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Just checked, works with the steam version. I am the author of 'RCT access all parks' and that link is to an unauthorised version, so I cannot vouch for whether its carrying malware, viruses, etc.

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First of all, thank you for creating this! But 2nd, I'm having trouble. I have Windows 8, the RCT deluxe from Steam, and I download and click the program to run and it tells me there is an error with the registry. If anyone knows another way to get back my progress I transferred my saves but that isn't unlocking the scenarios that would be helpful as well!!

If you saved your games just before you won, you can load them again and claim the victory. There are also some sites there's a guide for this which have saves for all parks just before the end of the game. Just make sure you only download the parks you have already completed ;-. Thank you! I think most of the parks I want unlocked I beat in a sitting Vandread View Profile View Posts.

Hey JPG.

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How'd you get it to work? Im still getting the Registry issue O. Originally posted by rcthelp :.

Care to describe what the registry error is, what version of windows you are using, what version of RCT you are using Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 3 Jul, pm. Enjoy the game!

What a waste of a day. It's exactly the same, and has the same scenarios where you play a pre-built park. Plus extra.

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The person complaining about not being able to charge for admission hasn't played through all the scenarios. There's levels where you can charge admission and not for rides etc There is no free form park so that's different. Also if you did some research about etc you'd find the tricks. The quickest way make money in any scenario is an old cheat that was on the computer version and it works on the phone and iPad too.

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You make the park admission price free, then for every ride you set the admission price to the excitement rating. Oh and you always round down to the nearest 10, so if the ride has an excitement rating of 7. If you do that, guests always ride your rides and most think it's a good value.

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Then you have tons of people running out of cash. When your value is dropping make sure you assign handymen to sweep their own section rather then placing a bunch randomly. Then make sure the park loops around so people can find the exit after they've gone through everything. You can even set all the guests who are saying "I wanna go home" over by the exit and they will leave and the value goes up.