How to rename root user in mac

The root user can access almost everything—at least, everything not protected by System Integrity Protection —which is a lot of power.

How To Change A Mac Computer Username (OS X Yosemite)

You will be asked to create a new root password; make sure you create a strong one that you can remember. By logging in as root.

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Go ahead and click that. You will log into what appears to be a standard Mac user account, but do not use this as your main account: it has too much system access to be used securely. Done using the root account?

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Rename User Account

After restart it walked me through the full setup and I realized it created a NEW home folder called "bob", and my old folder was still called "bob 1", except now my account was not associated with that folder with all my actual data. Per Apple , assuming you're on OS X Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Rename home folder to match account name High Sierra Ask Question. My home folder name bob 1 does not match my account name bob ", but I want it to.

How I got here: Got a new Mac Didn't have the cables to transfer from previous Mac, so I just set up a simple test account with my same username "bob" Once I had the cables I created a new account called "Admin" and then logged in as that account and deleted my previous test user account "bob" in System Preferences. Migrated data from old Mac. This resulted in a new account called "bob" but the home folder for that account was named "bob 1".

I discovered that my deletion of the test "bob" account had not actually deleted the home folder called "bob".

Change a user's User ID on Mac OS X (10.6 - 10.14)

Now I'd like to do it right. So - I have a working account named "bob" that is linked to home folder "bob 1". I don't want to rename the account, just rename the home folder and have my account properly link to it.

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I have an orphaned home directory named "bob" that I can delete via Terminal easily enough. How should I go about renaming the home folder and maintaining or re-establishing the association between my user account and the renamed home folder?

How to Enable the Root User in macOS

Or should I just give up and live with "bob 1" Bob Meador Bob Meador 28 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. I posted an answer that I think should work, but I'm having trouble understanding if you already took those exact steps. If so, apologies. I did that once. What a faff!

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