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The artists who use our projection mapping software HeavyM

This is on top of its extensive preset and sequencing system. Free downloads, documentation, capture tool, video walkthrough, video tutorials, and more: videoprojection tools.

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Below, a recent experiment projecting onto buckets on a snow-covered rooftop. Bergen, Norway, eh?

Cake Projection Mapping Tutorial with Two Projectors using Qlab & MadMapper

Now all this rooftop needs is a hot-tub and some vodka to keep warm. But then, perhaps great visuals alone can warm our hearts.

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Archive Motion Music tech. Add comment. Projection tools in the wild: relief projection lab at Bit Teatergarasjen; photo CC hc gilje. One our favorite questions for people who have been using VDMX is to ask them how they would show it to someone who has never used it before and we are especially excited to see how teachers are introducing the software in classrooms and workshops.

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Everyone learns best in a different way and it is always helpful for us to see new approaches to VJ techniques. Last week we were joined for a guest tutorial by Kalma who showed off an example of how to get started with VDMX and for this post we are excited to get more information about the artist behind the workshops.

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I'm Kalma , visual artist working with video projections since I do light installations, mapping, vjing, interactive pieces, music videos and almost everything related with video in real time. It's dark, intense and very personal piece that is called Resist.

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Until now it's been shown as a prototype in galleries and festivals but the plan is to build it in a big scale, allowing the viewers to walk in between the huge geometric shapes. My last project was premiered last month.

MadMapper — The projection mapping software on MAC & WINDOWS on Vimeo

I collaborated with DINA 13 a dance company from Cologne that work with people with disabilities and I learnt how much able they are! My work was to design the mapping on stage and perform live. Since then, I deeply love HAP codec ;. Beside my artistic career, I feel the necessity to share with others what I learn during my working processes. That's why I do these workshops where people learn, not only how to create a patch in VDMX or a mapping project with Madmapper but also all the indispensable technical abilities to face their first gigs: how to compress their footage, create their own content, use live cameras and MIDI controllers, using projector calculator and face the more common technical problems.