Change mac address command line windows

Every network device comes with a Media Access Control, or MAC for short, address that allows that device to be identified on a network.

Just like IP address, MAC address is crucial when transferring data from one computer to another, because each data packet comes with a header that contains MAC address of the destination PC. Before we show you how to change your MAC address, bear in mind that changing your MAC address might cause issues with your current network.

As you can see, changing your MAC address is rather simple, but keep in mind that your actual physical MAC address remains the same. In case anything goes wrong you can simply revert to it by following the aforementioned steps. To use this tool to change your MAC address, follow these steps:.

This tool works similarly to the previous one, but it comes as evaluation copy, so it lacks certain features such as the ability to change MAC address of multiple adapters. This is a completely free and simple tool that allows you to easily change your MAC address. In order to do that, you need to start the application, select your network adapter and click the Change MAC button.

After that you can manually or randomly enter your new MAC address. Bear in mind to change your registry carefully in order to avoid causing any potential problems. We have to mention that when changing your MAC address sometimes you have to use 2,6,A or E as the second character.

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This applies for all 3 solutions. By not following this rule, some adapters might not work properly if you change their MAC address, so keep that in mind.

Some of the terms thrown around will likely already sound familiar to you. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are largely self-obvious concepts, although it may require a little bit Network adapters are assigned their unique MAC address during manufacturing, and as such some companies opt to place an alphanumeric sequence at the beginning of the address as an identifier.

How to change(spoof) MAC address using command line?

Here's how you can check and how to do something about it. Read More. There are many reasons why you might need to change your MAC address.

Get mac addresses from CMD

Privacy also comes into play. We untangle the complexity of this power tool. Read More section that pops up as a result.

Change OS X MAC Address

Head to the Advanced tab and scroll down the list of options under the Property heading until you find Network Address. It might also be referred to as Locally Administered Address. In these cases, the best course of action is to use a MAC address generator, sometimes referred to as a MAC address changer. The MAC address is an often neglected part of your digital identity.

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