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That's the most beautiful thing about it to me: It covers a lot of ups and downs up and spans my life. Was that intentional? This album is fun to listen to and exciting for me, which is a little bit of a change to what I've done previously where it's been a little heavier. There are certain songs that make you think on this one, but I think all types of music are important.

You need to have songs and moments in time where you're questioning everything.

Mac Miller in His 'GO:OD AM' Phase Is Even More Chill Than Before | GQ

But then there are also times in life where it makes more sense to just enjoy yourself and not think too deeply. Those, I think, are the yin and yang. You can't have one without the other. You can't expect to appreciate moments of deep thought without appreciating moments of carefree enjoyment and confidence. It's the duality of man [ laughs ]. At what point in your career did you make it a point to begin exploring more weighty topics in your lyrics?

I was always that type of person. It's just growing the fearlessness to have it be in the music. And you just decide more and more that you care less and less about how big a record can be. That was really the transition.

Mac Miller Has Found His Groove

It's all growth. Everyone experiences everything. Was there a sense of "Finally! You've gotta give people time. I'm not in a rush to have anybody understand everything about me. That's not why I do this. It's completely normal to me, the idea that everyone is not gonna understand what I'm doing right off the bat, you know?

Mac Miller On New Album 'GO:OD A.M.,' Battling Depression and Donald Trump

It's cool to have people appreciating what I do now but there's no negative energy surrounding it. Tyler the Creator famously cancelled his tour in Australia because of groups campaigning against his early lyrics. The issue of female portrayal in rap is a divisive one. A lot. Is he consciously trying to change his identity?

Mac Miller will be touring Australia January 2—5, see details here. Interview: Mac Miller lives to see another morning. Posted by Robert Brown. Features mac miller Photo Gallery Post Gallery. Mac knows this. In he was the first modern rapper to swerve on signing to a major and come away with a win. Growing up in Pittsburgh, which is like six hours away from here, my dream was always to live in New York one day.

Everything has shifted to where it makes sense now. I like apartment living rather than having a mansion. You parted ways with Rostrum Records in What happened?

Review: Mac Miller Releases His First Major-Label Album, “GO:OD AM”

It kind of just seemed like the right thing to do. The transition was initially terrifying. You and your former Rostrum Records labelmate, Wiz Khalifa, helped spotlight the Pittsburgh rap scene. What happened with that whole Pittsburgh movement?

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Me and Wiz are cool. I think when I first came out, it was a lot of me and him grouped together.

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So, I think that time has allowed us to just do different types of things. Who are some of your strongest relationships in the industry with?

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  • So those four. Is that why you have been kind of lowkey? I think that exists. You have a new deal with Warner Bros. How did that come together?

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    I met with every single label. It was really down to what company we fit at the most. Warner is in the middle of [creating] a hip-hop movement. OVO is over there. I just like the new company a lot. And, they got Prince. That comes way before if someone is going to be big or not. That means a lot to me.