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Maccas doesn't have a dollar menu, but a "loose change" menu, which serves the same type of bite-sized items. You won't find that deal in Australia. They take their coffee very seriously, which is why their McCafe feels more like a high-quality independent coffee shop than a fast food chain. Melbourne opened the first McCafe in , and it's a major highlight of Maccas Australians seem to be really proud of it.

McCafe in Australia is treated as its own, separate cafe within the restaurant. About one or two trained baristas manage the space, which has its own extensive and drool-worthy menu.

McDonald's returns to value pricing with $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu

Remember when I said that Aussies take their coffee very seriously? McCafe menu is proof. It serves coffee such as espresso, chai latte, piccolo, macchiato, and of course, the Australian favorite, the flat white. The coffee at Maccas is just as expensive as going to Starbucks, and it has a high-quality taste to match those prices. The McCafe food menu is shockingly different than anything you'll see on Mickey D's menu. You'll find an assortment of pastries, cinnamon raisin toast, doughnuts, cheesecake, cupcakes, scones with jam, macarons, hot cross buns, and toasties.

It's hardly recognizable to the brand. When I first scanned the Australian McDonald's menu, my immediate reaction was shock at how many food options it has. McDonald's adapts its menu to the country , so global locations serve items that we don't have America. Maccas also offers an interesting selection of small snacks , such as the chicken Peri Peri McWrap, chicken aioli McWrap, ham and cheese pockets, and gravy loaded fries.

After eating McDonald's in Australia and in America, I have found a noticeable difference in the taste. I know it's hard to believe, but Maccas tastes fresher than what I've had in America.

Fast food is still cheap, no matter where you are in the world.

I'm aware that's an odd thing to say about McDonald's in general, because let's be honest, it's fast food. But there's something about the food served at Australian McDonald's that doesn't taste as unhealthy, which means I don't feel as guilty while eating it.

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Big Brekkie Beef Burger Choc Chip Cookie 3. Banana Shake Banana Shake Small 8. Banana Shake Banana Shake Medium Banana Shake Banana Shake Large Sometimes changing one's Biomes fixes obesity. I think there may be a TED talk on that fix. I go to my doctor and he tells me I have diabetes. Lizard Spock: That is a good one.

No it's not lack of self control, it's the food choices Australians are being presented which is the issue. The food the fast food restaurants offer are all highly refined, processed, calorie dense and contains very little fibre, vitamins and minerals. The poor person eating this food will consume calories and still be hungry.

It is like alcohol, the worse to drink is whisky which is very high in alcohol and causes many problems for people, then you have a less dilute source of alcohol which has some benefits such as wine, then you have beer, then you have light beer which if people decided to use as their alcohol source would not become a problem as the volume they would have to drink would be too great for them to become a drunkard or develop an alcohol problem.

It is the same with food, people need to eat plant based whole foods that are not calorie dense. Eat potatoes, Corn, brown rice and you can not get fat off these foods as they fill the stomach before you consume excess calories.

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The foods are full of vitamins and minerals and will improve your health. Avoid all fast food, meat, eggs, dairy, processed foods and anything with added oils and fat. Just like drinking a quart of whisky is more enjoyable than drinking a quart of light beer, one poses very little problems while the other will destroy you and it's exactly the same with food, consume natural calorie dilute food that fills your stomach.

Heart disease and obesity related illness are the main causes of death in our country, please to the OP and others who post these fast food specials stop posting them as you are contributing to the early deaths of millions of people. So it's all good if you're not on track to being obese yeah? All in moderation right, as others have mentioned it only becomes a problem when people go out of control with these foods.

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  • McDonald's returns to value pricing with $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu.
  • The foods cause lipotoxicity in the person. There are many monkeys in Asia who were normal weight and were given as much as they wanted on their normal diet and never became overweight but when fed junk food they became horridly obese. Do not ever eat it. Most of the population is stressed from over work and lack of sleep and self-control behaves like a finite quantity - if you are stressed and overworked it is very difficult to make good decisions. Only if they don't count the latter two as part of the "one offer only" policy :.

    6 reasons why McDonald's in Australia is way better than McDonald's in the US

    If you buy it with your 28 Degrees card and have price protection, you could claim the 5 cents back in 36 days time. If I can't swap the ingredients around and turn this into a free soft serve or something, what even is the point of life? Haven't been to maccas in months because of those disgusting things and I hate paying full price for anything. It can be decent but you have to customise it.

    At drive through ask for small Chicken McFeast meal no chicken pattie, add quarter pounder pattie. Been doing it for ages.

    10 Fast Food Menu Hacks That Will Save You Money

    We are brainwashed from a young age that McDonalds is a treat - I'm not sure why - perhaps it hails from a time when there were few other options, such as a greasy fish n chip shop. Checked all the ingredients in your weekly groceries lately? You will find almost all of this in there too.

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