a very small group of people, relative to the population Apple wants to get it to.

And yes, it's going to be a subset of geeks who do this. Because relatively few people are willing t. Share twitter facebook linkedin so where the hell is it? Score: 3 , Funny by Anonymous Coward writes: on Sunday June 12, AM jeez guys about comments posted already and not a single link? Share twitter facebook linkedin I just downloaded it Can you run it under Virtual PC on the G5? It also has the same layout as the photos [powerpage. Share twitter facebook linkedin Great potential for Apple Score: 3 , Insightful by libra-dragon writes: on Sunday June 12, PM There are several directions that Apple could take with furthering the adoption of "OSXx86": 1.

To secure the final production version, Apple could run a third train of the Darwin kernel leaving PPC, x86 and a new MacIntel version. Assuring than only OSXx86 only runs on Apple hardware and accommodating the speculated differences between generic x86 PCs and proprietary Apple x86 powered computers. For instance, just because the XBOX can run on a PowerMac G5 doesn't meant the the final production version will or ever will again. Similar to what Be did, but actually get people to switch.. If MS chooses not to continue development of VPC as a defensive move, Apple could still look to VMWare to provide virtualization for running Windows applications for those that have switched.

Apple could allow dual-booting of Windows and OSXx Apple's employees aren't dumb. They're primarily interested in keeping existing Mac users and developers happy by creating things like Rosetta and universal binaries. To think that Apple wouldn't apply the same philosophies towards disatisfied Windows users would be ignorant. Apple does not need new Killer apps to seed the desire to purchase new apples. So such a broad based seeding of the OS does them little good in that respect. Now to answer cringley's question. People fret they will "osbourne" themselves when current apple users hold off purchasing a new apple waiting for the intel ones.

I suspect that an equally large effect may work the opposite direction. There 10 times as many high-end PC people out there that are about to upgrade their machines and may start to think. Hmmmm this new apple hardware might run windows, maybe I'll put off buying my next Dell-shitbox machine and see what apple rolls out.

So this way by pre-announcing they cant get that meme going for a year. Thought's like that lead over the course of a year to the thought of maybe trying out OSX while they are at it. And of course there's the developers that need to be stroked. Because it's not equal to FreeBSD, obviously. Keep using FreeBSD, and keep not using OS X, but there's no need for you to flame others over it or for others to flame you over it, for that matter.

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Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin A minor suggestion Score: 5 , Insightful by trezor writes: on Sunday June 12, PM Homepage Sorry for being offtopic, but I think the next slashdot poll should be "What sort of scripted and automated action should we take against posts containg the phrase 'Soviet Russia'? Options should range from "Instant permaban" and "Slashdot their servers" to "Order nasty russian hitmen to do what's necessary". It's all zeros. Do support techs work for free?

Did their developers work for free? Did their QA staff work for free?

Will bug fixes cost Apple nothing? Is the manufacturing and package design free? There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. I'm always looking for a new idea that will be more productive than its cost. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Apparently the version running on the development kit machines is easily transfered to run on any x86 machine. Conspiracy theorists unite: an Apple marketing scheme? This discussion has been archived.

No new comments can be posted. Mac OS X More Login. Archived Discussion Load More Comments. Apple has often put an expiry date into their software so it may only be good for a short period of time? Share twitter facebook linkedin. Yeah but howabout the old "turn abck the clock" trick or given enough time regedit it into working. I know I for one would love to have Tiger Apple leaked this? Apple is making people buy this with an Apple PC they have to return. They took and will take any step possible to stop this from happening. Re:it will possibly expire on 31DEC Score: 2.

That's something in the Windows OS, dumby. The point is, past date xyz the OS won't be supported any more, patches wont work with it etc etc, so it basically becomes useless to anyone except developers. Next time rtfa.

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Notice how much marketshare? It's pirated like crazy, but MS still exists as a company. Do you really think people are going to say "hey, ive got a crippled, not to mention BETA or even alpha? Re:it will possibly expire on 31DEC Score: 3. Guilty as charged! Guess it's easier to confuse them than I thought. Are you serious? If it runs it can be cracked. Even complicated reasonably schemes like Windows Activation are only a nuisance for legal users.

Tiger OS X 10.4 on virtualbox in windows 7

Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Period Right. Apple makes its money on Software. Apple is a software company. Apple makes hardware because they want their software to run well. The idea that Apple is a hardware company is common, but misguided. Yes, they make hardware, but that's not the focus of their business model. Apple makes more money selling an OS upgrade than selling a Mac. Apple makes as much from selling a piece of hardware that you could call that profit profit of the OS with free hardware, or profit of the hardware with free softwware. If there were 40 million Mac clones being sold every year and Apple made as much from each one of them as it does from an iPod, Apple would be about 8 times more net revenue than it is now.

IF it made as much as it does frome each OS upgrade, it would be 16 times as much revenue. Macs are just a box for Apple software. This is why so many people are perplexed at apple's actions. But you will never see Apple authorized crap hardware that doesn't work, like you do in the PC world. Apple's two most hyped products now are being marketed to sell software music through iTunes at loss to sell hardware iPods at huge profit. Apple loses money in the iTMS [theregister. One of the cool things about Apple is that it really hasn't put any serious piracy protection on its software.

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It basically trusts its users, and so there's nothing like the Windows Activation deal Watch your words. Apple doesn't trust its users, it has done research indicating either that its demographic won't pirate, or that coding anti-piracy systems wouldn't be worth the investment. Apple is a company, not a person. Who Has The Torrent? Score: 5 , Funny. For a second when I read this story I thought the same thing And then I realized that I have a Powerbook and am typing this on Tiger I am such a kleptomaniac.

Re:Who Has The Torrent? I think the question all mac users are asking is, will this run on Virtual PC??? This is slashdot. If the torrent doesn't show up pretty quickly, and its late already, it doesn't exist. Re:agreed Score: 5 , Informative. Marketing scheme? Interesting thought Score: 2 , Insightful. I wondered why they threw iLife in there. It really would be of little interest to developers, but if your stealth market was someone pirating the software to try it out, it would be near-indespensible. So perhaps there's something to the conspiracy theory after all. I have a PowerMac G5 dual, which would surely outperform my old mhz Compaq by miles, but I have to admit my curiosity is piqued.

Re:Marketing scheme? They put iLife in there because many developers write applications that interface or supplement iLife. Interesting thought Score: 2. It's hard to argue that video editing, music playback, and photo organizing aren't "real". This may answer the question Score: 4 , Insightful.

I doubt this was part of Apple's master marketing scheme. Score: 3 , Interesting. I would expect that it would be a lot like the old Rhapsody DR1 and DR2 releases were on x86 anybody else remember those things? In fact, it may be even worse because while the Rhapsody DR releases on x86 were intended to target beige-box PCs if only a few models thereof , this build of Mac OS X was only intended to target a single, very specific "PC" Re:This may answer the question Score: 4 , Informative.

This is probably why they are leasing the dev machines until The "real" releases probably wont run on them, and supporting them would mean supporting generic PCs. Steve did say they are leasing them becasue they dodn't want any of them floating around. This is proabably why. Re:This may answer the question Score: 5 , Insightful. That question has already been answered. This development version obviously doesn't have any kind of protections on it yet to make it only run on Apple hardware. Phil Shiller has already said that the final version will only run on Apple hardware and not any x86 computer.

This version will no doubt expire at the end of when you have to return the development machines to Apple. Re:This may answer the question Score: 3 , Insightful. There's absolutely no way Apple would expect your 80 year old grandma to run X11 besides, it looks like ass, is slow as a dog, and isn't even able to integrate with native cut-and-paste. The OP said: "Conspiracy theorists unite: an Apple marketing scheme? MS gained their stronghold, at least within the operating system universe, through having their operating system included with nearly every computer made for the last two decades.

I don't think piracy had much of an influence at that point. Since corporations buy most word processors and they almost always buy their software instead of pirating, I doubt that piracy had much impact in the rise of Word over WordPerfect and the like. It was better than the competition, something hard to remember nowadays. Now what's the chance a brand spanking new computer with brand spanking new ultra secret operating system gets stolen from one of nerds?

Conspiracy or not, the leak was something that had to happen. Now the tricky news.

Mac OS X Tiger - Wikipedia

The machines are just for development before the official release and are to be returned somewhere aro. Boy, you're just fast and loose with the facts, aren't you? Other than that, your post was quite helpful. Windows will never lose its stranglehold on OS marketshare. Firefox is free and easy to install, but the vast majority of people still use IE6 and even IE5 which most agree is inferior.

If people can't be buggered to install a simple browser, why would they ever bother to switch their entire OS without OEMs being in on it? Like, you know, it works well enough to see what's nice about the OS, but there are enough problems and bugs that most people will say, "screw this, I'll just buy an Apple. I believe it will be the opposite effect -- if people get MacOSX to run at all, people generally assumed to be stupid will still think that it should still "just work" even though it is pirated and not running on official hardware.

This will hurt Apple's image. One nice thing about running on Int. This wont have bill gates worrying You mean that Windows2 thing we needed to use to start Aldus Pagemaker was actually an operating system? Windows - the people that would have to switch to hurt MS are the ones that won't even look at Linux because it's 'different'.

They are either comfortable with the Windows way of doing things or they are barely computer literate. Apple makes no excuses, they know the 'best' way to do things. These users are already used to MS's 'best' way. Linux - OS X has many of th. As microsoft prooved Score: 5 , Insightful. If this increases Mac's market share, at least in terms of software, how will it deal with an increase in viruses, worms, and trojans. Mac's will get them, that's for sure, but the deciding factor I think will be how well they respond to vulnerabilities. Re:the ire of popularity Score: 5 , Insightful.

I don't buy this. I think virus makers are an egotistical lot and hearing Apple claim for the last few years how virus free they are compared to virus-prone windows that someone would have done a few things just to 'shut them up'. Score: 5 , Informative. I estimate that we're down to a matter of hours before Mac OS X Update: A reader who for obvious reasons wishes to remain anonymous just demonstrated to me that the software is, in fact, already available on Internet software piracy sites.

If I can think through this stuff, Apple's management can think through this stuff. This is the most awe-inspiring stealth marketing move I've ever seen. Given Apple's experiences with software piracy, particularly the rampant software piracy that spread developer builds of Mac OS X Most of them will be able to install it on their own computers and run it and the full suite of iLife '05 applications at full speed, and run most existing Mac software in translation. Apple's giving their potential future customers a free taste, that's what they're doing.

It's a try-before-you-buy deal," Harrell writes. Item the first: Apple is not staffed entirely by idiots. This is self-evident, and it's important to what follows. Keep this in mind as we proceed. This information has just become public in the past few hours. Comments I made to the contrary yesterday and on Monday were erroneous. The source who fed me that information has been sent to bed without any supper, and says to tell you he's very sorry and that it won't happen again.

Item the third: It's safe to assume, given the timeframe, that the developer transition kits that Apple will ship within a couple of weeks will be fundamentally similar to, if not outright identical to, the Power Macs on display at the conference. This build includes Apple's bundled iLife '05 suite of applications. Item the fifth: Because Intel's LaGrande security technology is not yet incorporated into any shipping products, it's safe to assume that it's not present in these transition-kit computers.

Item the sixth: Given items two through five, apart from the constraints introduced by hardware-software interfaces, there is nothing at all that prevents the version of Mac OS X that runs on the developer transition machines from running on any PC with compatible components. Item the seventh: Because the Intel version of Mac OS X that's being distributed to developers is a one-off build, future software patches, including all-important security patches, will not install on top of it, making it totally useless to anybody who's not a developer of Mac software.

Item the eighth: Given it.

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Read the rest of this comment Re:slashdotted, here's article text I wish I could agree with the conclusion. I just don't think it's true.

Bill Gates said to be Score: 4 , Funny. Bill Gates said to be muttering something about "Tiger Tiger. Could frame thy fearful symmetry? Same hardware as Darwin Score: 4 , Insightful. It's most likely not "any" x86 machine, but rather those that Darwin already runs on. Whether it's a intentional or not, it's still good marketing though. Re:Same hardware as Darwin Score: 2 , Interesting.