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I don't know, as I said it says it doesn't need any drivers. Yeah it should just power up when plugged in with the switch on usb power.

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Have you tried it on another windows pc? Might be that the actual unit is faulty :blue: The one at work loads onto the work pc and my laptop without any hassles. Mar 11, So I've got the exchange thing going with Guitar Center now, they were safe when I called but I hope it doesn't take the weeks they said it could take.

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It feels good to at least be on the way to a solution. Materia , Mar 11, Apr 21, It sounds like you're not installing the driver correctly.

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Don't let windows search for the driver. Manually choose the last folder location of the ASIO driver, which can be downloaded on this page with a bunch of other stuff. Seems everyone is complaining about the windows drivers and the audio interface, tho.

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  • Hello,would like to download driver for alesis photon 25 for windows 8 ,64bites;
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Also Customer Support being non-existant. Praised as a controller, tho.

Problems installing Alesis Photon X25 via USB on Acer laptop

The drivers are apparently very basic and sloppily written. I got a couple audio interfaces, so I can work around that. Might still get it. The sample rate is only bit Rolo3six , Apr 21, I don't see how I can get the controls mapped in GarageBand - or determine the best way to get the most out of my midi controller. I am using it to lay down simple synth backing tracks with drum loops etc to play guitar to just fine but I would definitely like to learn how to set up the different layers, controls and the theramin style AXYZ dome Cheers and thanks for anyone kind enough to point a new user in the right directions.

I know there is probably google and Fine Manual Reading to be done but I'd appreicate the pointers from the guys who know the most efficient way to get started.

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