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That way, if your Mac workstation is ever compromised, you minimise the risk of access to servers used for past projects where your account has been inadvertently left active.

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If you use a service like GitHub you may also see your GitHub key files already in that directory. You can follow these steps:.

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You should not be giving it to the root account. Make sure everything worked by checking if you can connect to the server without having to supply a password. Log out of your existing connection on the server terminal and try connecting again:. The -i flag should be the path to the private key file we generated in step B.

Also, if you set a key password, you will be asked to supply it before you can access the key. You should see your server motd and terminal prompt after pressing enter.

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Make absolutely sure that everything works before disabling password authentication, otherwise you may find yourself without any way to remotely connect to your server. An option to save yourself some typing is to put the server and key details into an ssh config file. After configuring SSH key-based authentication on your server, the SFTP service will start rejecting your login attempts unless you supply your key.

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In addition to being able to conveniently log in to your various servers, you will now also be able to use Transmit for your regular web development file transfers. After all, if you have to enter a password to authenticate with the key file, you might as well keep the existing model of password authentication to the server, right? The key password protects against a different threat.

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  5. It can etiher be download separately or as part of the complete program suite which is provided as a setup program. After clicking on Generate, PuTTYgen might requests you to move the mouse around in order to generate a sufficient amount of randomness. This contributes to the uniqueness and the security of your SSH key pair.

    A progress bar indicates the progress of the key pair generation. Depending on chosen parameters and used hardware this can take a few moments. In this window you can apply additional settings to your key pair. You may for instance enter a comment that makes it easier to identify your public key by for example entering a purpose or your name. Further, it is advisable to protect your private key by entering a passphrase. To complete the generation process, save your public key and your private key to your hard drive.

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    Finally put your fresh created public key to your account at my. You will find the compatible public key snippet inside the field at the top of the window.

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    To generate your key pair, simply open a terminal and follow the instructions given for generating a key pair on Linux. For more detailed instructions for Mac OS X have a look at this tutorial. Flying Circus Platform A more secure ED key recommended can be generated using: ssh - keygen - t ed - o - a Once the process is finished, the following window shows up: In this window you can apply additional settings to your key pair.

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